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Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine

Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine

The Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine is a professional commercial grade espresso machine that has an open bottom and two shot portafilter for control and convenience.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

A bottomless portafilter shows you exactly how well or badly you are pulling your shot in an honest and direct way that closed filters cannot. Before you can even enjoy or cringe at the quality of your work a bottomless filter will show you whether you got the tamp, grind and dose right.

If you get everything correct when making your preparations a bottomless portafilter will have a smooth steady flow into your cup. An uneven tamp, wrong amount or incorrect grind of beans will splatter all over the machine and possibly your counter.

The bottomless filter is just one way of improving your espresso while a quality commercial grade machine makes for the beginnings of good espresso. The EC PRO from Capresso comes with a removable water tank and the two porta filters as well as a plastic scoop/tamper and instructions.

Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine
Capresso EC PRO

The machine is stainless steel with a quality pump and boiler for the perfect pressure and temperature that also warms the top of the machine for a cup warming tray. The EC PRO has the usual removal tank that holds 42 ounces of water so there are not constant trips to the sink for filling.

The removable stainless steel tray is handy for cleanup while the machines steel surface also makes the work after a bad shot easy. Just like any espresso machine bad shots are inevitable but pulling good ones comes pretty easily and fast when you do a little research.

Nothing beats using a bottomless portafilter to see what you’re doing wrong but the enjoyment of pulling that perfect shot is almost priceless. The EC PRO is an excellent machine and well worth the cost which is around $250.

whats in the box Capresso EC PRO
Whats in the Box

The steaming wand also makes quick work of frothing or steaming and is easy to use with a little practice just like pulling shots. The wand is not removable for easier cleaning but this is a tradeoff with the quality of the machine and any convenience you may gain.

Controls on the front consist of a main power switch and a heater switch for the espresso or steamer with an on off dial for the espresso and steamer function. The EC PRO really is easy to use and did not require more than a casual glance at the instruction book for me when I first unpackaged it.

I cannot recommend highly enough the EC PRO as an inexpensive espresso machine that makes espresso like the higher costing machines. I have been using the EC PRO for a couple months and have been very pleased with my results and very excited to delve into the very visual bottomless portafilter.

I highly recommend the EC PRO from Capresso as a fantastic espresso machine for the home that is a professional commercial grade appliance.

EC PRO @ Capresso

EC PRO @ Amazon

Quality materials and workmanship
Large removable water tank
Excellent choice of portafilters

Plastic scoop/tamper is not good at tamping

Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Glass

The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is an attempt at a combination machine that grinds your beans and drip brews coffee that Capresso has a history with.

Ease of Use/Performance: 2/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 2/5
How much I enjoy 3/5

Total: 2/5

The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is a glass or thermal carafe drip brew coffee machine that also grinds the beans as part of the brewing process. The CoffeeTEAM PRO also has a setting to brew ground coffee without the grinder as well as a setting for the coarseness of the grind.

The previous grind and brew machine I reviewed was called the Capresso 455 CoffeeTEAM Therm which worked well but also missed the mark on design. Models to follow got rid of clunky mechanics but it seems the company is intent on perfecting this corner of the coffee brewing market.

The latest release is yet another near miss with its burr grinder just not handling the finer grinds and dark roast beans but the machine does work for light and medium roast coffees. The Coffee TEAM PRO comes in two versions with a glass carafe and warming element or a thermal carafe without the bottom heating platform.

Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Glass
Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO Glass


The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is a unique burr grinder that grinds whole beans right through the machine into a brewing basket and then drip brews your coffee. The CoffeeTEAM PRO has the usual removable 12 cup water tank with a charcoal filter that is easy to install.

The CoffeeTEAM PRO has a course, medium and fine setting for the top mounted burr grinder with a removable bean container. The burr grinder seems to be out of adjustment but this is more a design flaw than an assembly defect as I received two machines that have the same exact problem.

