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Zerostart Little Buddy Interior Warmer

Zerostart Little Buddy Interior Warmer

The Zerostart Little Buddy Interior Warmer from Zerostart is a household powered heater you install in your vehicle to heat the car before you go off to work or play.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Little Buddy Interior Warmer

The Little Buddy Interior Warmer is a small electrical heater powered by 120 volt electricity and warms your vehicle when plugged in. The Little Buddy does not run when you’re driving so it is only for warming your vehicle when it is parked at home or wherever a plug in is handy.

The kit comes with the heater itself with a shorter cord attached that ends with a special three prong connector, a longer cord with the other end of the connector, a three prong household plug, rubber grommet, cable ties, screws and plastic mounting bracket.

Read the instructions first as they always warn so you know what you’re doing but also check out your vehicle to see the best place to install your Little Buddy heater. The Little Buddy heater can be installed under the dash, on the side panel or on the center console side as well as in the rear of a vehicle like a minivan.

Whats in the Box

Finding the best place for your install will require a little thought but it should not be too hard to figure out depending on your vehicle. You do need to make sure you have at least ten inches in front of the heater to ensure it is not too close to anything and it should have a few inches behind to get air into the heater.

I just screwed the mounting bracket to the side of my center console and ran the wires behind it and through the firewall by the main electrical connection. I was lucky and found a blank hole in my firewall that had nothing in it but a rubber grommet and just cut a hole in that and ran the wire through it into the engine compartment.

If you need to drill a hole you can but just be careful to not drill into something important and place the rubber grommet in the hole after it is drilled. The wire with the connector on one end and the stripped ends goes through the firewall while the shorter wire attached to the heater connects to that.

Little Buddy Wire through Firewall

Running the wires should not be difficult and the cable ties help to secure the wires in place but you could use more if you need to. I always have cable ties around and secured the wires in the hood and under the dash well to keep them out of the way especially by the gas pedal.

Once the Little Buddy heater is installed you simply plug it into your household power and let it warm your car and help to clear the windows. On really cold mornings like the day I installed it I can raise the temperature 30 degrees in ten minutes starting with outside temperatures around -2 degrees Fahrenheit.

To make the use a bit easier I also installed an AC plug adapter that has a male outlet and a female connector on a 16 inch cable that mounts on my fender. The plug is made for RV and boat use and can mount on a bracket to make mounting easier on your vehicle which I now have two on the car.

Zerostart Little Buddy Installed

The Little Buddy heater makes for a nice cozy morning for my wife when she has to go to work but does not heat the car up to high temperatures like 70 degrees. After a half hour the car’s interior can reach about forty to forty five when it is about zero degrees outside.

The Zerostart Little Buddy Interior Warmer may not actually melt all the ice off your windshield and windows but it does get a good start on it. It definitely helps to make the job of clearing your windows easier as well as making your car warmer a lot faster than your car’s regular heater.

Zerostart Little Buddy Installed on Console Side

Like most cars heat from the engine does not start until the cars engine has warmed up which can take several minutes while the Little Buddy starts to heat your vehicle as soon as its plugged in. The Zerostart Little Buddy Interior Warmer is a great product but does require a bit of handyman know how to install it properly.

I highly recommend the Little Buddy Interior Warmer from Zerostart as a great solution to those cold vehicles and to help clear the windows. Zerostart is a brand of Phillips and Temro Industries and the Little Buddy is sold at Amazon and automotive stores for about $100.

Plugins for Heaters

Little Buddy @ Amazon

Phillips & Temro Catalog (Little Buddy is on page 86)


Heater works well and heats interior of a cold car
Mounts anywhere on flat surface given proper clearance
Easy to install for some vehicles

May not completely clear snow and ice from windows
May require drilling in firewall of some vehicles