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Pelican 1660 Case

The Pelican 1660 Case is a fantastic storage and transportation case that is watertight and has an automatic pressure equalizer along with options for internal protection.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

I received some very neat die cutting machines from Sizzix and Spellbinders but wanted to make sure they are protected when I transport them to classes I teach through 4-H. The Pelican 1660 Case is the perfect size for the Sizzix Big Shot Pro as well as for electronic equipment and other valuable objects.

The Pelican 1660 is 28.2 inches wide by 19.66 inches long and 17.63 inches tall not including some extra space due to the measurements being the optimal. At the very lip of the case the width is 29 inches by 22.5 and 13.5 inches tall with the lid about 3.5 inches tall.

The interior dimensions of 28.2 by 19.66 is the very bottom of the case which is a real switch when looking at cases and totes because most companies put the largest dimension of the case. Instead Pelican puts their smallest dimension on their site so you know if something that size will actually fit inside their case.

The Pelican 1660 is a large case that could easily fit a desktop computer inside along with a 27 inch monitor but you would have to remove the stand from the monitor. I am going to use the case exclusively for the Sizzix die cutting machine so that it can be protected when I bring it along to classes.

The tough case is made from a polypropylene copolymer that has an open cell core and solid walls for a tough but light weight structure. The other materials like the wheels and handle are a similar tough plastic while the O-ring seal is made from EPDM that is a synthetic rubber.

Pick N Pluck foam
Pick N Pluck Foam

The 1660 has seven latches and four stainless steel protected padlock loops to secure the equipment in the case as well as stainless steel pins in the three hinges. The latches are a snap shut type that is replaceable for a tough long lasting case that will not wear out quickly. The bottom of the case has a luggage handle that pulls out from the bottom of the case and has two positions for use and a stored position.

The Pelican 1660 comes in three different versions with and without foam padding and one version that has two levels of padded dividers. The padded dividers are a way to protect smaller equipment while the Pick N Pluck foam allows you to customize the padding to your needs.

The 1660 I received came with three 4 inch thick Pick N Pluck foam pieces that fit inside the case to protect your equipment or electronics. The Pick N Pluck pieces have an outer solid foam about a half inch thick and the inner foam is partially cut from top to bottom to allow easy removal of each half inch square.

inside the  Pelican1660
Inside the Pelican 1660

You can pick out any half inch squares to make an outline of whatever you want to store using the foam for custom protection inside the 1660. There is also a bottom one inch thick piece of foam that is slightly smaller that fits on the very bottom between the indents for the wheels and the handle.

The top also has a foam insert that is half solid and half egg crate for protecting the top and cushioning items when moving the case. All four pieces of foam are loose with the three Pick N Pluck pieces and the top fitting snuggly while the bottom piece is loose.

Protection of the things inside is what the Pelican cases are all about and the 1660 is tough, tough enough to stand on without breaking. Military, governments, bands, universities, schools, collectors and just about anyone who wants to protect their valuables and cargo are users of Pelican cases.

bottom of pelican 1660
Bottom of Pelican 1660

The Pelican 1660 Case is a perfect case for larger items just like the Sizzix Big Shot Pro but also makes an excellent case for other equipment and electronics. The Pelican 1660 comes in Black, OD Green and Desert Tan with the colors being made into the copolymer instead of being painted on.

The Pelican 1660 Case costs about $340 while the 1664 which is the 1660 case with the dividers costs about $475 and has the model number of 1664. You can buy the Pelican 1660 and other pelican cases form Amazon, popular photography sites and Amazon but a large site that has a great selection is called The Pelican Store.

big shoot pro in pelican case
Big Shot Pro Inside Pelican Case

I highly recommend the Pelican 1660 as the perfect carry and protection case for the Sizzix Big Shot Pro and other equipment or electronics.

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Tough and Durable Case
Customizable Foam Insert
Additional divider trays available
Latches for watertight storage