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Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter is an easy way to cut round bottles such as wine and beer bottles for using as glasses, crafts and other household containers.

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The world has gone recycle crazy and with that comes the reduce reuse and recycle proverb which makes sense when it can help the environment. Reusing items and repurposing them comes in handy not only in saving the resources of our planet but in saving money.

Being able to take that old soda or wine bottle that may or may not go into new bottles and using it directly around your home can not only save a little money but it can be fun. Many bottle cutters for crafting are those clunky contraptions that seem to work by chance and only after careful instruction and lots of practice.

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter is a unique bottle cutter that is hand held and uses two sets of rollers to keep round bottles square to the cutting wheel. The Kinkajou cutter is a neat looking device with a simple design unlike many of the other bottle cutters that seem very clunky.

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter
Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

I have to be honest and say that I have not used any other bottle cutters so I can’t directly compare the Kinkajou to those others but the Kinkajou does work well. I have been cutting dozens of bottles and have a good assortment of well-cut ones to use for many projects.

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter has two knurled knobs on the threaded rods that position the rollers at the correct distance to securely hold your bottle. The flip levers on top tighten down the rods while the cutting wheel lever drops the cutting wheel onto the bottle for cutting.

The four rollers on each half of the Kinkajou ensure the bottle rolls evenly but it also takes a little practice to get the hang of clean scoring lines on the glass bottles. The Kinkajou does a great job on round bottles that are flat but do not really work on ones that are not flat on the cutting surface.

To cut the necks or bottles that are not round you’re going to need to visit some other device or method as the Kinkajou design just makes flat surface cutting. I have been very busy cutting many bottles and as you can see one project has stuck out in this review.

Some Bottles After Cutting
Some Bottles After Cutting

My wife and I are avid home gardeners and have many attempts at a wide variety of gardening projects and the hydroponic bottles are just the latest. The bottles are cut with the tops and bottoms being left long but cutting the necks off the bottles for a specific soda bottle is necessary due to the height of the neck section of the bottle.

Cutting consistent lines works well with the Kinkajou and the bottle cutter does an easy job of making a neat score line that meets when you get around the bottle. While cutting you simply watch the line as it comes around the bottle and adjust pressure on the kinkajou as you near the beginning of your score to ensure they meet.

This may mean a slightly wavy line but the finished results will be a smooth break when you separate the bottle which is done with the silicone bands. Once the score line is done you take the two bands and place them a quarter inch on each side of the line and run cold then hot water over the line to crack the glass right on the score line.

The hot and cold water shrinks and expands the glass while the bands keep the water near the score line so the bottle only breaks at the score line. I used the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter on several bottles without the bands and got some terrible cracks and bad breaks so the silicone bands help a lot.

Hydroponics Using Cut Bottles
Hydroponics Using Cut Bottles

The standard kit from Bottle Cutting Inc. comes with some sand paper but these are easy to pick up at hardware stores when the kits run out. Sand the edges as much as you want for nice smooth edges or simply to get the sharp edges off and your craft project is ready for your imagination to finish it off.

Bottle Cutting Inc. sells kits with extra sandpaper as well as sets of wine glass bottoms and light fixtures to use cut bottles as lights and drink ware. You can also buy extra cutting wheels and a different type of silicone band for separating the bottles where you want them to.

The hydroponics gardens I am creating using these are filled with clay pellets and blown glass cubes with parsley, lettuce and other smaller sized plants. I am going to try my luck at keeping these growing all year round so I can have fresh herbs throughout the winter.

While my hydroponics experiment still needs time to see if I cqan grow my household herbs I have been using cut bottles are our house and at work as small tools and pen holders as well as numerous other containers. There are all sorts of projects you can use cut bottles for and the internet is also a great place to find out more.

I highly recommend the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter form Bottle Cutting Inc. for an easy to use cutter for round glass bottles that does not require all kinds of practice to get the hang of.

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