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Pearl’s Premium Update

Pearls Premium Grass Seed

Last year I wrote a review on a newer type of grass seed called Pearl’s Premium that is a low water and low maintenance grass seed that should do well in lower rainfall areas. The seed mix is a slower growing grass so you have the lower water and maintenance requirements that go along with the slower rate of growth.

Pearls Premium May 2011

My Pearls Premium lawn May 2011

Pearls Premium May 2012

The same spot a year later, lots of weeds

I installed the Pearl’s Premium not as a full reseed or overseed where I killed off my old lawn but mixed it in with the present grass of my back yard to see if it would also take over the lawn. The website for Pearl’s Premium states that the seed mix will not only be drought tolerant and low maintenance once it takes hold but will also out-compete an existing lawn if installed properly.

Apparently I did not do what was required because the Pearl’s Premium does not seem to have established itself very well on my existing lawn or the weeds of my yard. I did mow really short and raked the yard but the weeds have taken back the areas I wanted to have the Pearls Premium do their stuff and take over.

I am not sure if I did not install the grass well enough to have it take over the already established lawn or if my grass and weeds was just too much for the Pearl’s Premium to overcome. I do have a good background in lawn care, my father owned a lawn care business where I worked part time for years so I do know at least something about grass.

I do not see any place where the Pearl’s Premium has taken hold well enough to take over the previous grass and it is not growing in areas that it was last year. I have a couple pictures where you can see last year’s growth of Pearls Premium but it is not there this year after allowing the grass to come back.

It is now May and the Pearls Premium does not look like it is going to be taking over my lawn, it looks like the weeds and ground ivy is doing better than the grass seed in my lawn. If I really wanted to reseed my yard I may try to use a seed like Pearls but I am not recommending it for partial lawns where weeds are a problem.

I think if you were going to be reseeding your lawn and completely starting over or starting a new lawn where none existed Pearls Premium may be a good choice. From my experience Pearls Premium did not work well on a partial reseed as the weeds just took over and did not let the Pearls Premium to do its stuff.

If you’re seeding and totally killing off the weeds and previous grass Pearls Premium may be a good choice but for simple filling in of established lawns I would look for other grass seeds.

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