The Last Stand Blu-ray Review

The Last Stand Blu-ray Review

The Last Stand Blu-ray Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in The Last Stand Blu-ray as a small town sheriff in southern Arizona that finds himself at odds with an escaped convict that has the backing of a drug cartel.

Film making 3/5

Video 5/5

Audio 5/5

Bonus Features 4/5

Recommendation 4/5 Stars

The Last Stand Blu-ray Review

After retiring from governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to acting but getting back on that particular horse may not be as easy as it used to be. The Last Stand Blu-ray stars Arnold with Forest Whitaker as FBI Agent Bannister and Edward Noriega as our drug cartel boss escaping from justice only to run into a small town sheriff.

Arnold plays Sheriff Owens who moved from big city crime to a sleepy Arizona border town to relax but when the drug cartel boss escapes from the feds led by Forest Whitaker things get interesting. Sheriff Owens immediately suspects two out of town truckers who say they are just stopping by for a meal in town and runs their license plate.

When nothing suspicious is found things seem to settle down until other events lead the sheriff to suspect something is happening in his sleepy town. After several seemingly impossible events Arnold squares off with the bad guy in a final fight that shows Arnold is aging but still has enough in him to fight back.

The Last Stand Blu-ray is a typical over the top action film but with some very well-choreographed scenes that really stand out as a great return to film for Arnold and a good action film. While not the caliber of some of his better films it does a decent enough job at action with some comedy to mix things up.

The Last Stand Blu-ray is a good action film and well worth the price of a rental if not an inclusion as an action film with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a star in his return to the big screen. The Last Stand Blu-ray is not an excellent movie but good enough as an action flick with video and audio quality that are certainly helping this film on Blu-ray.

Video quality is top notch and almost perfect with a great transfer to Blu-ray that I could not complain about at all as no problems really stood out at all. Color is vivid, a bit too vivid with some of the over the top gore and blood but with clear video from a digital source the quality is about as good as you’re ever going to get.

Audio is also great with a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 Surround Sound that really sounds great with a full system to take advantage of all they put into it. Surround is very well used and with the numerous scenes that have a great attention to the full surround sound field you get ear candy as well as eye candy with The Last Stand.

Bonus features include about an hour of really well done extras including a making of feature, a scene breakdown for the big car chase and a couple others that really make the extras worthwhile. The bonus content is all substance with little fluff so you have some bonus content that is well worth watching with little in the way of promotional pieces done just to make commercials for the movie.

The Last Stand Blu-ray is a good film and well worth a rental as well as an inclusion to a collection that centers on action films and any starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. When those top films are not available at your local rental spot check out The Last Stand for a fast and fun action film.

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