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ROCCAT Kone Pure Mouse & Sense Military Mousepad

ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Mouse & Sense Military Mousepad

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Military is a gaming grade mouse with a Pro-Optic 5000 dpi optical sensor and lift control while the Sense mousepad gives you the perfect surface for your mouse.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

roccat kone pure & sense military

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Military is a gaming grade optical mouse that has the usual assorted adjustments and an optical sensor that includes lift control technology. Lift control means you can adjust what height the optical sensor uses from the surface so when the mouse is lifted above this distance the mouse quits reading.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure in military style is available in three color schemes with the stylized ROCCAT logo on the body of each mouse. The logo has LED lighting you can change and 7 mouse buttons along with the scroll wheel that has the middle click button.

The optical sensor onboard the Kone Pure is 5000 dots per inch and adjustable from a low of 50 DPI up to the maximum 5000 DPI for precise adjustment. The sensor range of adjustment makes it great for gaming or other specific uses like image editing or graphics creation.

whats in the box
Whats in the Box

It’s really nice to use a low setting for more precise control in programs like ArtRage for slow controlled movements while drawing. In games you need a good balance between speed and smooth operation while some may prefer the faster movement of a higher DPI.

The Kone Pure comes with a great control program with all the adjustments in four pages while a fifth page has a trophy system and a sixth is for updating. The trophy system rewards the player for clicks and such which is kind of goofy but it is fun and surprising the first time you hear that you won a trophy no matter what you’re doing.

You can turn off this announcement system as well as the verbal notice of settings changes when not using the settings program so you know what settings has been changed. The mouse buttons are all customizable to your particular needs while the settings program has five DPI settings that can be used for quick changes.

ROCCAT Kone Pure
ROCCAT Kone Pure

The ROCCAT settings program can be set up for five profiles for use with specific programs or for button assignments that are specific for different needs. You can also assign a program to a profile so that the program will trigger that profile when you start it up for quick and easy changes to button assignments and other settings.

One technology that ROCCAT has invented that is very handy is Easy Shift[+] which allows an almost full set of extra button assignments. You can assign one of the side buttons as the Easy Shift and when that is held down a new button assignment can be used for the rest of the buttons.

This will almost double the button assignments for more versatility in any program you use but especially ones where a lot of mouse shortcuts would be nice like image editing. The additional button assignments allow you even more features but this is not just for gaming as I found it quite handy for my image editing.

Bottom of Kone Pure
Bottom of Kone Pure

I have found that a gaming mouse is great for use in other programs and really miss the smooth operation and control when I am forced to use other mice. I really like the control and precision I can get form a smooth gaming grade optical sensor in ArtRage while trying to do precision drawing as well.

ROCCAT has also released a line of mousepads that go well with the Kone Pure and match the stylized design of the Military series. The ROCCAT Sense is a 2mm thick 400 by 280 millimeter mouse pad that has a smooth low friction surface and a foam rubber backing.

The Kone Pure pairs well with the Sense mousepad for a fantastic pair of weapons you can use to decimate enemies or to draw them on your choice of art programs. The ROCCAT Sense has remained a smooth surface and does clean well under simple wiping if you do get it dirty.

sense logo and bottom
ROCCAT Sense Logo & Bottom

I have used a general cleaner and paper towels to clean the pad but the mousepad does not collect dust like some other cloth weave fabrics I have had in the past. The ROCCAT Sense performs very well and makes an excellent purchase along with the Kone Pure for a great set of peripherals.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure in military colors costs about $70 while the ROCCAT Sense is a low price of about $20 at stores like GameStop. The ROCCAT Kone Pure is an excellent mouse and easily works well in both gaming and other programs for an easy recommendation in a performance mouse.

Kone Pure @ ROCCAT

Kone Pure @ Amazon

Sense @ ROCCAT

Sense @ GameStop

Gaming grade optical sensor with smooth control
Customizable buttons with double the available assignments
Lift Control for better usage


League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse

League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse

The League of Legends Collector’s Edition Gaming Mouse from Razer is a Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse with the League of Legends wording brazenly glowing on the mouse with the Naga Hex six thumb buttons for added functionality.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Recommendation:  4.5/5 Stars

League of Legends Naga Hex Goliathus

The Razer Naga Hex mouse is a tried and true gamers mouse but the League of Legends Collector’s Edition brings gamers from the popular multiplayer battle game to their peak performance using the added thumb buttons. The League of Legends Collector’s Edition Naga Hex mouse is a professional quality gamers mouse that includes the mouse and a manual while drivers are available for download from the Razer website.