Customers who purchased the machine at Amazon also complain about the same things with clogging and not working as designed. I am disappointed and really do not understand why they released this with such an obvious design flaw as the company does have some really good products.

Whats in the Box
Whats in the Box


The burr grinder grinds medium and light roast beans just fine on course but if you try medium or fine you may get the machine to jamb up on you. I could not grind any dark or flavored beans which clog up the burr grinder every time I tried no matter the bean kind or distributor.

I tried whole beans from Gevalia and Starbucks as well as cheaper varieties like Cameron’s and Java Delight but could not find a dark roast bean that would work in the brewer. I also purchased some dark and light roast beans from a local roaster called Dunn Brothers and had the same issue of light roast working fine while the dark roast clogs the grinder.

water tank and bean container
Water Tank and Bean Container


You can set the brewer up on a timer and brew coffee in the morning while getting things all set up the night before as well as brewing the coffee from pre ground coffee. The front panel has an oily bean setting which adds some time to the final grind cycle hoping to clear out the grinder and chute but this really doesn’t work.

I had the first machine for about a month and the second for another month but just could not get things working well. On the up side the burr grinder is easy to clean and removing the upper burr only takes a few seconds while cleaning out the chute is pretty easy as well.

bean container
Bean Container


I just should not have to worry about doing this after every cycle and could not grind any dark roast beans without it jamming up and stopping the machine. Grinding to a halt is what the machine does with loud clacking sounds when the burr stops because of the too fine ground beans.

The CoffeeTEAM PRO does work well for light and medium beans if you use the course grind but even on medium grind with beans Capresso sent me it clogged. The Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO is just a miss and really not worth bothering with as it does not work well enough.

filter basker and carafe
Filter Basket and Glass Carafe


I would just look elsewhere for a grind and brew coffee machine as the Capresso CoffeeTEAM PRO just does not work well enough for what it was made for.

CoffeeTEAM PRO @ Capresso

CoffeeTEAM PRO @ Amazon

Works well with light and medium roast beans
Brews fresher coffee
Removable water tank and bean container

Clogs using medium beans on medium or fine setting
Clogs if I used any dark roast beans
Clogs when using many flavored beans

Capresso C100 Tea Kettle

Capresso C100 Tea Kettle

The Capresso C100 Water Kettle is a temperature controlled water kettle with settings for warming, green tea, white tea, oolong tea and black tea.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Capresso Tea Kettle

The Capresso C100 Tea kettle is a temperature controlled water kettle that has settings for a range of teas and for warm water. The C100 tea kettle is an electronic kettle that has a base with temperature control and a short electric cord.

The C100 tea kettle from Capresso has a preset temperature that you select from the light up dial control on the base of the kettle. The temperature settings start with warming at 100 degrees and continue with green tea at 160, white tea at 175, oolong tea at 195 and black tea at 212 degrees.

whats in the box

The tea kettle has a temperature sensor in the kettle and a large domed heating element with a flip up cover and holds 6 cups of water. The kettle takes about seven and a half minutes to come to a full boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is the perfect temperature for black tea.

The preset temperatures are a great way to get the right temperature for your tea every time whether it’s an herbal blend or a straight kind. The settings for the main tea types are great and from these you can use them to heat your water for any herbal teas or other blends.

bottom of c100 kettle

The Capresso C100 water kettle works well is a safe way to heat water due to the base element not being exposed and the automatic shutoff. The tea kettle will not boil dry and will shut off when it reaches the maximum temperature of the dial setting.

The Capresso C100 has a pour spout that has a nice steady stream when pouring and the lid is easy to use with one hand. The glass is from Schott glass that is a high quality glass designed for the kettle and high temperatures that the kettle heats up to.

c100 markings

The bright blue markings and maximum indicator are very clear when you fill the water kettle and especially when there is water behind the markings. The base of the water kettle has nice foam feet so the kettle will not scratch or scuff tabletops.

I had no problems using the Capresso C100 Water Kettle and am very impressed with this simple yet well designed electric kettle. I really like the Capresso C100 Water Kettle and highly recommend it as a safe and efficient way to heat water for tea and any other uses you need hot water.

