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ThermoWorks Splash Proof Super-Fast Thermapen

ThermoWorks Splash Proof Super-Fast Thermapen

The ThermoWorks Thermapen is the perfect way to make sure your food is at the right temperature for roasting, grilling, baking and especially when cooking candy.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

The kitchen thermometer has evolved over the years from a finger to the most modern electronics with the instant read thermometer now being a must have kitchen device. The ThermoWorks Thermapen is a must have kitchen utensil for both professionals and home cooks.

The Thermapen is a simple to use instant read thermometer that simply turns on when you swing out the probe and you just insert into your food to check the temperature. The Thermapen works using a thermocouple that is in the very tip of the probe.

The thermocouple is a more accurate way to measure temperature than the usual thermistor which is a much cheaper device commonly used in kitchen thermometers. The thermocouple is more accurate, sensing changes in temperature faster and has a wider range than thermistors.

thermoworks thermapen
ThermoWorks Thermapen

ThermoWorks has been making thermometers for kitchen use for years and their Thermapen is now their most popular model with both professionals and home cooks praising its features. I even found a computer website, PCMag.com, that reviewed the Thermapen including it in their digital home category.

The Thermapen has a range from -58 degrees to 572 degrees Fahrenheit which is the widest I have seen for kitchen thermometers. The Thermapen comes with a certificate of calibration and is accurate to .7 degrees which is more common in scientific measuring devices instead of home cooking utensils.

Others have praised the ease of use, small probe tip and fast reading but now it’s my turn and the Thermapen really does make a fantastic kitchen thermometer. The Thermapen has a very small tip for the first ½ inch so it is easy to insert and leaves a smaller hole than other thermometers.

whats in the box
Whats in the Box

The probe allows you to easily measure the temperature of thinner foods like hamburgers easily even when they’re in a grill or something like the Ronco Ready Grill. The Thermapen reads very quickly and allows you to get a reading on your food so you don’t waste heat from your oven or grill.

This instant read is also very important for cooking candy where an exact temperature means the difference between gummy brown stuff and peanut brittle. The meat is also an area of cooking where the instant read is a must have for getting the proper temperature and how well done your steaks, chops and roasts are.

The Thermapen also has a switch under the rear battery cover that changes the thermometer from Fahrenheit to Celsius and turns off the auto off feature. You can also change the reading from no decimal point to adding a decimal and tenths to the reading.

battery compartment
Battery Compartment

The fourth switch under the cover is to adjust the thermometer by as much as 3.6 degrees if you find it is reading off for a quick at home adjustment. You can find out if your Thermapen is working correctly by testing it in a cold water bath of ice cubes and enough water to fill the spaces between them.

Ice water very near the cubes will be 32 degrees Fahrenheit exactly so just set the probe in a glass of ice water to check your thermometer. You can also compare your current temperature devices at home to see how they are working for you and how accurate they are using this method.

The Thermapen really makes taking your foods temperature a breeze and helps to make your cooking more professional and enjoyable. No bothering with probes at the ends of cables or waiting with your hand and face near the oven as the heat wafts out into your kitchen.

Perfect Chicken with the Thermapen
Perfect Chicken with the Thermapen

The Thermapen works well and I had no problems using it at all with cooking in the stove and on it as well as grilling. The only down side to the Thermapen is the price at about $100 but for such an accurate device that reads so quickly this will easily pay for itself in enjoyable and well cooked meals and treats.

I highly recommend the ThermoWorks Thermapen as the perfect temperature gauge for all types of cooking at home and professionally.

Thermapen @ ThermoWorks

Thermapen @ Amazon

Instant read in 3 seconds
Fold out probe stores and is easy to use
Automatic on off using probe
Auto shut off after ten minutes

Costs about $100