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Popsicle Molds Tovolo Rocket Pops

Tovolo Rocket Pop molds work great to make frozen treats just like popsicles for those hot summer days using gourmet recipes or those simple flavored sugar and water concoctions.

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Stir up some flavored drink mix, Kool-Aid for us older folks, double strength and freeze overnight for the traditional popsicle treats we had when we were kids. For even better gourmet treats like Strawberry Shortpop and Marble Cheesecake you can use special recipes with additional ingredients like fresh strawberries and malted milk balls.

You can get some great recipes from the internet and from recipe books like the Zoku Quick Pops recipe book for some great frozen treats that are easy to make from ingredients from your grocery store. Even if you only make those flavored drink mix popsicles you can still make a great frozen treat that is delicious and easy with the Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds.

The Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds make a great frozen treat for everyone and is easy to use for freezing treats using simple recipes or more complex concoctions. The Tovolo Rocket Pop Mold kit comes with a base for the molds, six molds with handles and the instructions that are printed on the box.

Rocket Pop Details

The mold base has small indents that fit the ends of the molds or the sleeve as the instructions call them for holding the pops upright while they freeze and for filling. The molds fit nicely into the base and once you fill each one with your current recipe the handles fit inside till their frozen and ready for you to enjoy.

Once your popsicle treats are frozen you will probably need to run them under some hot water for a few seconds to get them out if they don’t slide out when you first try. Most of the time I have had to run them under hot water for a few seconds as just gentle squeezing of the mold and pulling on the handle usually did not get the treat out of the mold.

I only had a few times when the handle came out of the frozen treat without bringing the treat with it but I think this was due to the recipe. If your recipe uses a lot of sugar it will not freeze as solid as lower sugar ones so you need to make sure you don’t use too much sugar.

Popsicles ready for the freezer

I have tried the traditional Kool-Aid recipes but have really liked the recipes like the malted milk and cheesecake ones I have found in the Zoku Quick Pops recipe book. I have also tried several recipes from the internet where you can find a wide variety of recipes from plenty of handy sites like Allrecipes.com.

Try using sugar substitutes like Stevia to make your frozen treats and keep them low in calories but still tasty and sweet that will freeze very well. The Stevia you buy in grocery stores makes a great substitute and works cup for cup just like sugar without nearly as many calories and it will freeze better than sugar.

The Tovolo molds, handles and base are a nice thick plastic that freezes well but remains slightly flexible even when frozen solid. All the parts are made of a plastic that remains flexible but they are not thin like those cheap popsicle molds you buy at stores.

assorted pops

The molds show no signs of cracking or problems with the repeated freezing and look good as new even with the squeezing of the molds trying to get the pops out. The one hint I can give when using the Rocket Pop Mold is not to get any liquids in the indents that are on the base and then tossing it into the freezer.

If liquid freezes in the indents the molds themselves can be hard to push into the indents when trying to add molds to the base after the base has been in the freezer. Washing the parts of the mold is easy with hot soapy water and rinsing clean or washing in the dishwasher.

I have been using the popsicle molds for a month through some very hot weather and really enjoyed using the pops and trying out various recipes that are delicious. One thing that makes these nicer than the one piece molds is the fact that you can take one pop out and not have to take a full tray from the freezer.

I have found the Rocket Pop Molds at Bed Bath & Beyond as well as online for about $10 which is a good price for these tough molds. I highly recommend the Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds for a great way to make frozen treats using a wide variety of popsicle recipes or the simple ones using drink mixes.

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