League of Legends Naga Hex Whats in the Box

The Razer League of Legends Naga Hex Gamers Mouse has the usual finger buttons along with the scroll wheel with push button, two additional top buttons and the six thumb buttons on the side. The Razer Naga Hex with the League of Legends logo is a great mouse with adjustable sensitive and stages of adjustments for in game changing using the Razer Synapse software.


The Razer Synapse software allows gamers to save profiles and button assignments on a Razer server so you can download your assignments no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. The Synapse program from Razer is the best driver and functionality program I have seen for gaming mice and really makes the use of all Razer mice for not only games but for other programs a dream.

The Razer League of Legends Gaming Mouse is a rebuild of the Razer Naga Hex with the six side buttons on the thumb side for right hand use that has a 5600 dots per inch 3.5G laser sensor for precision sensing. The Razer Synapse program allows you to adjust the sensor from 100 up to the maximum 5600 DPI for your choice of sensor speed along with your choice of acceleration if you want.

Razer Naga Hex League of Legends

The Razer Naga Hex also has five sensitivy settings you can save that allows you to change sensitivity in game using any assigned mouse buttons but a common setup for me is the two smaller buttons on top of the mouse behind the scroll wheel. These two small buttons make assignments to adjust sensitivity easy while in game so you can switch from a slower on screen movement needed for precise aiming like sniper work to a higher one needed for general rapid movement to keep the action in front of you.


The Razer Naga Hex mouse does work extremely well but it is a smaller mouse so is more comfortable for those with normal to smaller hands, I prefer a mouse with a larger size so the League of Legends Naga Hex mouse was a bit small for me. The mouse performed well and I had no problems using it in first person shooters and some strategy games but did not use the mouse much for games like League of Legends as I don’t really like fighting battle type games.

Naga Hex Side Buttons

The assignments for the thumb buttons worked perfectly and for my Battlefield 3 fps gaming I left them as they were for quick switching of weapons without having to go to my keyboard. The Naga Hex mouse also worked well for Company of Heroes as it meant quickly switching from one unit to the next when I assigned the numbers to units for easy control in those fast paced situations.


The League of Legends Collector’s Edition Mouse is a great gaming mouse and one that is perfect for League of Legends fans but the fun does not stop there as Razer has also released a League of Legends Collector’s Edition Goliathus soft gaming mouse mat. The popular Goliathus Speed edition mouse mat is a tight weave cloth with foam rubber bottom for a seamless mousing surface while the stitching around the edge will give protection from fraying.

The Razer Goliathus is a fantastic mouse mat and the League of Legends fight scene really has a nice look to it even if you’re not a fan of the game genre. The League of Legends Collector’s Edition Goliathus Mouse Mat is a great mouse mat for gaming and works well with the Razer Naga Hex and other gaming mice I have been using with it.

League of Legends Goliathus Mat

I can easily recommend the Razer League of Legends Collector’s editions of both the Naga Hex mouse and Goliathus mouse mat for gaming grade peripherals that will enhance your gaming and general computer use.

League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Naga Hex @ Razer

League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Goliathus @ Razer

Tt eSports Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake eSports Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

Thermal Take has created a division concentrating on gaming products called Tt eSports which has released a unique gaming mouse called the Level 10 M with adjustable height and angle along with an open design for cooler hands.

Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5
Look & Feel: 4/5
Features: 4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 4.5/5 Stars

Gaming Mouse Tt eSports Level 10 M

Thermal Take has created a division around gaming called Tt eSports that designs and manufactures gaming grade products and sponsors teams in tournaments decked out with their best peripherals and gear. Tt eSports has a unique mouse to go along with their other Level 10 gaming products called the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse that has adjustable polling and adjustable physical characteristics.

The Level 10 M mouse has not only the adjustable height where your palm rests but tilts by about 5 degrees for a more comfortable gaming use but the mouse has more than just an adjustable top section. The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse has the two finger buttons and the top piece coming in Diamond Black, Iron White, Military Green or Blazing Red that are made from rubberized aluminum.

