Toilet Tattoos

Toilet Tattoos Watercolor Tattoos for your Toilet

Toilet Tattoos Toilet Lid Decals Watercolor Tattoo for your Toilet

Toilet Tattoos are removable appliqués that fit on standard toilet lids made from electrostatic vinyl film in a variety of decorative and even whimsical styles for any occasion, like a watercolor tattoo for your toilet.

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Toilet Tattoos Watercolor Tattoo for your Toilet

Getting ready for company like the relatives at Christmas dinner usually means cleaning the house from top to bottom and setting out the holiday decorations. Now you can even decorate in the bathroom and I’m not talking candles and drapes, toilet lids can now get their own decorations that look like a watercolor tattoo for your toilet.

You’re not limited to just holiday decorations for your porcelain throne as Toilet Tattoos come in a wide range of styles such as artistic, whimsical and even monograms. Your toilet lid can now sport kids themes, pet warnings and rubber ducks or simple designs like a rainbow or cartoon animals.

Your throne can be adorned with artistic designs like wallpaper and rug patterns or a whole page of choices from wildlife like a bear, fish or a selection of dogs. The company offers a truly wide selection but you can even get the holiday and seasonal decorations that you would expect but I truly like the oddball and everyday ones.

Unlike real watercolor tattoos, Toilet Tattoos are an easy to install applique for your toilet seat lid that is made from electrostatic vinyl for easy application and even removal and reapplying to the same or other lids. Toilet Tattoos are easy to apply with the vinyl film that sticks to smooth toilet seat lids whether its wood, plastic or even those inexpensive particle wood types and adheres very well that looks like a watercolor tattoo on your toilet.

Watercolor OuthouseWatercolor Tattoo for your Toilet

I received, with helpful recommendations from my wife, the rubber ducks on a blue wave background and the classic outhouse for my downstairs guest bathroom which my wife is having outhouses as its theme. The rubber ducky’s fit real well into our own master bathroom and the other rubber duck items my wife is adorning our bathroom with.

The vinyl appliques are easy to install and come with a larger backing that is handy to keep around in case you get more Toilet Tattoos and need a temporary place to stick one. I have checked out fancier toilet lids at stores like Menards and Lowes with eye opening prices of about $50 for designs that cover the lid and the seat.

A few simple designs have just a single flower but these lids and seats costs about $20 but with the toilet tattoos you can adorn the design you choose. Looking at adorning your toilet lid you can even go the shag cover or other covers for toilet lids that simply snug onto a lid but prices for just a simple cover are at least $5.

Toilet Tattoos are available from the website at $9.95 for the predesigned ones and prices of about $25 and up for custom designs like monograms. When you install the Toilet Tattoo you should clean the lid well, the whole toilet could use a cleaning as well so you don’t track dirt and unclean stuff from other parts of the toilet to the new applique.

Rubber Ducky Blue Watercolor Tattoo for your Toilet

Simply peel and place the Toilet Tattoo in place on the lid and if you need to reposition it simply peel it off and try again. The electrostatic vinyl does not use an adhesive but simply sticks to smooth surfaces and works just like those decorations you stick to windows.

I had no problems installing both a round and oblong applique for my two toilets and they both have adhered well and withstood the normal use a family puts their commodes through. If the toilet gets dirty you can simply wipe off the tattoo while it’s on the lid or easily remove the Toilet Tattoos from the lid temporarily which is not like a real watercolor tattoo.

Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on the Toilet Tattoo but gentle cleaners work very well or remove the applique when cleaning with cleaners that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals to prevent damage to the vinyl. I have had no problems using and cleaning the Toilet Tattoos on my two toilet lids and have enjoyed adorning my toilets.

I highly recommend Toilet Tattoos as a low cost and easy to apply decoration that can be a year round applique or you can buy ones for special occasions.

Toilet Tattoos Website

A little update, Wal-Mart seems to be cleaning out of the Toilet Tattoo market, you can buy them for around $2.50 last time I saw them in the clearance aisle.

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