ZoomBuilt Solar Light System

ZoomBuilt Solar IQ Retractable Light Solar Light System

ZoomBuilt Solar Light System

The ZoomBuilt Solar light system is a great way to light your landscape, path, sidewalk, deck or patio with a retractable light powered by the sun.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  4/5
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Recommendation:  4/5 Stars

ZoomBuilt Solar IQ Solar Light System

The ZoomBuilt Solar IQ Retractable Landscape Light is a great way to light your landscape with a solar powered light that is easy to install. The ZoomBuilt Solar IQ light has a solar powered or transformer powered version with lights that retract for easy use with bad weather or for landscape.

The ZoomBuilt solar light system has a simple installation with either cutting a hole in decks or simply digging a hole in your yard or along your path. The light sits flush with less than an inch above the ground for easy lawn maintenance but I would be careful if trying to mow over them.

ZoomBuilt Solar Light System Working

You should make sure the light sits down and stays down but you can work around them easily or install them with rocks or other protective material that you will not be mowing. The light works by a simple 30 minute period of darkness then slowly raises about six inches.

When light hits the sensor in the morning for 30 minutes the light will retract until another 30 minute period of darkness sends it out to light your way. The lights use a small AA size 3.7 volt rechargeable battery for power and this battery recharges all day while the light is retracted.

Installing ZoomBuilt Solar Light System

To start the light a small switch by the battery compartment turns the light on and the light will shine briefly to show it started. The battery compartment is waterproof with a small rubber seal on the compartment.

After installing I have only had a few times when the light failed to raise or retract fully due to water but after the unit dried it did work without any problems or me doing anything. The light has been working for a month in my front yard and I really think it is going to be fine during the winter after seeing it work for over a month.

ZoomBuilt Solar Light System

I will revisit this when I know more about how the light works when covered with snow and in freezing weather so stay tuned for more information. For now the ZoomBuilt Solar IQ solar light system has been a great addition to my front yard landscaping and well worth a purchase.

ZoomBuilt Solar Light System at Night


Easy to Use

Easy to Install

Works well even in bad weather


Have not used in Winter yet

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