The top of the mouse sports the two large buttons but the right button is smaller than the left by about a quarter inch in width with the left button being an inch wide and two inches tall while the right button is three quarters of an inch wide and two inches tall. The top of the mouse has twelve hexagon holes to allow for cooling toward your hand while gaming but the separate design of the top also helps to keep the aluminum top cool due to air flow under it.

Whats in the Box Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The gaming grade mouse has a base that includes a front cable mount to help with tension and bending of the cable as it leaves the mouse which is probably the weakest point of mice and where I have had all my mice fail for wired mice. The aluminum base has the two and a half inch by three quarter inch tall sides that bend up and hold the side buttons of the mouse with two on the right and three on the left.

The left buttons are labeled “A”, “B” and “Z” while the right side is labeled “C” and “D” with the front buttons being about half the size of the middle “B” and rear “D” buttons for easy tactile sensing. The front two buttons are your normal back and forward by default but like most gaming mice can be programmed in the software for just about anything while the “Z” button is setup for profiles and polling rate changes.

Right Side of Level 10 M

The “Z” button is not just a single press button but an analog four position switch so you can raise and lower either profiles or the dots per inch setting of the polling to change speed of your cursor across the screen. This is the sole feature that a gaming mouse lives and dies on and the different levels of your cursor speed across the screen means faster turning and more precise aiming for first person shooters.

Having a quickly adjustable DPI speed where you can quickly lower it for more accurate moves like when sniping means you can quickly change from the slower speed and more accurate aiming of a lower DPI to a higher one for fast turning. Having the four levels means you can have a good variety quickly and the side button using your thumb allows for pretty fast changes but you do need to take a pause in gaming to set this.

Left Side of Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The location is a bit further back so I needed to at least move my hand some to get my thumb on the side of the mouse to adjust the settings of either the profile or the DPI levels. The four level indicators that are on the right finger button does not change colors like the rest f the mouse but remains a steady red for the level it is on with the bars indicating the four levels of DPI you can is set in the program.

The Level 10 M mouse comes with a handy carry bag, the mouse itself, a small Allen wrench, drivers and some manuals but the drivers are also available from the Tt eSports website. The mouse can adjust from side to side for tilt by about five degrees and the back end of the mouse under your palm adjusts up and down by about .19 inches or 5 millimeters.

The tilt goes from the aluminum side on one side to the other so adjusting the tilt of the top section is limited by the two sides of the base and adjusted by the Allen screw on the right side of the mouse. The open top design also allows the interior LED lighting which is adjustable in the software to shine through the holes near your palm as well as the square on the left mouse button and the scroll wheel.

Bottom of Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The included software is easy to install and allows you to set profiles, lighting, polling or dots per inch rate and every button on the mouse as well as macros which is a common gaming feature for massive multiplayer games. You can set five profiles with various button settings, polling rates and macros but one thing you cannot do is auto switch profiles when a specific program opens.

Many gaming mice programs allow users to automatically switch profiles when a specific program starts but the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse does not do this which was a surprise for me as this is a common function in gaming mice. The other settings in the Tt eSports program works well and gives the mouse the needed settings and functionality you could want but the omission of program launched profile switching is odd.

I found the DPI settings worked extremely well and having the four levels available from the analog side button worked extremely well for switching quickly between the levels and the indicator on the mouse is handy for knowing which level you’re on. Changing profiles using the four position switch is also easy but the switch position is not easy to use without at least pausing a second or two while in game to adjust.

Level 10 M Program

The two side buttons for back and forward work well and the actual contour of the mouse is good but it does take a bit more getting used to than most other contoured mice, especially over the mice that are ergonomically shaped. The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse does take a bit of getting used to but it does work extremely well for gaming and even in real time simulations or RPG games.

The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse works extremely well for first person shooters and makes a fantastic mouse for gamers that works very well for regular computer use things like image editing and working on my websites. The Level 10 M mouse costs about $100 and with the fully featured mouse only missing one feature I would still highly recommend this as a gaming grade mouse which does have a bit more in customization to make up for the lack of program switching.

