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Butterball Black Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt Butterball Black Turkey Fryer

The Butterball Black Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt is an excellent fryer that is designed to fry up whole turkey’s under 14 pounds and a whole lot more.

Ease of Use/Performance: 21/25
Convenience/Storage 22/25
Appearance/Design 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25 

Total: 87/100

Masterbuilt Butterball Black Turkey Fryer

Fry, boil and even steam in the same fryer built by Masterbuilt, the original developer of the deep fryer especially for turkeys. The Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer comes in various styles and sizes with the newest ones designed as more of a square shape instead of the original kettle types.

The Butterball Black Turkey Fryer that I received for reviewing is a large turkey fryer with the basket shaped to fit a turkey. The basket also works well for other foods and the fryer does a great job at frying as well as boiling and steaming.

The Butterball Fryer comes with the base of the fryer, a removable inner pot with drain valve, basket, lifting hook, control panel with element, power cord and instruction manual. The inner pot is shaped to accommodate a turkey while it has a great drain valve at the bottom with a removable spout for easy draining of the oil or water.

The control panel and element are on the unit that hangs on the corner of the outer base and has a reset button on the back side for safety. The front control knob adjusts the temperature and has a timer but the timer does require you to unplug the unit or push the button through the numbers if you go past the time you want.

Whats in the Box Butterball Black Turkey Fryer

The reset function is used when the control or element is too hot, a safety function for protection of overheating that is in an odd place. The reset hole is on the side of the control unit that faces the body of the base so you have to remove the control unit from the base which also removes the element from the oil.

You should not do this while the element is hot as you could burn yourself or something else with an extremely hot element so the safety feature is really two-fold. You have to wait to let the unit cool down before being able to reset it but this helps for safety.

The plug also has a safety feature I have become more used to, it holds to the connection using a magnet instead of the pressure of the contacts in a socket. This safety feature called a breakaway cord allows the cord to easily come off the fryer if you pull or kick the power cord.

The power cord is only 32 inches long so you need to position the unit near an outlet, you should not use an extension cord with the Butterball turkey fryer. If you use an extension cord and especially one with smaller diameter wires this will cause the unit to operate with less electric current.

Frying a Turkey

The Butterball Black Turkey Fryer is easy to use but frying does take a decent amount of oil, set the base down on the counter and set the inner pot into the base. You should make sure the valve is closed on the drain and that the heat resistant cap is screwed on finger tight.

The inner pot sits on holders inside as well as the outer lip of the base and the entire base is made from heat proof material. The base has a door on the side for the drain spout for easy emptying but I found it just as easy to completely disassemble the unit for draining.

The inner pot is marked with dented min and max levels for easy filling, the minimum is a gallon and the max will take about two gallons. Simply slide the control panel on the tabs of the corner and the element will fit inside the inner pot.

The power cord will fit on the side and plugging it into the outlet will allow you to start heating the oil or water for boiling and steaming. The inner basket is 10.5 inches by 9 inches and five inches tall which is the top of the maximum oil level when the basket is at the bottom of the fryer.

Assembled Fryer

A ten pound turkey easily fit into the basket but larger birds over fourteen unds probably would not even fit this basket. This is a case of buying and cooking a turkey that is used in one meal with a few leftovers instead of that large twenty pound bird for use as leftovers after that big family dinner.

The fryer gets hot slowly and took about a half hour to get to cooking temperature with oil but water got to boiling much faster. I tried both boiling and steaming along with frying and had great results with all three methods of cooking.

Fish was an interesting thing to try in steaming and it did come out flaky and tender but had a more mild taste than pan searing. I boiled vegetables and meatballs both together and separately which was interesting for a quick but tasty meal and a good side dish.

I prefer my vegetables to be steamed or pan seared and slightly al dente so there is a slight snap to my carrots and such. Steaming really brings out the flavor without boiling away the taste and nutrition but mostly the taste, but for fish I do prefer baking or using a pan.

Steaming Veggies & Meatballs

Boiling and steaming is a unique way to cook and the Butterball Black Turkey Fryer works very well due to its quick heat time for water and its self-contained cooking. You can simply lower the basket into the water to boil or use the handy basket drain clip to set the basket at the top of the inner pot to steam foods.

The clip is made to both drain your food from the oil while frying to get as much oil out before eating or to use the basket and cooker as a steamer. You simply hang the basket from the top rim on the hook that is also at the top of the base and the basket will sit inside the cooker but not touching the water level.

The lid which is a double hinged lid for easy opening clips into the slot of the base and folds down over the top even with the basket hanging on the edge of the fryer. This allows you to cook with the lid down over the top while boiling water for that steaming method.

Most of the uses I tried with the Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer worked very well and I was very happy with the outcomes. I did check out other reviews, not many and customer complaints at sites like Amazon and I do have to wonder about one thing.