Capresso C100 Video

Capresso C100 @ Capresso

Capresso C100 @ Amazon

Safe and fast water kettle
Nice pour spout and foam feet
Temperature settings for variety of teas

Water may boil out of spout if filled too full

Capresso Coffee a la Carte Coffee and Tea Maker

Capresso Coffee a la Carte Coffee Maker and Tea Maker

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte is a handy cup or carafe coffee maker and tea maker that includes a quick heat and pump brew system that makes great coffee and tea by the cup of carafe.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Capresso Coffee a la Carte

The Capresso Coffee a la Cart Cup-to-Carafe Coffee and Tea Maker is a fantastic coffee maker and tea maker that includes the quick heat and pump system for faster brewing. The Capresso a la Carte comes with the coffee maker, removable water reservoir,  brewing unit, glass carafe, two filter assemblies, drip tray and a scoop along with the instructions.

Whats in the Box Coffee a la Carte

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte has a unique filter assembly that is different for tea and coffee with the pull out brewing unit that has the filters snap into the bottom. The brewing unit has a rubber sealed tube that passes the water through the unit and into the brewing filter then down into the glass carafe or the cup.

The brewing unit has a shower head that pushes upward with spring pressure so that the shower head can be used to tamp down coffee grounds. The coffee filter has no tabs inside that allow the shower head to push the coffee grounds for tamping them while the tea filter does not tamp the leaves.

The tea filter will push the water dispenser upward so the tea leaves or whatever you’re using for tea is not tamped down for better brewing of tea. The brewing unit has two clips that attach the filters to the brewing unit so you have two distinct brewing methods depending on the filter attached.

a la Carte for Carafe

The glass carafe fits into the coffee maker with a switch to make sure the brewer does not brew without either the carafe or the drip tray in place. The drip tray allows you to place cups under the brewing unit but taller mugs will not fit very well, you can remove the stainless steel plate for some extra room.

Using a varied amount of coffee grounds or tea leaves you can change the strength of your brew which is pretty much the same for any drip coffee makers but the tamping and quick brew makes a difference. The Coffee a la Carte uses a fast heating system and the pump passes water through the brewing unit quickly for coffee and tea.

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte makes some great coffee and tea and with the tea making ability really makes this brewing unit a fantastic deal. The filters, carafe and drip tray are all dishwasher safe for easy cleanup but the brewer unit should be cleaned up in the sink.

The brewing unit is easy to rinse off and can be scrubbed but should not be washed in the dishwasher due to the internal workings of the unit. The removable water reservoir holds up to 52 ounces of water but removes from the coffee maker for easy filling.Brewing a Cup Capresso Coffee Maker

I have been using the Coffee a la Carte for my daily fix and it works great for all the uses and ways to make both coffee and tea. The Coffee a la Carte makes great coffee and can even make really strong coffee that makes a serviceable replacement for espresso in drinks like latte’s and cappuccinos.

The fantastic feature of being able to brew both coffee and tea for both cups and a full carafe means you can brew teas for those pitchers of refreshing iced tea. In the summer I drink more iced drinks such as iced tea and with the Capresso Coffee a la Carte I can easily make pitchers of tea and coffee with the same machine.

The handy feature of being able to make tea without using tea bags in a coffee machine really means this machine a dual purpose one for all kinds of tea varieties. I can use all sorts of loose leaf teas which I much prefer over bags with the Coffee a la Carte as well as good coffee which is the best feature.

Brewing a Pot in the Capresso Coffee Maker

The Capresso Coffee a la Carte makes great coffee and tea for a machine that really is a fantastic appliance for both coffee and tea. Whether you’re a coffee or tea fanatic I highly recommend the Capresso Coffee a la Carte Coffee and Tea Maker for the best of both worlds in one machine.

Coffee a la Carte @ Capresso

Coffee a la Carte @ Amazon