WorkBright LED Rechargeable Work Light

WorkBright LED Rechargeable Work Light

WorkBright LED Rechargeable Work Light

The WorkBright LED Work Light comes as a 10 or 20 watt Rechargeable work light that works extremely well as a work light, emergency light, camp light or all around handy flashlight at home.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

WorkBright LED Rechargeable Work Light

The WorkBright LED Rechargeable work light can be used in the shop, at work, in home improvement light, camping, as an emergency light or all around flashlight wherever you need it. The FL-16R that I received from WorkBright is a 10 watt LED work light while the FL-26R is a 20 watt light that is also available from WorkBright.

The WorkBright LED lights are made from aluminum alloy and steel with a solid construction that includes weather proof seals and rubber covered power button. The work light can be used in extreme weather due to its water resistant seals and toughened glass covered front which will not heat up due to the LED lighting.

The WorkBright LED lights are rechargeable with the 2200 mAh 7.4 volt battery in the 10 watt light and uses the included car and AC power adapters to recharge. The LED light has a bright but cool white light while the red flashing LED is handy for emergency use on the road.

Power Switch & Connection

The WorkBright light has a foam padded top handle and four leg stand with a pivot on the light and another on the leg stand for a fully positional light. The legs can be removed from the stand and you can use the quarter inch common thread mounting screw to mount the light on a camera tripod or other stand for light where you need it.

The WorkBright light is bright enough to work by under a car or in an attic and is the nice cool white light that does not distort colors for use in photography. I have used the WorkBright not only as a flashlight for quick jobs on the car or at home finding things but as a light for taking product shots.

The cool white light is measured at about 6000 degrees kelvin which puts it in the very white light spectrum instead of the off yellow that normal incandescent lights are. The WorkBright works well as a photography light as it gives off a daylight white light without that annoying yellow tint.


The WorkBright can be charged from a car 12 volt power outlet so the light makes a perfect companion on the road or camping and as an emergency light. The red flashing LEDs make a perfect emergency light as it is bright and can last 2 to 3 hours for a decent battery life from its 3 to 4 hour charge.

The WorkBright light works well but the main thing I really like about it besides the handy positioning and bright white light is the nice size of the light. I am constantly losing, misplacing and forgetting where I put my flashlights and the WorkBright is large enough not to easily set it down and then forget where I put it.

I have been using the WorkBright light for all kinds of jobs and have come to really appreciate the light as a general work light and for photography. The WorkBright rechargeable work light is available from Amazon and Outdoor Fire Pits USA for about $90 which may seem like a lot.

WorkBright on Gorillapod

Rechargeable LED work lights at home improvement stores cost this much and when you consider the internal rechargeable battery and quality construction the WorkBright does stand out. I highly recommend the WorkBright LED rechargeable work light for a fantastic work light and emergency light wherever you need to brighten your work space.

WorkBright @ WorkBright Website

WorkBright @ Amazon

WorkBright @ Outdoor Fire Pits USA

Bright white light with no yellowing
Fully positional stand and legs
Emergency Red Flasher
AC and auto power adapter


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