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USA Pans Update

Back in December of 2010 I had done a review of USA Pans non stick Half Sheet, Squake Cake and Meat Loaf Pans and was impressed with their performance, non stick qualities and general use. I have purchased another of the USA Pans in the 9x13 Cake Pan and I have to say the quality is fantastic and well worth the cost that I paid of $20 at a local Bed Bath & Beyond.

While at the store another shopper was looking at buying a similar pan and I higly recommended to her that she go with the USA Pans and not some of the other brands as I could relate to her my use and how impressed I have been with them. I still use the USA Pans pans all the time for cooking but I wanted a couple of cake pans with plastic lids for keeping cakes for those pot luck dinners our family is constantly going to.

I bought two non stick cake pans with lids at Wal-mart but these did not last long at all, the non stick coating on one flaked off after about five months and the other now rusts even with the non stick coating. I am giving up on the cheap non stick coating and going with USA Pans, I bought a 9 x 13 inch Cake Pan and love it as much as my previous USA Pans with its non stick and silicone coating that is truly non stick.

The other day I made a taco casserole from a recipe I watched at a Taste of Home Cooking School show my wife and I attended and altered the recipe a bit by adding refried beans to one of the pans I made. I used a glass cake pan for he refired bean recipes while the casserole I made for my slightly picky son that hates beans was made in the USA Cake Pan.

Unknown to me he made plans and never came home from his afterschool job so that casserole remained untouched in the pan until it came time for cleanup where a surprise awaited me. I had thought to just cut the casserole and put large squares into a plastic tub about the same size as a cake pan but when I went to start cutting I noticed the casserole easily slid around in the cake pan.

USA Cake Pan

I was actually able to slide the whole casserole out of the 2 and 1/4 inch tall sided 9 x 13 inch USA Pans Cake Pan with out using utensils into the plastic container to put in the fridge, that is how non stick the USA Pans are. I am very happy to have purchased the USA Pans and will continue to buy more of them as the company really has a great nonstick coating and very useful pans for baking and cooking.

I just wish they would make plastic lids for some of their pans as well.

USA Pans Website