TevaSphere Trail eVent Shoes

TevaSphere Trail eVent Trail Runners

TevaSphere Trail Runners Trail eVent Shoes

While I do not run trail I do plenty of hiking through national parks and local wildlife areas taking pictures so trail runners like the TevaSphere Trail eVent shoes are a great choice for foot protection and comfort.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

TevaSphere Trail eVent Trail Runners Shoes

I could not wait to get out on the trail and try out these new trail shoes from Teva that are meant for rough trail running and designed for all weather work. The TevaSphere Trail eVent shoes are designed from the sole up to bring stability and support to shoes designed for activities like trail running and hiking.

The Trail eVent shoes are designed for maximum support and stability while running on rough terrain like trails or open country. The wide middle section under your arch has the additional stability to provide your ankle the support it needs on uneven and broken terrain or simply hiking.

The heel has a rounded contour to allow for a better run over terrain while the back of the shoe has a hard plastic support around your heel. The toe also has a hard surface to keep the toes safe while also keeping the shoes from damage on rough surfaces.

Teva Trail Runners

The sides and select areas of the shoes are well vented using a breathable membrane the company calls eVent to keep your feet cool and dry. The membrane allows water to seep out and evaporate faster so your feet get dry faster when you do get them wet.

I have been using the Teva Trail shoes for a couple months and have been impressed in several ways including the support the shoes give on uneven ground. The shoes have withstood trail hikes and walking on rough terrain easily and my hiking includes plenty of off trail walking while searching for the perfect picture.

I have spent several weekends hiking in local Minnesota parks and wildlife areas taking pictures and wandering off trail and the shoes are very comfortable. The eVent keeps your feet dry even after stepping in creeks and lake sides by allowing them to dry much faster than I expected.

TevaSphere Trail Runners

I tried a few walks along the Red River and walked in water just to see how fast they would dry off and the shoes were plenty comfortable after only about ten or fifteen minutes. A direct comparison between these and other shoes and how fast they dry is not fair as types of materials and shoe design varies widely.

I think a major advantage of the Teva Trail eVent trail runners is the ventilation that allows water and moisture of all types to drain and evaporate from the shoes. This means no water in the shoe to squish around while you continue your trail run or other activity.

Even when wet the Event Trail shoes are comfortable and hug your feet with padding and the support you need when running and walking so getting wet is not a real problem. I think the main feature of water not being held in the shoe because they are not waterproof so they don’t hold water or moisture in.

Trail Runners Heel & Toe Detail

The Teva Trail eVent shoes are an excellent pair of shoes for activities like trail running and hiking but for any regular activity they would also make a great shoe. I have not purchased expensive shoes like these in the past but buying more expensive shoes has become a necessity.

Big box stores just do not sell decent quality shoes anymore and buying a more expensive shoe for specific activities like hiking and jogging is a necessity. The TevaSphere Trail eVent trail runners make a great choice for trail running or simply hiking to get the best support and comfort.

Trail shoes are a must if you run trails and the TevaSphere eVent’s do offer better stability and support for rough terrain like open country. I highly recommend the Tevasphere Trail eVent shoe for a fantastic trail or hiking shoe and as an all-around athletic shoe.

Trail eVent @ Teva

Tough durable materials
Venting allows air and water in and out
Stabilizing center for better foot/ankle support
Rounded heel for better stride/foot fall

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