ROCCAT Kone Pure & Sense Military

ROCCAT Kone Pure Mouse & Sense Military Mousepad

ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Mouse & Sense Military Mousepad

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Military is a gaming grade mouse with a Pro-Optic 5000 dpi optical sensor and lift control while the Sense mousepad gives you the perfect surface for your mouse.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

roccat kone pure & sense military

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Military is a gaming grade optical mouse that has the usual assorted adjustments and an optical sensor that includes lift control technology. Lift control means you can adjust what height the optical sensor uses from the surface so when the mouse is lifted above this distance the mouse quits reading.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure in military style is available in three color schemes with the stylized ROCCAT logo on the body of each mouse. The logo has LED lighting you can change and 7 mouse buttons along with the scroll wheel that has the middle click button.

The optical sensor onboard the Kone Pure is 5000 dots per inch and adjustable from a low of 50 DPI up to the maximum 5000 DPI for precise adjustment. The sensor range of adjustment makes it great for gaming or other specific uses like image editing or graphics creation.

whats in the box
Whats in the Box

It’s really nice to use a low setting for more precise control in programs like ArtRage for slow controlled movements while drawing. In games you need a good balance between speed and smooth operation while some may prefer the faster movement of a higher DPI.

The Kone Pure comes with a great control program with all the adjustments in four pages while a fifth page has a trophy system and a sixth is for updating. The trophy system rewards the player for clicks and such which is kind of goofy but it is fun and surprising the first time you hear that you won a trophy no matter what you’re doing.

You can turn off this announcement system as well as the verbal notice of settings changes when not using the settings program so you know what settings has been changed. The mouse buttons are all customizable to your particular needs while the settings program has five DPI settings that can be used for quick changes.

ROCCAT Kone Pure
ROCCAT Kone Pure

The ROCCAT settings program can be set up for five profiles for use with specific programs or for button assignments that are specific for different needs. You can also assign a program to a profile so that the program will trigger that profile when you start it up for quick and easy changes to button assignments and other settings.

One technology that ROCCAT has invented that is very handy is Easy Shift[+] which allows an almost full set of extra button assignments. You can assign one of the side buttons as the Easy Shift and when that is held down a new button assignment can be used for the rest of the buttons.

This will almost double the button assignments for more versatility in any program you use but especially ones where a lot of mouse shortcuts would be nice like image editing. The additional button assignments allow you even more features but this is not just for gaming as I found it quite handy for my image editing.

Bottom of Kone Pure
Bottom of Kone Pure

I have found that a gaming mouse is great for use in other programs and really miss the smooth operation and control when I am forced to use other mice. I really like the control and precision I can get form a smooth gaming grade optical sensor in ArtRage while trying to do precision drawing as well.

ROCCAT has also released a line of mousepads that go well with the Kone Pure and match the stylized design of the Military series. The ROCCAT Sense is a 2mm thick 400 by 280 millimeter mouse pad that has a smooth low friction surface and a foam rubber backing.

The Kone Pure pairs well with the Sense mousepad for a fantastic pair of weapons you can use to decimate enemies or to draw them on your choice of art programs. The ROCCAT Sense has remained a smooth surface and does clean well under simple wiping if you do get it dirty.

sense logo and bottom
ROCCAT Sense Logo & Bottom

I have used a general cleaner and paper towels to clean the pad but the mousepad does not collect dust like some other cloth weave fabrics I have had in the past. The ROCCAT Sense performs very well and makes an excellent purchase along with the Kone Pure for a great set of peripherals.

The ROCCAT Kone Pure in military colors costs about $70 while the ROCCAT Sense is a low price of about $20 at stores like GameStop. The ROCCAT Kone Pure is an excellent mouse and easily works well in both gaming and other programs for an easy recommendation in a performance mouse.

Kone Pure @ ROCCAT

Kone Pure @ Amazon

Sense @ ROCCAT

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Gaming grade optical sensor with smooth control
Customizable buttons with double the available assignments
Lift Control for better usage


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