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Carson MagniLamp Pro CP-80

Carson MagniLamp Pro CP-80

The MagniLamp Pro from Carson Optical is a hands free magnifier lamp with an adjustable arm system and a heavy base for hobby and work use such as soldering or inspection.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

The MagniLamp Pro CP-80 is a 4X 5 inch LED magnifier that has a solid base and arms with knob fasteners to tighten each adjustment. The LED lighting provides enough light for hobby and work use like inspections or soldering but room may be a bit of a problem under the lens.

The five inch lens allows a good viewing area but to keep things in focus and work you may need to adjust your subject a bit close depending on your eyesight. The magnifier has sixteen sets of LED lights around the lens that is powered by a detachable power adapter.

Carson Optical MagniLamp Pro
MagniLamp Pro CP-80


The base of the unit is heavy enough to swivel fully around but if the lens is at full height and out as far as it will go the lens may be tipped over accidently due to being top heavy. This is not much of a problem once you use the magnifier some and you can always clamp the base down to your work surface.

I received the MagniLamp Pro while looking for a magnifier lamp for both hobbies like model building and jewelry making but for use in inspections of electronics devices like smartphones. I wanted to see if there was anything better than those swing arm magnifier lamps that would be more useful or handy around the house and shop.

LED Lights of the Carson MagniLamp Pro
LED Lights


The MagniLamp Pro does work well for inspection but when trying to solder some components I did not have enough room to use a soldering iron under the lamp lens assembly. To keep items in focus you will need to adjust the lens or move your object up and down which works well for many situations.

I had no problems using the lamp while doing some model building and my wife likes it a lot for working on small parts for jewelry which is probably where the lamp will work the best. The lamp does not work well for soldering because the work piece needs to be a bit too close to the lens when working with smaller components and wires.

Model Building with the Carson Magnifier
Model Building


Stereo microscopes are much better for soldering while magnifier lamps like the CP-80 work much better for medium magnification and objects not quite as small as electronic components. The MagniLamp Pro works much better for those small links and rings of necklaces and bracelets.

The base gives you a nice working surface and being able to individually adjust the lamp in many different directions allows you to have it set up for your particular needs. Not having a bendable arm like many magnifier lamps means you can adjust and quickly move the lens to your needs without having the lens move and bounce when adjusting.

Perfect for Jewelry
Perfect for Jewelry


The MagniLamp Pro has a dust cover for the lens on a chain so it doesn’t get lost and can be stored on the lens or on the horizontal arm when not in use over the lens. The on off switch on the lens top means no searching the base for the power switch.

The MagniLamp Pro is a professional quality magnifier lamp and well worth the cost for a handy and well-made magnifier with the base and arms metal while the lens is glass. I highly recommend the MagniLamp Pro for a professional quality magnifier for work or hobbies.

Inspecting a Circuit Board
Inspecting a Circuit Board


MagniLamp Pro @ Carson Optical

MagniLamp Pro @ Amazon

4X 5” Glass magnifying lens
Metal base, arms and lens body
fully adjustable