Puzzle Party Platter

Totally Bamboo Puzzle Party Platter & Geo Square Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Puzzle Party Platter & Geo Square Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo has some great party platter trays for both serving and individual use as well as the unique bamboo cutting board from highly renewable bamboo.

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Total: 96/100

Totally Bamboo Puzzle Party Platter

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource, the grass grows to 98 feet and at an incredible rate with some species growing at 39 inches a day. This common grass found worldwide can be used to make wood products and has been used for generations in the home.

Products made from bamboo range from paper for writing to fine furniture and cooking utensils but we mainly see bamboo in the kitchen. Bamboo grows like a grass but grows large and like wood trees has a main stem that is used for wood products.

While bamboo stems or culm is small compared to other wood trees, gluing pieces together is a common method to create larger pieces like cutting boards and even furniture. Bamboo has a unique end grain that can be used to create unique and individual patterns for cutting boards and even countertops.

When glued together using differing colored or stained pieces you can get unusual and often pleasing patterns in the end grain to make attractive products. The use of bamboo has gone back thousands of years in cooking and having the modern utensils and cutting boards made from bamboo only continues the traditional use of this versatile plant.

Geo Square Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo sells a wide range of bamboo products including utensils and cutting boards but also some unique countertop products and the mineral oil to care for them. The Puzzle Serving Party Platter is a unique serving tray that has an interlocking handle to daisy chain the platters for a visually appealing table.

The party platter is about eight by six and a half inches and 3/8 inches thick with a two inch handle that also interlocks with the puzzle jigsaw hole of the next platter. Each platter interlocks with the next to create a long serving platter on your table and can be individually removed easily by guests.

You do not have to use the serving platters individually for guests to carry around their appetizers but also as serving trays at each place setting or at a buffet.  I have had a couple of parties where I used the serving platters as bread boards for sweet breads during a brunch as well as hot bread plates during a soup dinner.

You can use the party platter for appetizers, breads and snacks individually or as a center piece but the jigsaw ends have a unique use. The puzzle hole on the opposite end of the handle is designed to hold a wine glass so you have a handy way to hold you party drink.

Puzzle Party Platter with Sweet Breads

I did not use the party platters this way but I can see the use of having a handy way to hold both your drink and your appetizer or tidbit tray while standing around at a party or event. The Puzzle Party Platters make a unique party and buffet serving platter for guests or for serving and the maintenance free food safe coating means easy clean up.

The Puzzle Party Platters have a food safe coating that is not a mineral oil or other coating that needs reapplication over time. The trays are not meant for cutting so the coating is a permanent tough waterproof surface for easy cleanup.

The boards are pieces of bamboo laminated together side by side and sanded smooth so you get the definite look of bamboo on each surface of the platter. The Puzzle Party Platters look great and make a great table platter and guest platter for serving food.

I also received the Geo Square cutting board from Totally Bamboo, a 12 inch square and one inch thick tough cutting board for heavy kitchen use. This is the sort of cutting board that not only looks fantastic and can be left on the counter for quick use because of its good looks but is tough.

Dinner w/ Puzzle Party Platter

The one inch thick board is great for everyday use and has a groove around the edge of one side for collecting liquids during cutting. The groove is deep enough to handle meat or fruit drippings so you can concentrate on the food and not making a mess while cutting.

The two tone design is striking but with a nice coat of mineral or Revitalizing Oil from Totally Bamboo the board looks fantastic. The bamboo cutting board is also tough and with the cross sections of bamboo laminated together it offers a solid and dense cutting surface.

Other cutting boards I have start to quickly get nicks and cut lines in it due to the grain going parallel with the face of the cutting board. All the cutting boards I have with the flat grain show signs of wear while the end grain of this cutting board reduces these cuts significantly.

Not only does the Totally Bamboo Geo Square make a striking countertop cutting board this board is a great size for table side service for things like bread and roasts. The slight depression or groove running around the board on one side allows you to serve meats from the cutting board and still keep drippings from pouring off.

Small Turkey on Geo Square

This groove is about 3/16ths of an inch deep, 7/16ths of an inch wide and is rounded so it won’t hold a lot of drippings or juice. This is meant mainly as a drip catcher for small drips and not the main drippings like from a turkey or roast directly out of the oven.

I have used the Geo Square in my kitchen as a main cutting board for chicken, beef and pork roasts as well as a general purpose cutting board when making soups and other meals. Cutting vegetables and fruit is easy and the dense grain means less sticking from the smoother surface than my side grained cutting boards.

The cutting board works well, I especially like the dense end grain of the bamboo and how it hardly shows any signs of wear after heavy use for a couple of months. Other cutting boards I have purchased show signs of wear immediately, especially those long cuts when you’re doing hard to cut raw meats and want to really make sure you get through all the tissue.

The Totally Bamboo Geo Square Cutting Board makes a great everyday cutting board for use in the kitchen and makes a great table side cutting board for things like whole loaves of fresh bread.

Check out the Puzzle Party Tray and the Geo Square Cutting Board at Totally Bamboo for some great environmentally friendly products for your kitchen and dining room. You can purchase Totally Bamboo products from their site and from local stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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