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ManPans Asian Wok with Aluminum Lid

ManPans Asian Wok with Aluminum Lid

The ManPans 13” Asian Wok uses a Gem-X2 eco-friendly release coating to ensure food does not stick to the wok while metal utensils can be used due to the tough coating.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

ManPans Asian Wok

ManPans is a relative newcomer to the cooking utensil and pan arena with a cookware coating technology that has the advantage of the use of metal utensils without scratching. The ManPans 13 inch Asian Wok is a great oriental and general purpose skillet for cooking larger meals like stir fry or simple things like boiling noodles.

The Manpans Asian Wok and other cookware uses a unique coating that allows you to use metal utensils when cooking. The coating process is called anodizing and is not new to manufacturing and I have actually work with it in the past but it is new to cookware.

In the past anodizing has been used to prevent rust and to harden the surface of aluminum but with a good anodized coating cookware can be created. Cookware using anodized aluminum creates a surface that is partially non-stick but with a tough enough surface that you can use metal utensils without worry about scratching.

Bottom of ManPans Wok

The coating is tough enough to withstand using a metal utensil which I have been doing some but I prefer to just use silicone and bamboo for cooking in all my pans. The non-stick coating is tough enough to take a coin being scratched across it as I have done.

I took both a penny and a nickel and scratched the bottom with the coins but they did nothing to the pan except left a small coating of coin on the pans surface. After wiping the coating away with a plastic scrub pad the pan is left with no mark at all on the bottom of the pan which is also anodized.

Anodizing must be done to the full metal as it is an electroplating process where the full item is in a bath and the bath is electrocuted. Minute particles in the solution are attracted and adhered to the pan during this process which is much better than simply spray painting.

Typical Stir Fry

The ManPans coating has a surface that will last and will not scratch like other Teflon like coatings so the ManPans Wok starts off as a very different piece of cookware. The ManPans Wok is 13 inches across while to bottom is about 7 inches across for a good sized direct cooking surface.

Woks work by using a smaller section of high heat to cook while the sloped sides of the pan are used to partially heat food and slowly cook it. Small ridges on the sides allow food to stick on the sides while the flat bottom allows the pan to be used on modern electric or gas stoves.

The ManPans Wok heats well and keeps the heat due to the anodized coating making it similar to steel which is the most common material for woks. Using aluminum makes it a lighter pan but it does cook more like a carbon steel wok than an aluminum one.

Searing Chicken

The ManPans Wok is great for stir fry cooking and other style cooking but also works well for general cooking like boiling and sautéing. I have used the ManPans Wok for cooking noodles, vegetables and even ingredients for a blender soup.

The ManPans Wok works well but does require a bit of oil for cooking but not much and it does resist sticking well without much help. I have used the pan for searing meat and it does a good job with only a teaspoon or simple drizzle of oil to cook a pound of chicken or pork.

The ManPans Asian Wok works great and I am totally sold on the anodized coating being both nonstick and a great surface for preventing scratches. The wok works well for all kinds of cooking and this pan does stand out from others due to that scratch and stick resistant coating.

Start to a Good Soup

The ManPans Asian Wok also has a unique handle that resists heat transferred to the handle from the wok with a simple design that is familiar to me from computers. Computers use heat sinks to dissipate heat using surface area of many fins of aluminum.

The ManPans Wok uses the same heat dissipating technology to keep the handle cool and it is solidly riveted to the wok using aluminum rivets. The entire surface of the pan is anodized so food will not stick to the bottom or sides when cooking and spilling food.

A lid is also available for the ManPans Asian Wok for about $14 while the Asian Wok itself costs about $120 from their website. I highly recommend the ManPans Asian Wok for a professional piece of cookware that has the benefit of being a stick resistant coating that resists scratching form metal utensils.

ManPans Website


Anodized aluminum allows metal utensils on partially non-stick coating

ManPans Wok is versatile for cooking beyond Asian
Handle stays cool past the hot warning word


A bit expensive

Imusa Wok Review 7 Piece Asian Gift Set with 14” Non-Stick Wok

Imusa Wok Review 7 Piece Asian Gift Set with 14” Non-Stick Wok

My Imusa Wok Review

The Imusa 14” Non-Stick wok makes a great wok for quick stir frying as well as a great pan for a wide variety of cooking including deep frying and sautéing.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Imusa Asian Wok Set Imusa Wok Review

Total: 4.5/5

While stir frying using a stove top may be frowned upon I found you could get the heat high enough to make a great tasting meal but higher heat would be better. The Imusa 14” Non-Stick Wok is available as an individual purchase or as part of a set with a half-moon rack and some bamboo utensils along with the non-stick coated steel wok.

Imusa Non-Stick Wok Imusa Wok Review

The Imusa wok has a non-stick coating over the inside and outside of the wok while the wooden handles allow you to work with the wok on the stove top. The flat bottom is about 6 inches across and allows my stoves largest burner a good surface to heat while some of the flames are licking up the sides to help heat the entire wok.

As evidenced by the heat patterns on the outside flames going up the sides make an important part of cooking with a wok because you want high heat with the most in the bottom of your wok. With the heat licking up the sides you allow the sides to continue cooking your food but at a lower temperature than the bottom where you sear and boil.

Simple Stir Fry Imusa Wok Review

The Imusa Wok has slightly ribbed sides to help hold food when you push it up the sides while the smooth bottom makes for great searing and high heat cooking. The bottom of the non-stick wok cooks well and for stir frying you get a decent area to cook for a small family but for larger recipes you might have to cook in two batches.

The Imusa Wok worked very well for simple stir fry recipes but I think if I could get the temperature up a bit the stir fry would be more authentic and tastier. The Imusa Wok worked very well for stir frying but was actually better for a few simpler recipes like glazed carrots or glazed pineapple and for deep frying.

Fried Rice Imusa Wok Review

The bottom gets very hot and worked well to both cook and sauté vegetables for side dishes and for desserts like glazing pineapple for cakes and ice cream. The larger size of the wok makes cooking sides of vegetables easy for larger dishes even if they are not Asian or full meals.

The Imusa 7 Piece Asian Set includes a half moon wire rack that works great for resting deep fried foods that allows them to drip while they rest above the wok. The bamboo utensils make a good starter set but for deep frying a strainer scoop would also be recommended as a handy utensil for getting deep fried food out of the oil.

Imusa Wok Deep Frying Imusa Wok Review

Deep frying with the wok works well and the larger open area allows easier access to the food and chasing things around the wok for more even cooking. The large open top does mean you may get more splatter but I found a large lid that fits well on my Imusa wok but pretty much any 14 inch lid should fit the Imusa wok well.

The Imusa 7 Piece Asian Gift Set costs about $30 and is available from Target and at Macy’s as a standalone piece of cookware for Asian and other cooking. I highly recommend the Imusa Wok as a great piece of cookware for a variety of cooking techniques and the non-stick surface cooks well and is easy to clean.

Sauted CarrotsGlazed Pineapples


Imusa Asian Gift Set @ Target

Imusa 14” Wok @ Macy’s