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Skullcandy Crusher Review

The Crusher makes for a good all-around headset while the bass driver may seem a bit of a gimmick but it actually sounds pretty good so check out my Skullcandy Crusher Review for more.

Ease of Use, Performance: 4/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  4.5/5 Stars

Skullcandy Crusher Review
Skullcandy Crusher Review

The Skullcandy Crusher is a stereo headset with microphone that has two drivers in each ear for extra bass while the inline control allows for easy mute of the microphone. The Skullcandy Crusher is a unique headphone that has a separate bass driver which can be adjusted for the amount of bass you want while the other driver delivers the medium and high notes.

Inside the Skullcandy Crusher there are two drivers per ear piece with acoustical porting to allow free movement of the drivers. The drivers in each ear allow separate bass from the mids and highs but the overall sound suffers just a little so there is a tradeoff.

whats in the box
Whats in the Box

The bass sounds good and does have an adjustment on the left ear piece so you can adjust it to your liking which is a great feature of the extra bass. If you could not adjust the bass it would be terrible as each person would want a bit different amount depending on their choice.

The bass is good but the overall sound quality lacks good clear highs so the bass does take away from overall sound quality when listening. The stereo cable is removable from the headset so you can use a different cable while the microphone is an integral part of the cable.

Crusher Ear Piece
Crusher Ear Piece

The inline control does not change volume but does mute the microphone that is also part of the control with microphone control about six inches from the headset. The stereo connections on the left ear piece along with the bass control while the AA battery is under the right ear piece cushion.

The bass is powered by the AA battery so devices like tablets or smartphones will not be drained too much from listening or communicating. You can completely shut off the bass amplifier by sliding the bass adjust down till a red dot shows at the top of the slide.

Skullcandy Crusher Review
Skullcandy Crusher

Listening to music I did not have any problems but the sound quality is just a bit less than I would like when trying to enjoy myself. The highs and mids are a bit less clear but not distorted at all, just not as pronounced when listening to some songs.

The bass at high does not sound nearly as good and it does take some getting used to having your head bounced with bass but at medium it is fun for some music and gaming. I tried the headset during some of my favorite gaming sessions and had no problems wearing the headset for hours on end.

crusher bass control
Crusher Bass Control

The ear cushions are comfortable and the headset does not pinch or squeeze my head more than necessary to keep them on so you can wear them for longer times. I did also try the Razer surround sound and had no problems with 5.1 surround sound virtually without any problems even with bass on full.

The microphone sounds pretty good and using my Skype test I had no problems with understanding and clear chat from one computer to another. Chat in games worked well without distortion and people could clearly hear me so the microphone makes a good feature.

Of course when you don’t want to use it the mute on the inline control works just fine but there is no volume control on the controller. The Skullcandy Crusher is a good headset while the bass is a really decent feature instead of a gimmick which does add a unique feature.

I recommend the Skullcandy Crusher as a good all-around headset for music, movies and video games while the bass drivers do add your desired amount of extra skull thump.

Crushers @ Skullcandy

Crushers @ Amazon

Good sound and bass
Separate bass driver with control
Inline microphone and mute
Very comfortable

Overall quality is just a little lacking

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite is a top of the line headset with a USB sound card or stereo connection but sound quality is where the Siberia Elite excels.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

Steelseries Siberia Elite

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset is a softly padded headset that can be used with any of three connections for a versatile headset that includes 7.1 Dolby surround sound. The SteelSeries Siberia Elite can use the included sound card to create Dolby 7.1 surround sound but the headset also sounds fantastic other software for surround.

Bass is deep and rich while midtones and highs are clear with stereo or full 7.1 surround sound that is available using the SteelSeries sound card. The stereo headset uses a direct stereo connection at the headset connection so you can plug the headset directly into a stereo device or connection.

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite has three connection options with a two end stereo and microphone connection, a one end stereo often found on smartphones and the sound card with the USB connection. The Siberia Elite also comes with an extension cable that connects to the headset cable that has the unique connection that the smaller adapters connect to.

Whats in the Box

The headset connects directly to devices using either the stereo or stereo and microphone connections or the USB sound card for a very versatile headset for mobile devices and computers. The sound card is both MAC and Windows compatible and turns the stereo sound coming from a computer into Dolby 7.1 surround sound using delays to parts of the sound.

These delays create a simulated surround sound that sounds great and can really help in gaming and general entertainment enjoyment. The Siberia Elite sounds great whether you’re playing simple music using the stereo connection or you’re listening to a movie using Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

I also tested out the headset using a separate surround sound program from Razer and it also sounded great with very realistic surround sound. Besides the connection choices you also have LED lighting on both headsets that are controllable from the SteelSeries Engine that you install on your computer.

Siberia Elite Connections

The SteelSeries Engine 3 allows you to control the headset and other SteelSeries peripherals that use the software with lighting, equalizer, noise reduction and Dolby controls. The Engine 3 also updates the firmware onboard the headset for future updates and controls other SteelSeries peripheral features.

The microphone for the headset pulls out as well as has a white LED to show it is muted for easy use while the sound quality and background noise reduction is great. The microphone sounded very good when on the receiving end of a phone call or gaming using two computers and I had no problems using the microphone of the Siberia Elite.

The Siberia Elite is a nice looking headset with great sound quality but it is also very comfortable with very soft leather padded earpieces. I had no problems or discomfort from wearing the Siberia Elite for hours on end gaming and watching movies as the headset and top band help to alleviate any discomfort.

Siberia Elite Headset by Steelseries

The top band rests comfortably on your head while the steel band above it keeps the earpieces snuggly on your ears but not too tight. I had no problems whatsoever with the Siberia Elite and really enjoyed listening to the wide variety of music and entertainment I put through the headset.

I continue to visit sites and try to find the most current testing and audio files that put headsets and speakers to the test. I found a nice site called Audiocheck.net that has plenty of test files that really puts audio equipment through their paces.

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite really sounds great from the lowest sounds like whispers to the hitch pitched tones that shatter glass. Bass is also great and sounds fantastic with plenty of ear pounding lows that sound great in movies and gaming.

Siberia Elite w/ LED Lighting

I highly recommend the SteelSeries Siberia Elite as a high end headset that is very versatile and has excellent sound for both stereo and surround sound.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite

Siberia Elite @ Amazon

USB, stereo and stereo with microphone connections
Soft comfortable leather ear pieces
Excellent sound quality
Fantastic Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound