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Primula Cold Brew Glass Carafe Brewing System

Primula Cold Brew Glass Carafe Brewing System

The Primula Cold Brewing System is a great size for at home cold press coffee that has less acidity for great tasting cold coffee.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

primula cold brew ft
Primula Cold Brew

Cold brew or cold press coffee is all the rage with coffee shops like Starbucks and Caribou jumping on the craze by offering a variety of drinks using cold brew as its base. Cold brew or cold press coffee is simply steeping ground coffee in cold or room temperature water which has far less acidity due to the cold water brewing.

This process usually takes at least six hours but you can leave it brewing for 24 without any ill effects to your final product. The longer you steep the coffee the stronger the brew will be but strength also comes from the type of roast the beans have.

If you use a dark roast coffee you will have a richer bolder flavor while a lighter roast gives a lighter flavor to your cold press coffee. The use of flavored beans can also make your final product different just like brewing hot coffee.

Primula has entered the cold press market with the Primula Cold Brew Glass Carafe that is a 50 ounce borosilicate glass carafe with filter and mixing cores. The borosilicate carafe is a safe and sturdy glass container with a silicone base for non-slip use in the kitchen.

coffee with cream and sugar
Coffee with Cream and Sugar

The filter is a plastic core that has a stainless steel filter and flip up handle that locks into the carafe just like the mixing core does. The mixing core allows you to easily mix sugar or flavorings to your brew while both cores can be used in a variety of Primula pitchers.

I found cold brew coffee brewers a few years ago but the mess of a large system did not make for convenient at home cold brew coffee. The system I reviewed previously used a pound of coffee and did not have an easy or fast way to remove the grounds from the brew.

The Primula filter core has a screw off bottom for easy cleaning and the size just makes it more convenient to make a small batch of cold brew coffee. It’s also a very easy system to clean with the glass, silicone rubber bottom and plastic pour spout all being dishwasher safe.

To brew coffee you simply use a grind of your choosing and fill the filter basket with coffee, lock it in place in the carafe and fill with water to the top of the coffee grounds. You screw on the lid and set the carafe out of the way or in the refrigerator till your brew is finished depending on taste for 6 to 24 hours.

I like strong coffee using dark roast beans and when using the Primula Cold Brew System have no problems using a medium to fine grind which contradicts what several other reviewers like. The fine silk I get in the bottom of the carafe I leave there and wash out so I don’t have a problem with any grounds in my brew.

I have been using the Primula Cold Brew for a month now right through the hot months of summer and have enjoyed cold press coffee at work on a daily basis. I simply make the brew the night before and pour my thermos with a few cubes of ice and some sugar in the morning and enjoy cold refreshing coffee at work all day long.

using the primula cold brew to make tea
Using the Primula Cold Brew to make Tea

During the review I got a cold and had to skip a couple days of work which brings up the other use of the Primula Cold Press System as a tea brewing system. The large filter basket makes a perfect tea brewer and the hot teas you get in a few minutes are just perfect.

If you occasionally enjoy tea instead of coffee or like me found a time when tea was a part of your getting better routine for a cold the Primula cold brew worked perfectly making a pot of tea. I really enjoyed being able to brew up a pot with the same easy cleanup in the carafe for a variety to cold press coffee on some days.

I highly recommend the Primula Cold Brew Glass Carafe Brewing System for both coffee and as a tea pot to make your favorite blends. The Primula Cold Brew system costs about $30 and is available at Amazon, bed bath and beyond as well as the Primula website.

Primula Cold Brew system

Primula Cold Brew system @ Amazon

Easy system that has removable filter core
Easy Clean up
Sturdy borosilicate glass carafe
Stainless Steel Filter


Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Glass

The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is an attempt at a combination machine that grinds your beans and drip brews coffee that Capresso has a history with.

Ease of Use/Performance: 2/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 2/5
How much I enjoy 3/5

Total: 2/5

The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is a glass or thermal carafe drip brew coffee machine that also grinds the beans as part of the brewing process. The CoffeeTEAM PRO also has a setting to brew ground coffee without the grinder as well as a setting for the coarseness of the grind.

The previous grind and brew machine I reviewed was called the Capresso 455 CoffeeTEAM Therm which worked well but also missed the mark on design. Models to follow got rid of clunky mechanics but it seems the company is intent on perfecting this corner of the coffee brewing market.

The latest release is yet another near miss with its burr grinder just not handling the finer grinds and dark roast beans but the machine does work for light and medium roast coffees. The Coffee TEAM PRO comes in two versions with a glass carafe and warming element or a thermal carafe without the bottom heating platform.

Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Glass
Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Glass


The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is a unique burr grinder that grinds whole beans right through the machine into a brewing basket and then drip brews your coffee. The CoffeeTEAM PRO has the usual removable 12 cup water tank with a charcoal filter that is easy to install.

The CoffeeTEAM PRO has a course, medium and fine setting for the top mounted burr grinder with a removable bean container. The burr grinder seems to be out of adjustment but this is more a design flaw than an assembly defect as I received two machines that have the same exact problem.

Customers who purchased the machine at Amazon also complain about the same things with clogging and not working as designed. I am disappointed and really do not understand why they released this with such an obvious design flaw as the company does have some really good products.

Whats in the Box
Whats in the Box


The burr grinder grinds medium and light roast beans just fine on course but if you try medium or fine you may get the machine to jamb up on you. I could not grind any dark or flavored beans which clog up the burr grinder every time I tried no matter the bean kind or distributor.

I tried whole beans from Gevalia and Starbucks as well as cheaper varieties like Cameron’s and Java Delight but could not find a dark roast bean that would work in the brewer. I also purchased some dark and light roast beans from a local roaster called Dunn Brothers and had the same issue of light roast working fine while the dark roast clogs the grinder.

water tank and bean container
Water Tank and Bean Container


You can set the brewer up on a timer and brew coffee in the morning while getting things all set up the night before as well as brewing the coffee from pre ground coffee. The front panel has an oily bean setting which adds some time to the final grind cycle hoping to clear out the grinder and chute but this really doesn’t work.

I had the first machine for about a month and the second for another month but just could not get things working well. On the up side the burr grinder is easy to clean and removing the upper burr only takes a few seconds while cleaning out the chute is pretty easy as well.

bean container
Bean Container


I just should not have to worry about doing this after every cycle and could not grind any dark roast beans without it jamming up and stopping the machine. Grinding to a halt is what the machine does with loud clacking sounds when the burr stops because of the too fine ground beans.

The CoffeeTEAM PRO does work well for light and medium beans if you use the course grind but even on medium grind with beans Capresso sent me it clogged. The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is just a miss and really not worth bothering with as it does not work well enough.

filter basker and carafe
Filter Basket and Glass Carafe


I would just look elsewhere for a grind and brew coffee machine as the Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO just does not work well enough for what it was made for.

CoffeeTEAM PRO @ Capresso

CoffeeTEAM PRO @ Amazon

Works well with light and medium roast beans
Brews fresher coffee
Removable water tank and bean container

Clogs using medium beans on medium or fine setting
Clogs if I used any dark roast beans
Clogs when using many flavored beans

Crio Bru Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box Review

Crio Bru Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box Review

Crio Bru is a unique drink that is made from cocoa beans that are roasted then ground so you can brew them like coffee but the drink is not like anything else.

Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Creativity: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Just how good is it: 4/5

Recommendation: 4/5

Chocolate Lovers Gift Set
Crio Bru Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

Crio Bru is not coffee and it is not hot chocolate, it is 100 percent cocoa beans ground for a unique drink that is like nothing else on the market. The cocoa beans are grown in a variety of locations and just like coffee beans both location and growing conditions dictate a unique flavor.

Each variety has a unique and distinct flavor with an additional enhancement in some of the Crio Bru flavors by adding things like lime zest and spearmint leaf. The Mojito Crio Bru is a unique and tasty treat that has a hint of mint and lime due to the addition of the dried ingredients added to the cocoa.

Crio Bru buys cocoa beans, or also called cacao, roasts them to perfection along with grinding them for brewing like you brew coffee. Do not think Crio Bru is like coffee or even hot chocolate as the beans do not brew like coffee beans nor do they dissolve in hot water like processed hot chocolate powder.

Brewing Cocoa with French Press
Crio Bru with Bodum French Press

You can brew Crio Bru just like coffee but for the full flavor of cocoa a French Press is the best but you can also try the other ways to brew coffee for some variety. I tried both a regular coffee pot and a moka pot and found that the Crio Bru just does not have enough time in either to make a decent brew.