Level 10 M Gaming Mouse @ ThermalTake

Mionix NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse

Mionix NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse

In conjunction with my review of the Mionix SARGAS and ENSIS mouse pads I also received the NAOS 5000 gaming mouse that is definitely a gaming grade peripheral with a special little surprise under the hood.

Ease of Use, Performance: 5 /5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total:  4.5/5 Stars

Gaming Mouse Mionix NAOS 5000

Have you ever wondered what difference all those various gaming mouse pads and variety of materials really make when it comes to mouse performance and actual use? How about all those claims that a certain weave, microfiber or silicone rubber will enhance your gaming performance or maybe you just want to compare your favorite desk top or countertop to the current mouse pad you use.

The Mionix Naos is an exceptional gaming mouse with adjustable dpi laser, ergonomic design and fully customizable buttons with macros but has a surprise under that rubberized plastic shell. The Mionix Naos 5000 also has a Surface Quality Analyzer Tool built in so you can check the surface you use for mousing and compare it with others and with common surfaces like your desk, coffee table or countertop.

I did a little comparison and was very surprised at the results, my current table I use for my work area scored better than several mouse pads I have received but some of the gaming grade mouse pads did not fair so well. I will include a chart with this review of my results and there is also one attached to the review of the two Mionix mouse pads I reviewed along with the Mionix Naos 5000 gaming mouse.

Whats in the Box Mionix NAOS 5000


The Mionix Naos gaming mouse is not just a toy to check the surface roughness of materials though, it is a gaming grade mouse that includes all the features any gamer wants and needs to take their gaming as far as they can personally. The Naos 5000 has a 5040 dots per inch gaming grade laser sensor but you can easily adjust the dots per inch setting from the two arrow buttons on the top of the mouse in gaming.

Being able to adjust this setting on the fly in a game means in a first person shooter you have it set higher for faster turning and movement but when it comes down to precise control for sniper shots you can quickly adjust it down. The Mionix Naos 5000 also has the fully customizable button settings and macros so you can change any button to the keyboard or mouse assignment as well as assign macros for multi button commands in games.

The downloadable software from the Mionix website also has up to five profiles that are stored on the mouse itself for easy use on other computers or at LAN gaming sessions without worrying about the software. One thing I am surprised about is no use of game executables where the mouse automatically switches over to the appropriate profile when a program or game is launched.

NAOS 5000 Buttons


This may become available in future updates as the mouse does have the ability to upgrade the firmware on board the mouse itself as well as new updates in the software. The Mionix Naos 5000 has color preferences for the logo, side dpi step indicators and top buttons for changing the dpi along with the scroll wheel but this is just icing on the cake of a pretty tasty gaming peripheral.

The Mionix Naos 5000 is a comfortable gaming mouse with a contoured grip that fits snuggly into my hand when gaming or for general use and the buttons all fit naturally into the top fingers and thumb. The Naos 500o has two bottom openings for weights with eight 5 gram weights for a good assortment that you can set according to your mousing preferences or not use the weights at all.

I found the small doors a bit difficult to open and close but you should not have a problem and only need to use them a few times to change the weight of the mouse. The Naos 5000 has three large and one medium sized Teflon mouse pads on the bottom so you never have to worry about those small dots falling off your mouse in the hottest gaming sessions.

Bottom of NAOS 5000

I have been using the Mionix Naos 5000 for a month and am very impressed with this gaming peripheral and can truly say Mionix has created a gaming grade mouse that is easily the same quality as other peripheral companies catering to the gamer. The SQAT surface quality analyzer is just icing on the cake so you can truly see the difference the surface you’re using makes and this is not a silly last minute feature tossed in.

The analyzer is actually measuring data loss from the laser sensor over the surface it is on so the tool is handy to see how different surfaces compare when using the same mouse on.  The Mionix Naos 5000 has more going for it than the surface analyzer and in games like first person shooters and real time strategy the mouse performs fantastically with its smooth precision.

Cursor and crosshair movement is great and very smooth and the Naos 5000 easily is a gaming grade peripheral at the top end of the gaming peripheral spectrum competing for the gamer dollars. The Naos 5000 does however come at about the same price for gaming grade mice from other more well-known companies such as Razer and Steel Series but with the addition of a handy tool it does set itself apart a bit.

Mouse Pad Data Loss

I highly recommend the Mionix Naos 5000 as a great gaming peripheral that definitely makes itself known as a professional gaming mouse with a bit of an edge over the competition.

