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SRAM RockShox High Pressure High Volume Convertible Air Pump

SRAM RockShox High Pressure High Volume Convertible Air Pump

The RockShox High Pressure High Volume Convertible Air Pump works for both bicycle air shocks and for tires as an all-around pump that includes a frame clip with Velcro strap.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

RockShox Convertible

I was in a dilemma and needed a high pressure air pump to help with another review so I asked around and receive the SRAM RockShox Convertible Air Pump. The RockShox Convertible Air Pump is a high pressure and high volume air pump that includes a frame clip with a Velcro strap to secure the pump on your bicycle.

The RockShox Air Pump has a small locking tab at the handle end that is used to lock the inner cylinder into the body which is for use as a high volume pump. To use the RockShox Convertible you swing the t handle out and use the smaller rod for high pressure and low volume.

High pressure and low volume is for things like shocks which is what I wanted for a hand espresso maker that needs to be pumped to about 200 psi. The low pressure and high volume cylinder twists to lock into position for use in high pressure and unlocks by twisting to use it for high volume pumping.

You simply unlock the inner cylinder and hold it while pumping the t handle so that the larger cylinder is pumping the air instead of the smaller cylinder. There is a small groove between the plastic inner cylinders top that the t handle clips on when you put it into the stored position.

RockShox High Pressure High Volume Air Pump

The hose has a small indent near the end to secure it in place when stored but is kind of loose near the end when not secured using the frame clip and Velcro strap. The frame clip has two screws and mounts on a bike frame using the two holes most bikes have for a frame pump or water bottle.

The Velcro strap simply secures the pump in place and ensures you don’t lose the pump when rough riding but the pressure gauge does come off. The air gauge on the pump has a seal and a keyed end to secure it in place on the pump that can be used facing in either side of the pump.

The end of the RockShox air pump has a rubber cap for when you don’t have the gauge on the pump and you can use the pump without the gauge in place. When the gauge is removed a valve closes to seal off where the gauge connects and pushes open when you install the gauge.

The rubber hose is pretty thick and I am not sure if it has steel cables reinforcing it but the crimped ends are pretty tough. The seals and other connections are pretty well designed and do not leak at all when using either high pressure or high volume pumping.

RockShox Components

I bought a cheaper pump and the hose leaks and the seals are too small for the connections so adding slightly larger seals helped but design and quality manufacturing make a difference. The RockShox also includes an air release button and the Schrader valve works just fine for that type of shock or tire connection.

The RockShox Convertible does include an adapter to fit Presta valves so the pump is good for either of the main types of valves. You can use the RockShox Convertible to pump up tires as well as shocks but you may have to pump a few more times to fill a regular mountain bike tire.

I emptied a tire on my mountain bike and used the RockShox to fill it for a test and it took about forty or fifty pumps to get the tire up to pressure. For high pressure and low volume shocks it will take much less to bring the shock up to pressure but the RockShox can be used for tires as well.

I have not tried the RockShox pump on a shock but I have been using it quite often for my Handpresso espresso maker and it works well to get the 200 psi easily. I highly recommend the RockShox Convertible Air Pump for a high quality pump for bicycles and more.

RockShox Convertible Video

RockShox Air Pump @ SRAM

RockShox Convertible @ Amazon

High Quality easy to use pump
Schrader Valve with Presta Adapter
Can be used for high pressure and high volume
Gauge removes and can be used on either side