The best way to brew cocoa for drinking is with a French Press because soaking the beans allows the most flavor and oils to release into the water. It takes time to bring the full flavor out of the beans and that is the biggest difference between coffee and cocoa brewing.

Crio Bru is an interesting drink and does have the variety in the Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box which contains 8 varieties of Crio Bru brewed cocoa and a Bodum 34 ounce French Press. The Chocolate Lover’s gift set contains a 12 ounce bag of Cavalla Crio Bru, Coca River Crio Bru and Maya Crio Bru along with an eight ounce bag of chocolate covered Crio Bru cocoa beans.

Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans
Crio Bru Cocoa Beans

The gift set also includes the five ounce bags of Maracaibo Crio Bru, Vega Real Crio Bru and Cavalla French Roast along with a 2.5 ounce bag of the Mojito Crio Bru. All the Crio Bru varieties have a distinct flavor and are great with a specific taste like the Maracaibo with its hint of caramel and cherry.

Some of the Crio Bru are better than others but this will depend on your taste but overall they are alright but I was a bit disappointed with the overall flavor. This is mostly due to the taste expectations that people have when trying the brew after spending years drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

I had tried another brand of roasted ground cocoa and found after doing some research that mixing brewing cocoa with coffee was an even better way to enjoy the drink. After a little experimentation I found that mixing about 1/3 roasted cocoa and 2/3 espresso ground coffee and brewing the mix in a moka pot just like espresso that tastes excellent.

Brewing Cocoa Experimenting
Crio Bru Experimenting

Getting the subtle notes of each Crio Bru while still enjoying my usual cup of espresso is the perfect way to really enjoy brewing cocoa. I have really enjoyed sampling the Crio Bru blends and can easily recommend Crio Bru for an excellent take on a hot beverage whether you take it plain or brewed with coffee.

Crio Bru Website

Crio Bru Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set

Nespresso U Single Serve Espresso Machine

Nespresso U

Nespresso has been making espresso easily and simply for more than 15 years with their signature aluminum capsules that feature a wide variety of blends for espresso and larger espresso’s called lungo.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Nespresso U

Nespresso is a brand of Nestle that manufactures both the Nespresso machines and the line of capsules for those machines with three specific types and limited editions. Nespresso machines are single serve espresso machine that uses a drop in aluminum capsule that is filled with a specific amount of ground espresso coffee for quick and easy use.

The Nespresso U is a fully automatic machine that has an automated system internally that moves the capsule into place and then after the shot is pulled it dispenses the capsule into a holding tray for later disposal. The Nespresso U comes with a small footprint and a unique tank design that swivels to the right, left or rear of the machine to make it adjustable for a variety of spaces.

The Nespresso U has a quick heating thermoblock element for preheating and uses 19 bars of pressure for perfect espresso every time. The Nespresso U comes as a set with the Aerocinno+ frother or with the machine alone for about $172 for the machine and $250 for the set with the frother.

Nespresso U Whats in the Box

The Nespresso U takes less than minute to warm up and from cold to hot fresh espresso ready to enjoy less than two minutes for a small, medium or long shot. The Nespresso U makes a small shot at about .85 ounces or a medium shot at about 1.35 ounces and a long shot or Lungo at about 3.72 ounces.

The capsules come in three main categories with a smaller Pure Origin line, their main espresso range and a Lungo range with a limited edition introduced twice a year. The espresso range of capsules has from mild to strong intensity with a few decaf offerings but the main espresso capsules are a great variety.

The Nespresso U has the best variety of coffees available currently and does make an excellent cup of espresso whether you like a bold intense shot or mild and flavorful. The Nespresso U works simply by dropping the capsule in the top slot and closing the slider door, you can set the cup size using the top buttons.

The three top buttons are soft touch and indicators to show which one the machine is set to and can be pressed at any time during the preheating or first part of dispensing to change the cup size. The three sizes make a good range for small or ristretto, a normal espresso shot and a long shot or Lungo which is a current favorite of mine.

The sizes make the best variety for shots and espresso based drinks for use with a frothed or steamed milk while the Lungo or long shot makes a great coffee. The longer shot for Lungo adds a variety and taste that is unique and a welcome change to straight espresso shots and one I was unaware of until reviewing the Nespresso U.

Espresso Shot with Nespresso

Nespresso has a great variety of espresso in their capsule system but you do have to buy capsules from Nespresso directly or from their stores with a few exceptions. Nespresso capsules cost about 74 cents per capsule when ordered directly through the Nespresso Club while Amazon and other stores are a bit more expensive.

I did find a few brands of capsules from other companies, usually from Italy, that are even more expensive but I did not try any of them because of the cost. The Nespresso Club does have a minimum order of fifty capsules which I did order from and it cost $37 to ship to my house in Minnesota that arrived in two days.

Nespresso ships quickly using their distribution centers across North America so even not having capsules available in local stores except for select ones in certain states you still can get your espresso capsules quickly. Espresso from the Nespresso U is fantastic and a really easy way to get a great cup of espresso whether you like the bold intense of a dark roast or the mild flavors others offer.

The Nespresso U is now my favorite machine and a fantastic way to get espresso for my daily coffee fix that I have been enjoying a lot. The Nespresso U is automatic with just having to drop the capsules in the machine and close the door while the machine does all the work internally to pull your shot and drop the capsule into the tray.

Nespresso Lungo

The tray holds about twelve capsules and does have a three part system that has the lower drip tray, the used capsule holder and the external rounded drip tray. The machine does drip internally so they did need an internal drip tray for the water that does leak out around the capsule during or after the shot is extracted.

This has been the only downside I could find to the machine and using it but even then I have not been disappointed with it in the least. If you are unsure of which capsule flavors you enjoy the most you can buy the Welcome sampler pack from Nespresso which comes with 200 capsules and costs about $123.

Using the sample pack that came with the machine you can start to figure out which is a favorite but you can also buy a Discovery box with a variety in a nice wooden box. The Nespresso Club is the most efficient and inexpensive way to buy capsules and one that I will be using for my purchases.

The Nespresso U makes a fantastic cup of espresso with great crema and a robust flavorful cup with the great variety of capsules. I have really enjoyed Lungo espresso recently with the flavor of espresso but more of a coffee experience for something that has been new to me.

Nespresso Set with Aerocinno Plus

The Nespresso U really is a great machine and well worth purchasing for an easy way to make espresso without having to know anything about espresso other than how to enjoy it. As an example of the Nespresso system and ease of use many Michelin star restaurants are now using them to serve great espresso to guests without having to pay a barista.

I highly recommend the Nespresso U for an easy way to brew espresso at home or the office without the fuss and mess of a conventional espresso machine.

Nespresso website

Nespresso U @ Amazon

Capresso Coffee a la Carte Coffee and Tea Maker

Capresso Coffee a la Carte Coffee Maker and Tea Maker

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte is a handy cup or carafe coffee maker and tea maker that includes a quick heat and pump brew system that makes great coffee and tea by the cup of carafe.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Capresso Coffee a la Carte

The Capresso Coffee a la Cart Cup-to-Carafe Coffee and Tea Maker is a fantastic coffee maker and tea maker that includes the quick heat and pump system for faster brewing. The Capresso a la Carte comes with the coffee maker, removable water reservoir,  brewing unit, glass carafe, two filter assemblies, drip tray and a scoop along with the instructions.

Whats in the Box Coffee a la Carte

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte has a unique filter assembly that is different for tea and coffee with the pull out brewing unit that has the filters snap into the bottom. The brewing unit has a rubber sealed tube that passes the water through the unit and into the brewing filter then down into the glass carafe or the cup.

The brewing unit has a shower head that pushes upward with spring pressure so that the shower head can be used to tamp down coffee grounds. The coffee filter has no tabs inside that allow the shower head to push the coffee grounds for tamping them while the tea filter does not tamp the leaves.

The tea filter will push the water dispenser upward so the tea leaves or whatever you’re using for tea is not tamped down for better brewing of tea. The brewing unit has two clips that attach the filters to the brewing unit so you have two distinct brewing methods depending on the filter attached.

a la Carte for Carafe

The glass carafe fits into the coffee maker with a switch to make sure the brewer does not brew without either the carafe or the drip tray in place. The drip tray allows you to place cups under the brewing unit but taller mugs will not fit very well, you can remove the stainless steel plate for some extra room.

Using a varied amount of coffee grounds or tea leaves you can change the strength of your brew which is pretty much the same for any drip coffee makers but the tamping and quick brew makes a difference. The Coffee a la Carte uses a fast heating system and the pump passes water through the brewing unit quickly for coffee and tea.

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte makes some great coffee and tea and with the tea making ability really makes this brewing unit a fantastic deal. The filters, carafe and drip tray are all dishwasher safe for easy cleanup but the brewer unit should be cleaned up in the sink.

The brewing unit is easy to rinse off and can be scrubbed but should not be washed in the dishwasher due to the internal workings of the unit. The removable water reservoir holds up to 52 ounces of water but removes from the coffee maker for easy filling.Brewing a Cup Capresso Coffee Maker

I have been using the Coffee a la Carte for my daily fix and it works great for all the uses and ways to make both coffee and tea. The Coffee a la Carte makes great coffee and can even make really strong coffee that makes a serviceable replacement for espresso in drinks like latte’s and cappuccinos.

The fantastic feature of being able to brew both coffee and tea for both cups and a full carafe means you can brew teas for those pitchers of refreshing iced tea. In the summer I drink more iced drinks such as iced tea and with the Capresso Coffee a la Carte I can easily make pitchers of tea and coffee with the same machine.

The handy feature of being able to make tea without using tea bags in a coffee machine really means this machine a dual purpose one for all kinds of tea varieties. I can use all sorts of loose leaf teas which I much prefer over bags with the Coffee a la Carte as well as good coffee which is the best feature.

Brewing a Pot in the Capresso Coffee Maker

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte makes great coffee and tea for a machine that really is a fantastic appliance for both coffee and tea. Whether you’re a coffee or tea fanatic I highly recommend the Capresso Coffee a la Carte Coffee and Tea Maker for the best of both worlds in one machine.

Coffee a la Carte @ Capresso

Coffee a la Carte @ Amazon

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

The Primula Coffee Brew Buddy and Tea Bag Buddy are handy single serve devices to make brewing coffee and tea easy and neat with a low price tag as well.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Coffee Tea Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

Primula sells coffee presses, tea sets, tea pots and a variety of flowering teas and continues to come up with new products in the tea and coffee ware area. A couple new items from Primula include the Coffee Brew Buddy and Tea Bag Buddy for a simple way to brew a single cup of coffee or tea and handle tea bags.

The Coffee Brew Buddy is a fine mesh filter with a plastic heat resistant funnel shaped rim for brewing coffee that also works for loose leaf tea. The Coffee Brew Buddy has a large plastic rim that is funnel shaped to allow easy pouring of hot liquids into any cup or mug and the fine mesh filter holds your coffee grounds and tea.

The Brew Buddy folds mostly flat and a simple plastic storage bag will hold the brew buddy conveniently in a purse, briefcase or pocket of a suitcase for convenient storage and use at work, school or home. The Coffee Brew Buddy is portable and convenient with its fold flat shape so using it at the office or on the road away from home and the convenience of a kitchen.

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

The Brew Buddy works as a simple filter and you can use the it for both coffee and tea as the mesh bag hangs about two and a half inches from the rim into a cup or mug. The mesh filter is held securely in the rim of the Brew Buddy and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup but simply rinsing well works just as easily.


I have made coffee and tea with the Coffee Brew Buddy and found it handy for use as a tea brewer for loose leaf teas and especially those finer ones like real chamomile. The fine parts of chamomile buds do not go through the fine mesh bag of the Coffee Brew Buddy and this makes it great as a tea brewer.

The Coffee Brew Buddy does an excellent job as a single serve coffee brewer and would work really well outdoors or at a hotel when you want your own coffee instead of that hotel brewed stuff. A simple trick would be to grind or take along your favorite coffee in one plastic bag and the Coffee Brew Buddy in another for quick use and easy storage.

Primula Tea Bag Buddy

The Tea Bag Buddy can also be used when making tea to keep your counter or work area clean and as a cover for your cup while brewing. The Tea Bag Buddy is a silicone holder that has a finger indent for grabbing the string of tea bags and a slot for the string so that the silicone Tea Bag Buddy holds your tea bag while it sits on your cup.


When the tea is ready you simply pick up the Tea Bag Buddy and put the bag in the indent on the underside and set it on the counter or toss the bag in the garbage. You can handle hot tea bags without fear of scorched fingers and without the mess for quick and easy handling of tea bags.

Brewing with Tea Bag Buddy

The silicone keeps your fingers from getting scorched or burned and also makes for a clean counter when preparing your tea. You can also use the Tea Bag Buddy to hold you Coffee Brew Buddy when making coffee to keep your counter clean as the indent does have enough room for drips even from the coffee grounds used for a regular cup of coffee.