Naos 5000 Gaming Mouse @ Mionix

Razer Naga 2012 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga 2012 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga 2012 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse brings the new Synapse 2.0 software that Razer has recently released to the massive multiplayer online expert gaming mouse with cloud based settings and automatic updates.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features  5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total:  4.5/5 Stars

Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse 2012 Edition

Razer has updated the software that runs their peripherals and using cloud based setting storage for players they now offer a way for gamers to automatically save and download any game or player specific settings. Connect to the internet, download the Razer Synapse program and install and your saved settings are available at your fingertips for any Razer peripheral that uses Synapse 2.0.

Razer Synapse 2.0 is not just a cloud based place for gamers to save settings but also updates drivers and firmware so gamers are constantly at the top of their game as far as hardware is concerned; the rest is up to you. Razer has gone above and beyond with keeping their peripherals current and they have also listened to gamers with what they want for gaming hardware when it comes to gaming performance.

Razer Synapse 2.0 also does something for gamers when they just have to do that other stuff like image editing and simple web browsing by storing settings specific to programs like Photoshop or Dreamweaver. You can use various configurations and store them in the cloud while also being able to automatically switch settings per program when you open them.

Whats in the Box

The Naga 2012 Edition has the usual slick Teflon pads on the bottom with one on each of the side panels and four on the main part of the mouse. The bottom also sports the number or keypad switch so the ten number buttons on the side will either emulate the numbers above the letter keys or the number pad keys.

The Razer Naga 2012 Edition does use the MMO specific side buttons to create a panel of 12 inputs using your thumb while the other side of the mouse has the three interchangeable side panels for optimized fit. You can use the side panel that best fits your hand and style of mouse usage from the very ergonomic style of gaming mouse with its general shape that fits comfortably in my hand.

The Naga 2012 Edition like previous editions has three interchangeable side pieces for the comfort of the user depending on how you like your mouse. You can use the smaller unobtrusive side for a more ergonomic fit, the ring finger support side or the ring and small finger support side for the most comfortable side you like.

Razer Naga Side Panels

The side panels fit onto the side of the mouse using four screws and magnets to hold the side on and even active gaming will not budge the pieces off the mouse. The various side panels make for the most comfortable mouse for any given user and makes the Naga 2012 Edition very customizable in both shape and programing.

The Naga 2012 Edition does not come with any drivers on a disc as you simply download them from the Razer support website but once you connect and have them installed you can customize any of the 17 mouse buttons. The four buttons of the mouse finger buttons, two buttons behind the scroll wheel and the scroll wheel itself mean a good versatile mouse but the addition of twelve side buttons give you lots of configuration options.

The Razer Naga 2012 Edition is mainly meant for Massive Multiplayer Games like Dungeons and Dragons Online or World of Warcraft and makes a handy way to access multiple spells or items. The included rubber indicators that Razer calls Grid Trainers allow you to get the thumb button positions down but you can keep them on for the life of the mouse to help with button locations.

Bottom of Naga 2012

The temporary adhesive on the buttons does mean that they will come off fairly easily but you can use something stronger to glue the indicators in place on any of the buttons you want. The Naga 2012 Edition comes with two sets of indicators with one set being rectangular and slanted to coincide with the buttons shape and the other set is round and you can put a single indicator or several on the side buttons.

The Razer Naga 2012 Edition has the usual profiles where you can save specific settings per game so when the game starts it will automatically switch to that profile. The newer Synapse program and cloud based setting saves allows for a user to save both settings and profiles in the cloud so that you always have them available over the internet.

The Razer Naga 2012 mouse now includes just about everything a gamer could want and the mouse also works very well for other tasks like image editing and web browsing. I have set up the mouse to work with common tasks like opening menu popups for image size and crop that makes my work on product shots that much easier.

The Razer Naga may be for gamers but it also works exceptionally well for other tasks and can be quite handy for many different programs and uses. The Razer Naga 2012 edition does make an excellent mouse for other programs but it excels at massive multiplayer online games.

Razer Synapse 2.0

The Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse costs about $80 and can be found online at Razer and at other sites and local stores that sell high quality computer peripherals.

Naga 2012 Edition at Razer