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Imprint CumulusPRO Comfort Mat

Imprint CumulusPRO Comfort Mat

The Imprint CumulusPRO is a fantastic comfort mat for preventing foot and back pain while having to stand for hours on end at a counter or standing desk.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

imprint cumuluspro comfort mat
CumulusPRO by Imprint

Quality comes first in my mind when spending money and I have come to appreciate spending the extra money to get top quality products. Spending a few extra dollars to get a mat to stand on hours at a time is money well spent because pain and fatigue are no fun.

When researching comfort mats which are also called anti-fatigue mats many of the top contenders are under $100 but there are several over this price. I just hate to think about spending more than a hundred dollars for a mat that sits on my kitchen floor.

I asked several companies and only got one to respond with a product sample and this company has me sold on buying from them in the future. I need some more mats for my kitchen and the CumulusPRO is going to be that comfort mat for several reasons.

Imprint CumulusPRO
Imprint CumulusPRO

The CumulusPRO has a ten year warranty which is the highest I could find for these mats and they are made from a single material. Polyurethane foam is used in the construction and Imprint uses the term Cushion Core Technology to describe their process.

The side view of one of these comfort mats shows the outer edges of the mat are a denser material than the center which gives it a resilient bounce back property. This also means a tougher outer shell while still maintaining that soft comfort for hours of standing.

The home version called Cumulus9 is made from different pieces of materials and glued together which in my eyes is a bad thing. Glues age over time and lose their binding properties so a one piece technology is the best for having a product for years of wear.

top and bottom of comfort mat
Top and Bottom

The CumulusPRO comes in four colors and two different patterns or simply plain with all models having a beveled edge that reduces the tripping hazard. The design prevents curling at the edges and the mats material makes it naturally no slip on top and bottom.

The comfort mat will not move once you place it and the top remains nonskid even with liquids and ingredients like flour spilled on it. I have been using my CumulusPRO for a few weeks while baking and cooking and the mat has remained unscarred.

I have dropped utensils on the mat and there are no marks to show but the real test is the two cats and dog that also reside with us. I have witnessed the animals tearing through the kitchen and have found no holes or scratches in the mat that they routinely careen over.

cumuluspro anti-fatigue mat in my kitchen
CumulusPRO Comfort Mat in my kitchen

The cats especially have not used the mat for a scratching post for whatever reason which was my major concern when looking at comfort mats. We already have a bed and couch that are routinely used for sharpening claws along with the ones we want them to use and I don’t need another one.

The major test for an anti-fatigue mat is the use and I had no problems baking and cooking while using the mat for hours on end. In the past few months I have had increasing leg pains and I realized it was because of the hours in the kitchen that I had not been doing before my leg pains started.

The CumulusPRO has proven itself as an effective comfort mat and has reduced the pain in my legs from standing at the counter a couple days a week. I have really enjoyed reviewing the CumulusPRO comfort mat and will be buying another one to use in front of my sink.

The most comprehensive review I could find on anti-fatigue mats was from another site and they have had these mats forsix months without problems. They recommend the CumulusPRO as much as I do and without hesitation because they perform so well while simply lying on the floor.

I highly recommend the CumulusPRO comfort mat from Imprint as a fantastic comfort or anti-fatigue mat that will last for years guaranteed.

CumulusPRO @ Imprint

CumulusPRO @ Amazon

Soft yet resilient
Beveled edges prevent tripping
Resists cuts and claws
Decent price
10 Year Warranty