Tea Bag Buddy for Pitcher

You can also use the Tea Bag Buddy to make pitchers of tea using larger pitcher sized tea bags or numerous regular sized ones to hold the tea bags while they are steeping. I have even used the Tea Bag Buddy to grab string less tea bags that are floating in my tea after brewing as the cupped end does make it easy to grab with.

The Coffee Brew Buddy and the Tea Bag Buddy both cost about $6 and is available at Primula, Amazon and other sites as well as stores like Target in sets.


Coffee Brew Buddy

Tea Bag Buddy

Mighty Mug Spill Proof Coffee Cup

Mighty Mug Spill Proof Coffee Cup

The Mighty Mug is a spill proof coffee cup that looks more like an overweight travel mug but it works surprisingly well to keep your coffee in the mug instead of all over your desk.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total: 5/5

Coffee Cup Mighty Mug

While it may be hard to get excited over a coffee mug the Mighty Mug does have a few surprises in its small but wide bodied frame. Looks can be deceiving and even when you first try it out you may not believe it can be a spill proof mug but just try to knock it over.

The Mighty Mug is a plastic mug with a surprisingly simple design with the insert and handle as one piece where your coffee or other drinks go. The body or colored part of the mug is the main part that is nestled inside the cup insert and held in with a clip on the bottom.

The bottom of the Mighty Mug is where all the surprises really are with a rubber suction cup but not like others as there is a big hole in the bottom where the clip goes. When the cup part of the Mighty Mug sits firmly down in this hole it creates a suction for the rubber suction cup and prevents the cup from being knocked over.

When you lift the cup by the handle this pulls the center clip part out of the hole and releases the suction seal allowing you to casually sip your drink. When you set the cup down the cup insert centers itself in the hole once again creating a slight suction to prevent spills.

If a sudden movement or jerk happens the rubber suction cup holds the Mighty Mug in place as long as the surface the mug is sitting on will hold a suction cup. The Mighty Mug holds firmly for that split second you jerk it around but when you gently move the mug it easily moves or lifts.

Bottom of Mighty Mug

Of course if you set the Mighty Mug on an uneven surface it will not work as well and for surfaces that are really rough you will not get any suction seal so no spill proof advantage. The suction cup design is unique and does make the Mighty Mug a great coffee cup in an office where spills and accidents involving drinks all over work projects would not be good.

The Mighty Mug easily comes apart and the black plastic insert and handle are top rack dishwasher safe but the colored or stainless steel outer body and rubber suction cup are not to be put in the dishwasher. You should handwash the outer body and it is important to keep the rubber cup clean of debris so a gentle wash is also needed here to help create the all-important seal.

You can use the Mighty Mug in the microwave to heat up liquids and like any time you use a microwave you should be careful with boiling liquids. Water heated and boiled in a microwave could suddenly release water vapor bubbles when the cup is removed due to the rapid heating in a microwave so care should be taken to prevent injury.

Parts of Mighty Mug

Keyboards can now safely reside near the ever present coffee cups using the Mighty Mug and hot liquids near kids is now less of a worry. The Mighty Mug is recyclable and biodegradable so those environmentalists can rest assured that this will not be around forever to pollute our planet.

The Mighty Mug does have a lid with easy open tab and a nice sized drinking hole to prevent spilling as well but the main feature of the bottom suction cup that Mighty Mug calls Smartgrip is the main spill proof feature. The Mighty Mug does live up to its name and does come with a limited lifetime warranty and is even registered with their company for warranty purposes.

I highly recommend the Mighty Mug as a spill proof coffee mug that costs about $15 and is available from Amazon, Target and the Mighty Mug store.

Mighty Mug Website

Mighty Mug Video

Mighty Mug @ Target

My Keurig Mini PLUS Brewer

My Keurig MINI PLUS Brewer

The My Keurig K-Cup MINI PLUS brewer is a convenient single cup brewing system that uses the now common K-Cups in a wide variety of flavors and brands for a single beverage of your choice.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 94/100

My Keurig B31 MINI PLUS Brewer

I recently went on a small trip, just a weekend conference where my wife spent the days in meetings for 4-H and I spent the time in the hotel room, watching TV or reading. We spent a few days getting ready and came across some great deals on the K-Cups that the Keurig machines use, a wooden box full of those plastic cups for $9 each.

