The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

Simon Baker is back once again as The Mentalist, defeating criminals with the ease of a seasoned detective but his background in carnival life and as a psychic makes him a unique asset.

Film making 5/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 2/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

The Mentalist Season 5

Patrick Jane started life as a carny, short for carnival worker who then moved on to work as a psychic and medium working people’s hopes and fears. When he taunted a serial killer on his national show the killer obliged by killing his wife and daughter.

Patrick now spends his days looking for the killer by helping the California Bureau of Investigation solving cases. They have been trying to find clues and leads to the serial killer Red John and slowly have gotten closer to his identity.

In season 5 of The Mentalist Jane works case by case through the day to day investigations and shows he really is an asset to the bureau. One very real clue that he is given by one of Red John’s accomplices is that Patrick has already met and shaken hands with the killer.

This revelation sends Patrick in a spin of working day and night to whittle down a list of all the people he has ever met since his wife’s murder. By the end of the 22 episode season Jane has narrowed it down to a list of seven people who could be Red John.

One scene really shows how observant and helpful Patrick is in his investigations when a store clerk tells police the bodega he works was robbed. Patrick asks exactly how the thief took the money and the clerk shows him how he reached through the window and grabbed the stack of money from the counter.

Patrick shows the owner that no one could grab money in their fist and pull their hand out of the slot in the window so the clerk is lying about the theft. It is this keen observation and attention to detail that makes the series a bit different than other crime dramas.

Patrick James as The Mentalist solves more than just petty thefts with the CBI team led by Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon played by Robin Tunney. Teresa Lisbon is the head of the Serious Crimes Unit and deals mostly with murders but an occasional kidnapper sneaks into their case load.

Tracking down Red John the serial killer being a season long theme is also a series long one that started with season one but episodes are mixed with other crimes. Red John is a unique serial killer who recruits people to kill and to do other crimes that are not all related or make sense.

Red John is portrayed as a larger than life criminal who goes above and beyond what any known killer has done in real life or in fiction. The Mentalist really has a different feel to it including the major serial killer theme that has been a driving force for the main characters.

The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season is available on DVD in a five disc set with the usual great look and sound of a DVD edition. The video and audio quality is very good but pretty standard to the DVD releases with well-done color and a great surround sound.

I had no complaints or moments that stuck out as particularly noteworthy in problems for both video and audio. The DVD set includes the 22 episodes and a couple making of special features that are alright but not exceptional.

The bonus content is a bit short with only two extras but they are pretty good as a behind the scenes look into the how. The DVD edition of The Mentalist: The Complete Fifth Season may be short on extras but it is a great serious criminal drama.

With channel lineups heading more toward reality shows a good crime drama like The Mentalist is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend The Mentalist and season five starts the final journey of finding Red John by adding that first piece to the end of the puzzle for Patrick Jane.

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