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Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser by doTerra

Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser by doTerra

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features: 3/5
How much I enjoy:  1/5

Recommendation:  1/5 Stars

The Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser by doTERRA works well for vaporizing essential oils that work toward better health and a happier life.

I would like to start off this review with an honest opinion of the main topic, essential oils and their impact on health. I have read a good number of articles and am not one to believe things some say just because they publish it.

Aromatherapy, massage therapy, homeopathy and even some chiropractic techniques are questionable in their healing ability. While you can find plenty of people that say any form of alternative medicine helped them there is also another willing to state the exact opposite.

doTERRA Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser
doTERRA Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser

Just like dieting there are numerous ways to do things and tons of “experts” who will tell you how you can achieve goals like losing weight. My VA physician states it very simply when talking about losing weight, get out and do something and you can lose weight.

If you walk, bike, run or just do anything that burns more calories than you consume in a day you will lose weight, but you need to eat better because what you eat is as important as how much you eat. Improving your well-being can be as simple as having fun or enjoying life more but some products can help as well.

Healing and general well-being is more than just medicine and doctors but medicine is a science that has years of history backed by effective techniques. A patient who feels better and wants to get better has a better chance at being healthy so aromatherapy has its uses.

Studies have shown that relieving stress and having a positive outlook is better for your health and for general well-being so your environment affects your health to some extent. Medicine is founded on the past experience of scientists and doctors with plants and extracts as their first medicines.

Lotus Interior and Cover
Lotus Interior and Cover

Today plants like peppermint are used in medicine and do have proven health benefits but others do not have any scientific or clinical proof they help to heal. Lavender is also a plant that has proven promising in improving sleep quality and to help relieve anxiety but clinical trials are scarce.

It has also been long known that menthol has anesthetic and counterirritant properties so I do have something to back up some of the claims of some essential oils. Others however do not have any known or proven effects on health but health can also be looked at as general overall well-being.

I feel that things like aromatherapy can help improve your health but you need to make sure that your health is taken care of by a real medical professional first. Seeing your doctor who is a real licensed professional with years of education in medical schools is the most important part of being healthy.

General well-being at home can start with eating right and getting exercise but smells and inhalants like lavender at night or lemon during the day can also help. Getting essential oils to help improve your environment will help your overall well-being some and getting that essential oil into the air is a first step.

doTERRA Lotus Controls
doTERRA Lotus Controls

Essential oils are concentrated water repelling oils from plants like mint and lavender that are sold to help improve your health and well-being. One way to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the air of the room you’re in such as your living room or bedroom while you sleep.

The doTERRA Lotus diffuser is an ultrasonic humidifier diffuser that uses ultrasonic frequencies to agitate water so that molecules are vaporized. The Lotus has been redesigned taking the shortcomings of the older design and tweaking them according to customer complaints.

The doTERRA diffuser has a removable power adapter to power it and controls on the back with both light and timer buttons along with indicators. The doTERRA comes with a cleaning brush, small filling pitcher and a user’s manual but I’m not sure if it does come with any samples of essential oils.

The new design lasts from 1 to 3 hours and has a small light that you can shut off on the top where the diffused oil water moisture is expelled. A humidifying diffuser uses either heat or ultrasonic vibrations to get the oils into the air with the Lotus using ultrasonic vibrations to release oils.

The lotus has a front cover that slides off to reveal the small container that holds about a quarter cup of water with the ultrasonic mechanism at the bottom. The ultrasonic mechanism that diffuses water and oil into the air simply agitates the water at a very high speed or frequency.

Simply put it beats the water so fast that it tosses up tiny molecules of water into the air and this water vapor floats up into the room. The essential oils of your choice are also made into small droplets that float up into the air to circulate around a room.

doTERRA also sells essential oils from single oils to mixes that are created to help with specific applications such as better breathing or mental clarity. You can also simply mix your own blends using the single oils to create scents you like that also help your individual needs.

Essential oils are one small tool in a complete tool box for better health and living but one single company does not stand out to me more than others as a supplier for these products. I have done some research and have found some good local supplies of essential oils as well as internet stores to buy from.

I don’t buy the blends but buy single oils and only want the oils that are 100% pure but which ones are all natural oils and not processed or have additives? There is no regulation for essential oils just like other alternative medicines and you only have the company claims and labels to go on for what is in the bottles.

Simply read the labels and find ones that say they are 100% pure and not blends or have additional ingredients like almond oil or read from experts. Testing is a good way to find out and I found a blogger who has done independent chemical tests from various essential oils.

Lea Harris has asked volunteers to donate money to run tests on essential oils from companies like doTERRA and have some results posted on that testing as well as the replies from those companies. Results are either in compliance or not in compliance with ISO standards (International Standards Organization), very interesting reading.

I prefer to just buy locally to help support my local businesses like a popular small store called Tochi or to buy from grocery stores because I don’t have to wait for shipping or even pay for it. Purity of essential oils is a myth more than a fact and claims are just that, any claim of purity or standards are just words the companies use to try and market their products.

The doTERRA Lotus diffuser works well and is simply a good diffuser to get essential oil vapors into the air to help improve your quality of health. I am more skeptical about the essential oils that doTERRA sells mainly because of their claim of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

That term is simply a trademark of the company and not a special government regulated testing or standard for essential oils as there is no standards or FDA regulations. All essential oils are therapeutic grade as they are therapeutic in nature but the grade part is misleading because there are no standards whatsoever in the industry.

I could debate this point ad nauseam but I won’t, I am simply pointing out that essential oils are not regulated when used externally as an inhalant. Any oils used for ingestion are regulated under FDA law but are redistilled to make them less potent which would make them less effective as an inhalant.

The doTERRA diffuser works well and I have no complaints with its design or performance over the last few weeks I have had it as well as the samples of peppermint, lavender and lemon oil. I can recommend the doTERRA as a great diffuser and the oils I received were just fine but they did not stand out any more than the other essential oils I have purchased from other companies.

I also do not like the cost at about $120 for the diffuser directly from the doTERRA website when I found others that work almost as well for well over half the cost. I would actually recommend a diffuser that costs less so you can spend that savings on essential oils instead of just a diffuser.

Lotus Diffuser @ doTERRA

Easy to use and fill
Lasts up to three hours


None for diffuser itself

Caution is recommended when using essential oils
Essential oils should not be used topically or ingested without careful preparation/dilution