Capresso EC PRO

Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine

Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine

The Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine is a professional commercial grade espresso machine that has an open bottom and two shot portafilter for control and convenience.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

A bottomless portafilter shows you exactly how well or badly you are pulling your shot in an honest and direct way that closed filters cannot. Before you can even enjoy or cringe at the quality of your work a bottomless filter will show you whether you got the tamp, grind and dose right.

If you get everything correct when making your preparations a bottomless portafilter will have a smooth steady flow into your cup. An uneven tamp, wrong amount or incorrect grind of beans will splatter all over the machine and possibly your counter.

The bottomless filter is just one way of improving your espresso while a quality commercial grade machine makes for the beginnings of good espresso. The EC PRO from Capresso comes with a removable water tank and the two porta filters as well as a plastic scoop/tamper and instructions.

Capresso EC PRO Espresso Machine
Capresso EC PRO

The machine is stainless steel with a quality pump and boiler for the perfect pressure and temperature that also warms the top of the machine for a cup warming tray. The EC PRO has the usual removal tank that holds 42 ounces of water so there are not constant trips to the sink for filling.

The removable stainless steel tray is handy for cleanup while the machines steel surface also makes the work after a bad shot easy. Just like any espresso machine bad shots are inevitable but pulling good ones comes pretty easily and fast when you do a little research.

Nothing beats using a bottomless portafilter to see what you’re doing wrong but the enjoyment of pulling that perfect shot is almost priceless. The EC PRO is an excellent machine and well worth the cost which is around $250.

whats in the box Capresso EC PRO
Whats in the Box

The steaming wand also makes quick work of frothing or steaming and is easy to use with a little practice just like pulling shots. The wand is not removable for easier cleaning but this is a tradeoff with the quality of the machine and any convenience you may gain.

Controls on the front consist of a main power switch and a heater switch for the espresso or steamer with an on off dial for the espresso and steamer function. The EC PRO really is easy to use and did not require more than a casual glance at the instruction book for me when I first unpackaged it.

I cannot recommend highly enough the EC PRO as an inexpensive espresso machine that makes espresso like the higher costing machines. I have been using the EC PRO for a couple months and have been very pleased with my results and very excited to delve into the very visual bottomless portafilter.

I highly recommend the EC PRO from Capresso as a fantastic espresso machine for the home that is a professional commercial grade appliance.

EC PRO @ Capresso

EC PRO @ Amazon

Quality materials and workmanship
Large removable water tank
Excellent choice of portafilters

Plastic scoop/tamper is not good at tamping

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