Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes Do-It-Yourself & Custom Made Shoes

Xero Shoes Do-It-Yourself & Custom Made Shoes

Xero Shoes are a barefoot sandal that comes as either a do-it-yourself kit or as a custom made pair of sandals that are fit for your own foot.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total: 4/5

Xero Shoes Custom Sandals

While I really don’t think sandals are for running if you want to run in these sandals the sole and polypropylene laces will not let you down. The Xero sandals are a simple design but made from quality materials starting with a tough rubber sole.

For the custom made sandals you get the right fit to your foot and the sole is both made to the size of your foot and slightly contoured. The arch has a bit of an upward bend while the toes and heel are slanted upward as well to give a better fit.

The polypropylene laces make a nice smooth feel for holding your sandals on your feet and using a variety of tying styles they do stay on your feet well. The soles have a hole on each side for both the do-it-yourself kit and the custom made sandals.

Xero Shoes Custom Kit

The hole for the toe on both sandal kits are not yet made which is the first thing you need to do when getting your Xero shoes. Both kits come with a hole punch and instructions to get the toe hole just right on your soles which is actually pretty easy to do.

The Custom kit comes cut to your foot by drawing your foot on a piece of paper and scanning it or mailing it to the company. The do-it-yourself kit comes with a sole that is larger than your foot and ready for you to cut using household scissors.

I used my own foot for the custom kit while I cut and helped my wife with the do-it-yourself kit I received for reviewing. You can choose the color and thickness of the soles as well as the color of the laces for a variety to your shoes.

Xero Shoes DIY Kit

The DIY kit needs to be cut and a good pair of medium duty scissors will handle the soles easily and you can cut them to fit. My wife and I cut them out but we made sure we outlined her foot and cut them with a little room to spare around her whole foot.

Using the Xero Shoes website we tied them using a couple different styles for a good fit which is also very comfortable. We have both been using them around the house and for short walks as well as doing yard work without any problems in the soles or the laces.

The sandals fit well and are comfortable as well as durable but running in them is just not for me as I think tripping is a real hazard. The sandals are durable but they are just sandals and I really don’t like the idea of tripping on the toes or the front of the sandals.

Cutting the DIY Xero Shoes

I have seen others that have used the sandals while running and that is just fine but I don’t think I would as they don’t offer enough protection for my feet. The Xero Shoes are a good sandal and well worth the $20 to $40 dollars you pay for either the custom kit or the DIY kit.

The price varies on the sole thickness as well as the custom shoes being a bit more in price but that is a good price. The Xero Shoes are a very durable and tough sole and the laces are easily replaceable if you do wear them down some.

I highly recommend the Xero Shoes for an excellent pair of sandals for daily use or for running if you want to try that out for the closest thing to barefoot running with some protection.

Do-It Yourself Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes Website


Tough sole from durable rubber

Polypropylene laces are tough and good looking
Choice of custom made or do-it-yourself kit

May not offer enough protection for running

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  1. FWIW, I’ve put thousands of miles on my Xeros and have never tripped over the front. I’ve also done a lot of trail running and the 6mm soles have always been more than enough protection.

    That’s just my experience, but I wanted to share it.

    BTW, very cool tying style! How’d you do it?

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