Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light

Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light

Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light

The Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light is a bright LED light with a rechargeable M18 battery pack that is simply a great way to brighten your work site.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light

I keep losing my handheld flashlights, I simply set them down in some out of the way place and when I need it the next time I can’t find it. A larger light works well but one that I have several rechargeable batteries for works even better for me and for my work.

The Milwaukee M18 Cordless System uses the same battery for a wide range of tools including drills and SAWZ-ALL tools as well as the LED Flood Light. The Milwaukee LED Flood Light only uses the M18 Lithium-ion battery but this is a great battery system that I have been using very extensively for years now.

I have used the Milwaukee drill/driver, SAWZ-ALL and circular saw using the M18 batteries for both at home do it yourself projects and some extensive work fixing up a building. I put the M18 tools through their paces and had plenty of weeks to check out their duration and ease of charging.

M18 LED Flood Light With & Without Battery

Part of my work was replacing siding and rotted out trim boards so both the circular saw and drill/driver was used extensively for days on end. The M18 Lithium-Ion batteries really have held up well as my little extra job lasted from June till October with daily use for at least five or six days a week.

The batteries have held up just fine and still hold a charge for those odd jobs around the house including my new project of rebuilding my kitchen. The M18 LED Work Light has been a handy light when running the wiring in my basement and working in the pantry and closet.

The M18 Work Light has also come in very handy for a quick grab and go flashlight when searching in the dark recesses of my garage or in my car. I have used the Milwaukee work light when working on my car and the light is really handy when working under a car or under the hood.

M18 LED Light on Conduit

The M18 work light has a tough plastic body that takes abuse like drops and has a larger top and bottom than the center where the LED light and buttons are. The battery inserts behind the center section of the body and snaps in place using the two buttons on the battery.

The body has a hole and recess for setting the light on a rod or conduit 1/2 inch in diameter or less and there is a key hole for using the light on a screw or nail. The handle is on the top and the buttons are on the one side of the light where there are eight LED bulbs.

The M18 LED Work Light has a low and high setting but it only lowers the output of all eight LED bulbs for the low setting instead of using some of the bulbs. The high setting is bright and has plenty of power when compared to other lights which I did a little comparison to show on my video.

M18 LED Light on Low

When comparing the M18 Work Light to corded lights I found a 500 watt halogen work light only put out 66 lux compared to the 133 lux that the M18 did at the same distance. This means the M18 work light is about twice as strong in light output when compared to a halogen light without nearly the heat that halogen gives off.

The M18 Flood Light does not get hot enough on the plastic lens covering the bulbs that you cannot touch it so heat is never an issue. The light is not waterproof but other than that it makes a fantastic work and flood light for jobs and general use around the house.

Milwaukee states an 8 hour run time which is reasonable if you use one of the extra capacity Red Lithium batteries Milwaukee sells. I have a couple of these batteries and found over 7 hours of run time but I am not sure about run times because these batteries are at least a year old.

M18 Flood Light on High

The M18 LED Flood Light does work well and even on batteries that are quite used the light lasted a good long time in my tests. The M18 batteries only take 15 minutes or so to charge so having a couple spare batteries works out well for on the job work with the M18 LED Flood Light.

The M18 LED Flood Light costs about $100 which is a good price for a rechargeable light that has the LED bulbs for a better work light. I highly recommend the M18 Flood Light as a fantastic work light for job sites, at home for do it yourself work and general everyday needs.

Milwaukee M18 LED Light Video

M18 LED Flood Light @ Milwaukee

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M18 batteries are tough and long lasting
Roll cage design protects important parts
Easy hang up options
Handle makes for convenient handheld flashlight

Not waterproof

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