The Pad Strap

The Pad Strap for the iPad & iPad 2 is not just for those devices, it also fits other tablets and makes a great hand hold that supports and secures the tablet to your hand while using.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

A Quick Update: I just received the Next5 Tablet from NextBook & E Fun and the Pad Strap does fit but not as well as I would have liked. The bottom corner Back or Escape button and the top left corners speaker and power button get covered up with the strap on the top left and bottom right corners. The top right speaker and power connection get covered by the Pad Strap if you put it on with the top right and bottom left corners in the Pad Strap's pockets. The Next5 is a significantly smaller tablet than the Next3 so the Pad Strap would probably not be a good fit for the smaller tablet.

The Pad Strap

The Pad Strap came to my attention when I received a press release or product announcement in my email but what caught my eye was the simplicity of the product. I also immediately hoped it would work on a recent product I had received and could see it would make a great way to hold tablets or eReaders.

The Pad Strap is designed for the iPad and iPad 2 but it would fit a wide variety of tablets and eReaders that are about the same size. The Pad Strap is an elastic band between opposite corners of a tablet made from leather that holds the corners of the device so you can keep a good grip on it.

The Pad Strap fits on the opposite corners of your tablet or eReader and can be used with either hand as it can be used on either corner. You simply pull the corners apart and fit the corners of your tablet in the pockets of the Pad Strap then slide your hand between the elastic and your tablet.

You can use the Pad Strap for holding your tablet while reading, watching movies or surfing the internet that gives you a good hold on your tablet. The elastic band between the corner pieces is made from a solid woven elastic that is a better grade than a common elastic found in sewing supply stores.

Pad Strap on Next3

I did find and use a more open weaved elastic band to try and make my own Pad Strap for another review and did not realize at the time that the elastic I bought at Wal-Mart was a lighter duty elastic. The one used for the Pad Strap is a heavy duty weave that allows for a stronger pull on the corners and a better grip on the tablet.

You can buy this type of elastic but it costs more than the lighter weave and is exactly the product I should have used for my attempt at a Pad Strap. The leather corners are made from two different thicknesses of leather with the thicker piece being the back of the corner pieces with the elastic sewn into this.

The front pieces are shorter and fit a bit over the corners of the screen while the Pad Strap is on my Nextbook Next3 but the screen is fully readable. I did not try the Pad Strap on an iPad or iPad 2 but do have a Next3 tablet and a Kobo eReader for two different sized devices.

Pad Strap in Use

The Next3 tablet is 8.37 by 6.35 inches and .45 inches thick, the Pad Strap fits on it securely but anything smaller by about a half inch would be too small to hold the device snuggly. The Pad Strap on the Kobo eReader that is 7.24 by 4.72 inches and .39 inches thick is too small to hold the device securely.

Using some pieces of wood a device that is at least 7.5 inches by 5 inches is the smallest that could be used for the Pad Strap and be held securely. If you have a tablet or eReader that is at least 7.5 by 5 inches the Pad Strap will probably hold your device securely.

The Pad Strap fits so that you can hold your tablet firmly with one hand and not have to worry about dropping it or about losing your grip while trying to read or watch your media. The Strap allows you to hold the tablet from the center of the tablet instead of the sides so you have a better grip.

The strap will fit on the back of your hand with your palm facing the back of your tablet and the snug fit of the elastic will hold the tablet. I found the Next3 was much easier to hold while surfing or watching videos for lengthier periods, especially if you use your tablet for reading.

Pad Strap on Kobo Wireless

The Pad Strap is a simple device and the only problem I found with using the strap on the Next3 was the power button ends up below one of the corner pieces. That was the reason I tried to just copy the design and build my own but it is just not the same as the Pad Strap with its sturdier elastic.

The Pad Strap costs about $40 and works very well for tablets the same size or about the same as the iPad and iPad 2, at this price it would be hard to come up with the same product by making your own. It costs about $5 for a smaller piece of leather in the size you would need for the corner pieces and about $5 for some elastic for the strap.

You would also need a good sewing machine and leather needles to sew the pieces together and with the hassles of making your own you can just purchase one. The Pad Strap for the iPad works well and makes a handy way to hold your iPad or similar tablet of about the same size.

I highly recommend the Strap Pad for the iPad and iPad 2 or similar tablets that are about the same size for a great way to hold your tablet.

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