TekNmotion Air Capsule

TekNmotion Air Capsule Bluetooth Speaker

TekNmotion Air Capsule Bluetooth Speaker

The TekNmotion Air Capsule Bluetooth Speaker uses a magnetically shielded 40mm driver to deliver decent sound from this small speaker.

Ease of Use, Performance:  3/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  3/5

Recommendation:  3/5 Stars

TekNmotion Air Capsule

The TekNmotion Air Capsule Bluetooth Speaker is a small rechargeable speaker that connects to devices like smartphones and tablets. The Air Capsule connects using either Bluetooth or an external 3.5 mm audio connection for easy connecting to a smartphone, tablet or other device.

The 400 mAh lithium polymer battery allows up to 4.5 hours of continuous music play or 15 hours smartphone talk time on a single charge. The battery allows for wire free play and the Bluetooth connection supports Bluetooth v3.0 + EDR with A2DP support for easy connection.

Air Capsule Connections

The TekNmotion Bluetooth speaker works well with smartphones as a speaker and as a microphone but the speaker does sound slightly like it’s in a tin can. The quality is alright and actually pretty good but I have heard better from the same size speakers at the same price.

I have had the speaker for a couple of months and used it for watching videos and listening to music on my tablet as well as directly from my computer. The speaker works well and connects easily using Bluetooth or the auxiliary 3.5 mm connection for easy connecting.

I had no problems using the speaker for listening to music and videos as well as a couple phone calls which sounded alright. The speaker works well as a speaker and for the built in microphone but the sound quality of the microphone is not the best either. Air Capsule Whats in the Box

I checked by Skyping myself using a couple of accounts and the microphone sounds alright as well as the speaker for sending and receiving calls. The Air Capsule works well for phone calls as well as a portable speaker to listen to music and movies from a tablet or smartphone.

The Air Capsule works well and does sound pretty good but quality is not top notch for this speaker which is a concern for me. The Air Capsule costs $40, the same as the Onbeat-X1, but I think the Onbeat-X1 sounds a bit better in direct comparison.

The Air Capsule is a good speaker and works well but I have heard better small speakers and would recommend a better sounding one unless you can get a deal on the Air Capsule.

Air Capsule @ TekNmotion

Air Capsule @ CompuExpert

Easy to Use Bluetooth Connectivity
Microphone sounds good
Quality Materials

Sound Quality is good but not great

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