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Ronco Ready Grill Review

Ronco Ready Grill Review

The Ronco Ready Grill is a fantastic kitchen appliance for cooking meats, vegetables and small meals with a stand up grill basket and 1300 watt heating elements.

Ease of Use/Performance: 3/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total: 4/5

The first time I pulled the Ronco Ready Grill from its box the same thought of a toaster without the popup mechanism again came to mind. The Ronco Ready Grill seams so much like a toaster the resemblance is uncanny but this works much the same way.

The Ready Grill is a simple appliance with four heating elements inside, they may be one elements simply wrapped around the inside as well. Food is inserted into a basket and grilled inside the grill for meals or one part of a meal.

ronco ready grill
Ronco Ready Grill

The Ronco Ready Grill has four side pieces and a bottom tray to contain drips and spatter to keep the inside clean as well as a wire basket. All the parts of the grill are stainless steel except the bottom of the tray that is a heat resistant plastic.

The basket holds your food and has three clamps on the bottom that hold the two sides together and has heat proof handles. The basket slides into the grill and is held shut by the spring steel clamps on the side pieces to keep it closed while in the grill.

ready grill vs pan
Ready Grill vs Pan

The 1300 watt heating element has a timer control to shut it off and can go from zero to 30 minutes so you can time you’re cooking. The timer also ensures you don’t forget your cooking and cause a disaster because it will shut off after the timer runs out.

I have cooked chicken, fish, beef and pork in the grill with great success while vegetables are not as good but they do cook without adding fat or oil. Potatoes and other slices vegetables work well but some vegetables like carrots are just too odd shaped.


One secret to even cooking is a little experimentation and common sense to understand that meat will cook at a different rate than vegetables. You need to balance the cooking times or make sure the vegetables are sliced the proper thickness when cooking with meats at the same time.

Meats alone are where the Ronco Ready Grill really stands out and this is my main recommendation as meats are excellent in the grill. The juices drain to the bottom for easy collection but the searing does lock in the juices for tender meat.

easy brats
Easy Brats

I was very surprised not to see more drippings from hamburgers when I cooked them in the Ronco Ready Grill as there was very little during cooking. When I cooked some hamburgers alongside the ready grill in a press grill there were less juices coming out of the Ronco Ready Grill.

The Ronco Ready Grill is not perfect and it does an excellent job of cooing meats alone but for meals you need to practice. The grill does a great job for smaller meals or single items but does fall short for larger families trying to prepare whole meals.

ready to wash
Ready to Wash

I highly recommend the Ronco Ready Grill for a great appliance for cooking smaller meals but especially meats like fresh salmon.

Ronco Ready Grill Website

Ronco Ready Grill @ HSN

Cooks easily in small space
Excellent for fish and other meats
Easy to clean removable parts

Not so great at cooking meals
Smaller size may not cook meals for larger families