The Impossible Blu-ray

The Impossible Blu-ray

Surviving a tsunami is only part of the incredible story of a family that not only survives but reunites with each other in the chaos after the disaster in The Impossible.

Film making 5/5
Video 5/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 2/5

Recommendation 5/5 Stars

The Impossible Blu-ray

Based on the true story of Maria Belon and her family’s struggle to reunite after the 2004 tsunami devastated Thailand The Impossible stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGegor. Namoi Watts stars as English physician Maria Bennet with her husband Henry played by Ewan McGregor as they vacation in Thailand during the Christmas holiday in 2004 when disaster strikes.

The Bennet family is on vacation in Thailand at a new resort when a tsunami strikes their coastal retreat which catches the family while they are playing in the pool. Maria and their oldest son manage to stay together while being swept away with the debris as the wave washes them across the island.

We follow her and her son as they first look to help each other find shelter from a potential second wave and find a small boy named Daniel that also needs help. Maria is severely injured in the leg and chest but they eventually manage to make it to a hospital that is overflowing with patients.

While Maria awaits surgery she tells her son to see what he can do to help others so he goes about reuniting survivors with their relatives as well as looking for his father and two brothers. Henry in the meantime has managed to stay with their two younger sons and sends them with other tourists who are taken to a safer place while he stays near the resort to look for his wife and other son.

The family is eventually reunited with each other and whisked off the island to safety by Henry’s insurance company but not before they witness both the horror of the disaster and the compassion of so many helping others. The tsunami was a disaster of epic proportions but the locals were the true heroes as the tourists were not only helped but made the difference for everyone regardless of whether they were rich tourists.

The Impossible is a very good movie and well worth watching with its unique perspective of a victim in a tsunami and Naomi Watts plays an extremely convincing role. Nominated for numerous awards including Best Actress the films leading lady does a great job and the film is very entertaining as well as moving.

The movie does a fantastic job with special effects and only once was I disappointed when Maria was flashing back to her initial tumble in the tidal wave. The scene where she remembers back to her tumbling in the wave and getting poked with sticks and ripping her leg open just seemed irrelevant.

My wife looked at me at this moment and both of us said the same thing, Why have this in the film? But the rest of the movie was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie even though it is about a disaster in that it shows how even during the worst of times people will do amazing things to help others.

The Impossible on Blu-ray is excellent for video and without any problems throughout the film with gorgeous color even though toned down for many of the disaster scenes. Color is vibrant and good looking but even the disaster parts of the film have a piercing color variety such as the quick glimpse of the bloody wound on Maria’s leg.

The video is great and the special effects really stand out well for an excellent looking film that also has some great sounding audio. The DTS-HD Master Audio track is in both English and Spanish for the 5.1 surround sound audio that has excellent use of the sound field as well as clear voice.

The audio with its natural disaster effects does stand out but even afterwards the muted animals and insects or the bustling hospital environment all work well in surround sound. Audio is without any problems and the audio will really help to make this an excellent film overall for a worthwhile film for a disaster movie collection.

Bonus features are rather light for this Blu-ray release as I had expected to find more on the real person the film was based on or even more about the real tsunami. Audio commentary and a couple of making of features are all you’ll find worthwhile on the bonus content and a few deleted scenes round out the extras.

The two making of features are worth a look but at ten minutes for both you only get a quick glimpse behind the scenes. The extras are too light when you have so much available due to the based on a true story nature of the movie that I was disappointed at how little there is here.

The Impossible is one of those films that you cannot miss because it shows not only what really happens in a natural disaster but the human spirit that can show from underneath people. The Impossible is a great film and is definitely worth a rental if you don’t want to add it as a film for your entertainment collection.

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