Simple Control Panel

I found several that were not able to fry a full turkey or other items to a complete doneness and several said that their fryer did not get hot enough. I saw in the instruction that you should not use an extension cord as it will not deliver enough electricity in current to the element.

I wonder if several or at least some of those complaints are due to using an extension cord and not getting the fryer hot enough as the instructions say. Like any appliance and electrical device you really do need to read the directions and follow them.

Many of those warnings may be for the silly things but ones like don’t use an extension cord or the fryer won’t get hot enough makes sense. The Butterball Black Turkey Fryer really did work well for me and with all the recipes and hints from the Dadgum That’s Good book I had a great time trying out the fryer.

Check out the Masterbuilt website for more information on the fryer which costs about $100 from a great number of websites and even some brick and mortar stores. I can highly recommend the Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer as it made not only a good fryer but worked very well as a steamer and a boiling appliance.

Masterbuilt Website

Dadgum That’s Good Website

Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer and Timer Model 894-90

Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer and Timer Model 894-90

The Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer and Timer takes cooking to an easy level with a dual reading device that combines a single probe into a reading for your food and the oven temperature.

Ease of Use/Performance: 22/25
Convenience/Storage 21/25
Appearance/Design 23/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 89/100

Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer Timer

The Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer/Timer is a great kitchen tool for cooking and baking to ensure the proper temperature of your oven and food. To make sure your food reaches a safe temperature and to ensure the proper doneness you prefer temperature is a great indicator.

The Polder 894-90 Dual Sensor Thermometer Timer comes with the timer itself, the dual sensor probe, a AAA battery, instruction manual and cooking chart. The cooking chart has the desired temperatures for meat and a couple of other foods to help you tell when they are cooked sufficiently for a healthy meal.

The chart has the breakdown of rare, medium and well done for the foods appropriate for varying amounts of doneness like steaks and veal. Foods like poultry just have different temperatures according to the parts you’re cooking like thighs or whole birds.

Whats in the Box

The Polder Dual Sensor probe uses the probe end for the food temperature and the larger metal section of the probe where the wire goes in has the oven temperature sensor. The probe end can be inserted into food and then the whole thing can go into the oven to keep track of both the food and the ovens temperature.

The probe is six and a half inches long and has a 40 inch cable that allows for enough length to have the probe in the oven and the timer on a counter next to the oven. You can even use the magnetic pad on the back of the battery compartment to hang the timer on the oven side or door.

The wire braided cable allows you to safely use the temperature probe in the oven and close the oven door without damage to the cable. Using the temperature probe continuously in your oven makes for better cooking by being able to measure both the oven temperature and a direct measurement of the food temperature.

Checking Temps of Brats

I have used this two different ways, in a roast or other meat in an open pan with the probe reading the oven temperature and in a covered pot or pan. You can use the temperature probe for a meat or roast while inside a Dutch oven or other covered pot inside the oven.

Using the Polder Dual Sensor inside a Dutch Oven or other covered cooker you will not get an accurate temperature like you would in the oven. The meat temperature will be accurate just like your cooking inside the oven in a pan or other uncovered dish.

The Polder Temperature Timer also has the timer function that can be used in conjunction with the temperature probe or on its own just like a normal timer. The timer goes up to ten hours either as a countdown or stop watch feature with overtime counting.

The timer works well and the beep the timer and temperature uses to notify when the time is up or the probe has reached the desired temperature is decently loud. I can hear the timer go off when I am in my living room or office through my dining room but not if I have my TV or computer turned up in volume.

Dual Sensor Thermometer Timer

The timers work just fine and the overtime feature allows you to see how long after the timer has gone off so you know how long ago it went off if you missed it. The features of the Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer/Timer are ones you would expect for a simple kitchen gadget and this one worked fine for me during the couple of months I have had it for reviewing.

While performing reviews I check out other reviews of the same product along with the company to see what others are saying about the product and who made them. I found an interesting slew of reviews for the Polder model 894-90 thermometer and timer that I might be able to at least partially explain.

I am not trying to defend the company in any way but while reading the reviews on Amazon for this product I did notice several were using the thermometer and probe in smokers or barbecues. The instruction for the 984-90 reads continuous thermometers are not to be used in smokers or barbecues, I think this is a reasonable limitation.

My guess is the temp probe is getting burned because of too high temperatures or something else like smoke or fumes getting into the probe that is messing it up. I have had no problems with the probe and timer/thermometer during a couple of months of using the gadget at least four or five times a week.

The Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer/Timer works well and costs only about $30 from Polder or other websites and in stores. Polder has a wide range of timers, cooking thermometers and other kitchen gadgets and the Dual Sensor Thermometer/Timer is a great kitchen tool.

Polder Website