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Kyocera 8” Professional Chef’s Knife Review

Kyocera 8” Professional Chef’s Knife Review

The Kyocera 8 Inch Professional Chef’s Knife is a ceramic knife for clean cuts and a sharp edge that lasts far longer than conventional steel knives.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

I’ve had the Kyocera paring knife for a few years and recently noticed it could use a little sharpening but has stayed sharp far longer than my steel knives. I routinely sharpen my kitchen knives to keep them cutting and slicing easily and quickly but my ceramic knives don’t need it nearly as often.

Kyocera has sent me another tool for cooking that fits right in with my vacant spot with their 8 Inch Professional Chef’s Knife. Kyocera Advanced Ceramics has been making ceramic knives for a few years now and are a leader in ceramic cutlery.

The Kyocera Professional Chef’s Knife is a full sized kitchen knife for general cutting and slicing of fruit, vegetables and meat along with other foods. Bread dough is one thing my wife and I have been dealing with a lot lately with our farmers market and steel cuts but the dough sticks a lot to the blade.

Kyocera 8 Inch Chef's Knife
Kyocera 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

A ceramic knife does not stick nearly as much to bread dough so that is only one of the advantages of a ceramic knife. Staying sharp, does not rust or transfer bad taste to foods are some of the other features ceramic knives are known for.

The main advantage I have seen with ceramic knives is the sharp blade that keeps its edge for much longer than a steel blade. Food like lettuce and bananas are also affected by steel blades and will start to oxidize quicker from the steel ions getting on the vegetables and fruit.

Ceramic does not affect food in any way other than the cut because the material is chemically inert and will not affect food. There is a trade off with using ceramic knives with the care needed to keep your knife in top condition by not dropping the knife and not using it on hard foods like bone or frozen foods.

slicing meat
Slicing Meat

The Kyocera chef’s knife has a contoured grip made from a hard plastic and the blade right in front of this is flat for protection. The blade is sharpened from the grip all the way around the tip so you can use the tip to cut with like I do in my video to peel a banana.

The blade is sharp and will cut both delicate items like tomatoes and skin fish as well as cut tough things like pineapple. I have used the knife to cut fresh bread which is does fairly well mainly because it is sharp but you should really use a serrated bread knife for bread.

I did cut fish and other meats and the blade does not pick up the smell from foods like steel can that requires a good cleaning after. I have used it for the delicate work of cutting up herbs for dehydrating like fennel fronds and it does very well to cut all the way through on a single stroke.

bowls of onions
Bowls of Onions

The Kyocera ceramic chef’s knife is a great knife for kitchen work and does not require a professional chef to admire its fine qualities. I truly enjoy a good nkife when working in the kitchen and have come to like ceramic knives once I got over the fear of dropping it.

I highly recommend the Kyocera 8 Inch Professional Chef’s Knife as a great everyday kitchen tool that will remain sharp much longer than traditional steel knives. The Kyocera ceramic 8 inch chef’s knife is available at the Kyocera Advanced Ceramics website and kitchen supply stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $80.

slices peppers easily
Slices Peppers Easily

Kyocera 8 inch chefs knife @ Kyocera advanced ceramics

Kyocera 8 inch chefs knife @ bed bath & beyond

Stays sharp longer than steel
Does not impart flavor or alter taste of food
Wont rust
Light weight

Blade may chip and break if misused or dropped