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The Great Scrape Woody Paddle BBQ Tool Review

The Great Scrape Woody Paddle BBQ Tool Review

The Woody Paddle Great Scrape is a barbeque cleaning tool that keeps your grill clean safely and can also be used to handle food on and off the grill.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

My wife saw a barbeque tool at a local craft market that intrigued her and just made my wallet itch with its high price tag. $35 for a piece of wood to scrape my grill clean seemed like a lot of money and boy was I shown the error of my ways.

I received the Woody Paddle from The Great Scrape for reviewing and am switched to the benefits of all natural wood grill scrapers. A wooden grill scraper is a paddle like piece of wood that tapers to a fine chiseled point touse on a hot grill to clean off the burnt food.

The fine point of the paddle is grooved after the first use and you use these grooves to clean in between the bars of your grill. The Woody Paddle can be used on any type of grill whether its round wire type grills or porcelain coated cast iron grills.

The Woody Paddle by The Great Scrape
The Woody Paddle by The Great Scrape

Simply put you are burning the grooves into the paddle the first time you use it and it’s these grooves that get in between the grill pieces to clean off the grill. The grooves are made from both pressure and burning so you will notice that the end does get burned on your scraper.

I just hate the idea of a wire brush and getting bits of metal in my food or scraping loose bits of grill with a metal blade and eating them. The Woody Paddle will not leave harmful bits behind and by the time you put food on the grill after cleaning anything left behind should be burned off.

The Woody Paddle and other Great Scrape tools are natural hardwood and only oiled to preserve the tool and keep it ready for use. You can use a good cutting board oil to treat your Woody Paddle the same as you oil cutting boards to preserve the tool but usually just cleaning will suffice.

The Great Scrape after some use
The Great Scrape after some use

The Woody Paddle is 20 inches long and 4 3/4 inches wide with a one inch thickness after the front taper which goes from an inch to the tip in two inches. The Woody Paddle is long enough for most grills and I really had no problems with my hands too close to the fire when using it on my Coleman portable grill.

If you have a larger grill the Big Woody is an extra fur inches and if you only need a smaller scraper the Woody is 12 inches long. I have really enjoyed using the Woody Paddle for cooking and even found you can flip burgers and fish with it much better than using a spatula.

The grooves of the p[addle after it has been grooved fit nicely between the grill bars and lift the food out much better than other tools. I found especially with salmon fillets that the Woody Paddle is a great all around BBQ tool instead of just a scraper for cleaning.

Great Scrape Grooves
Great Scrape Grooves

The Woody Paddle costs about $35 from the Great Scrape website with an additional $10 for shipping but can be found for a bit less on other sites. I highly recommend the Woody Paddle for the ultimate barbeque tool that makes an excellent grill scraper and a handy tool for flipping and moving foods on the grill as well.

The Woody Paddle @ The Great Scrape

The Woody Paddle @ The Grommet


Easy to use grill scraper
Does not wear down fast
Can be used to flip burgers and fish
Easy to clean and maintain