Timbuk 2 Spire Backpack

Timbuk 2 Spire Backpack

The Timbuk 2 Spire backpack is an excellent pack that includes molle straps for extra storage and a great waterproof interior space for a laptop and more.

timbuk 2 spire
Timbuk 2 Spire Backpack

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

A few months ago I contacted Timbuk 2 and struck a deal with them, I got a backpack at a discount and they get a review for their efforts. Here’s the review and it’s just like the backpack, well worth a look.

The Timbuk 2 Spire arrived just in time for my summer walks to work and it’s a real hefty pack with plenty of features including a waterproof roll top. The Spire comes in all kinds of colors and a couple of material choices which affects the final cost as well as durability depending on the material.

That’s not to say that one material is going to only last a couple months while another will last years, this pack will last years no matter your material choice. Timbuk 2 has quality from the start and the pack is solidly built with tough stitching, quality materials and great designs.

timbuk 2 back
Timbuk 2 Spire Back Straps

I wanted a bag for my work laptop, lunch and thermos for a daily walk to and from work so the pack had to be both comfortable and large enough to carry the things I would need during the day. The Timbuk 2 Spire works nicely for all I needed and more with its roll top waterproof design and easy to access smaller pockets.

The Timbuk 2 spire is made from water resistant TPU and canvas that are tough and durable as my several months of daily use has proven. The front of the pack has webbing with slots for clips or carabiners to hang things like keys, water bottles or other extras.

These straps that circle the bag to one side are called a molle system where you can attach smaller pouches to the larger backpack. The MOLLE system is a universal system so you can buy from different manufacturers and be assured that it will fit on your pack no matter who makes the accessories.

side with molle straps
Side with MOLLE Straps

MOLLE stands for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment and is a military equipment system for packs and such but has become a great addition to civilian backpacks. The MOLLE system has even gained traction in smaller waist pouches and even dog vests so you can pack along water and doggy bags for those little accidents along the walk.

One side of the backpack has a water bottle webbing pocket while the other has four rows of those webbing loops for more clip on storage. The two small pockets are unique with several inner pockets while the pocket near the top has an outer and an inner pocket.

The roll top pack has a single clip for securing the main compartment but you can access your 15 inch maximum laptop from a side waterproof zipper. The bag has a two pocket laptop and tablet design with the main area being open for things like books or my thermos and lunch bag.

side with zippered access
Zippered Side Access

The bag protects well enough but for extra protection it does fit a 15 inch laptop sleeve if you want that extra security possibly because that laptop is work property and not yours. I found the roll top design easy to use and had the added advantage of being completely waterproof so when you do get caught in the rain you’re protected.

The straps are comfortable and the bag is easy to carry on one shoulder or both for a quick walk to work while the padding for your back really adds a lot of comfort for longer walks. The middle strap to hold the straps together across your front can be adjusted up or down so you can adjust this for perfect fit according to your body.

In the past I have purchased backpacks for my kids for school and have been very disappointed in some of my purchases due to durability and quality issues. You just cannot buy any real quality packs from stores like Walmart so I have turned to companies like Timbuk 2 where quality does make a huge difference.

interior pockets
Interior Pockets

I am very pleased with my purchase and without a doubt will be able to use the Spire for years instead of months as it shows no signs of wear. I have had absolutely no problems with the Timbuk 2 Spire and I do highly recommend this as an excellent school or work backpack or one for those day trips in the woods.

Timbuk 2 Spire @ Timbuk 2
Timbuk 2 Spire @ Amazon

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