I also purchased a couple of boxes of dark hot chocolate at Wal-Mart on sale and a few other boxes of other flavors both mixed and my favorite dark coffee blends for the trip. We had plenty of coffee and other drinks to use on our trip and for a few weeks after but the fun of it was we took my Keurig MINI PLUS with us.

We had the Keurig machine on the table in the hotel room replacing the cheap hotel coffee machine and brought our favorite thermos cups and a wide variety of K-Cups. We brought some flavored creamers but one slip up on my part almost marred a fun weekend enjoying our favorite hot drinks.

I forgot to check the machine before we left, the My K-Cup filter was in the machine instead of the K-Cup holder that comes with the machine when you buy it. My Keurig B31 MINI PLUS machine works like most of them do, water goes into a warming tank and when it heats up to the set temperature it runs through the K-Cup.

Whats in the Box My Keurig

The K-Cup is a plastic cup with a foil lid that has either a felt filter in the bottom for coffee and teas or simply the powder for chai and hot cocoa. The hot water is forced through a tube at the top that also punctures the foil seal and runs through the grounds, leaves or powder and into your cup below.

My Keurig B31 MINI PLUS is a small version of the larger models and brews a single cup like the others but does not hold water in a tank other than for the one cup. To brew a cup you open the back lid and pour water into the reservoir and use the three level guides for your desired amount.

You can also simply use the cup your drinking from for a gauge of how much water to pour in as this is only how much will brew. The machine does not hold any water and as soon as it heats up, about two minutes, it will run through the K-Cup and into your cup below.

There is a removable tray to hold drips and to allow a place for extra water to run to if you pour too much into the reservoir. If the drip tray is not there, you can remove it for taller cups, the extra water will run into the bottom of the machine and onto your counter.

Reservoir Detail My Keurig

This won’t happen as long as you don’t put more than 10 ounces of water in the reservoir and once you add the water you then add your K-Cup. The water stays in the reservoir until you open the K-Cup housing using the handle and the water will pour into the heater tank inside.

The machine has two buttons, one for power and the other to brew but you have to cycle the machine, open and close the brewer holder, to get the brew button ready. To brew using my Keurig it really does not take all that much, about the same time to explain it as to do it.

Pour a cup of water into the reservoir, turn on the machine and place your K-Cup into the holder then press the brew button and wait two minutes for the hot beverage of your choice. K-Cups come in popular brands and flavors of beverages from Starbucks and Caribou Coffee to several teas and cocoa based drinks.

You can even get things like iced tea mixes that you brew and pour over ice, but I found just using a regular tea and pouring it over iced with a bit of sugar works just as well. I really enjoy several of the teas like peach and sweet raspberry black teas over ice with a couple spoons of sugar.

Reservoir & K-Cup Holder My Keurig

I also enjoy using the My K-Cup filter holder and small filter basket to use my own fresh ground coffees to make a real treat for fresh ground coffee drinks. I have several coffee machines from the somewhat expensive espresso maker which costs $350 to the inexpensive table top Aeropress that costs about $35.

The single most useful and versatile hot beverage device I own are the Keurig machines and the single serving smaller version just makes sense for a smaller home. My Keurig MINI PLUS B31 is the perfect size for an apartment, home office or office to make a single cup of coffee or tea how you want it.

The variety of teas and coffee will ensure you never get bored and the K-Cups direct from local stores costs about the same as ordering them. Of course you can find them on sale here and there or if you find one you really enjoy you can order them on a subscription through Amazon.


K-Cups cost about 50 to 60 cents each while a regular cup of coffee from grounds will cost down near 20 cents depending on the price of coffee and what brand you use. I have found that Target and Wal-Mart have several different brands of K-Cups for the regular price of $10 for a box of 18 K-Cups and you can find more flavors at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond and other kitchen and cooks supply stores.

MINI PLUS & K-Cups My KeurigMy Keurig B31 MINI PLUS costs about $100 which may seem like a lot but for the individual serving size and being able to brew the cup of beverage you want at a time this is a nice price. You can also use the Keurig MINI PLUS for hot water for things like cup A Soup and other foods like instant oatmeal.

I highly recommend the Keurig B31 MINI PLUS for that perfect pint sized single serve coffee and hot beverage machine that works great for the home office or just about anywhere.

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