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Travesso The Prima Kit Review

Travesso The Prima Kit Review

Espresso on the go has a couple of unique obstacles to great taste and Travesso The Prima Kit has everything you need for great tasting espresso wherever you find yourself.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 4/5

Total: 4/5

Travesso Prima Kit

Travesso started as a desire to never be without espresso and keeping things small and lightweight is part of that idea. The Prima Kit includes everything you need to make great tasting espresso but does require electricity to heat water.

The Travesso Prima Kit includes the Travesso Prima, immersion heater, CO2 charger, CO2 cartridges, double walled Bodum espresso cup, Oxo heater rest, tread lube and ESE pods. The Prima Kit also comes with a travel case to carry everything in with enough room for a shock absorber pump and a small thermos.

The Prima Kit has a great machine at its center with the Travesso Prima that uses air from a pump to force the hot water through the espresso grounds. Using either ground espresso and a filter paper or an E.S.E. pod you can make fresh espresso with plenty of crema.

whats in the box

The Travesso Prima has a sealed chamber for the water, grounds and gas used to force the water through the grounds and out the valve. The pressure comes from a pump or cartridge with a common Schrader valve and a gauge for charging the Travesso Prima.

To make espresso you first heat water using the included immersion heater or any other method and fill the black reservoir about 3/4 full. Next you either put grounds in the water then a filter paper or set an E.S.E. pod on top of the reservoir.

The lid is screwed on to the reservoir and you turn the unit over to soak the water into the grounds or pod for 8 seconds. Gas from either a pump like a high pressure shock absorber pump, a CO2 or NO2 cartridge is used to pressurize the Travesso Prima.

inside the prima

The gas is force into the Schrader valve and when the unit is pressurized to about 200 psi you can remove the cartridge or pump. The Schrader valve ensures you do not lose pressure while taking the pump or cartridge off the prima.

You can use the included Bodum double walled espresso cup to enjoy your espresso and the kit includes a sampling of great tasting pods. The valve at the outlet controls how much espresso is released which also partially controls the amount of crema.

Once you empty the gas from the Prima after getting your shot of espresso you simply rinse it out and ensure the screw threads get some lubrication. The large screw threads on the lid and reservoir ensure a tight seal but some lube is included to make sure you have an easy time both tightening and maintaining a seal.

Prima Gauge & Valve

The Prima offers a unique way to bring espresso wherever you go and the kit has just about everything you need including an easy way to boil water. The immersion heater works just fine but you can just as easily boil water in a tea kettle or on a fire with a pot or other handy cookware.

Like other espresso devices I found that warming up the Prima and the cup helps to make a smoother and less bitter espresso. I have not really had a bitter espresso with the Prima as it does not really overheat the grounds but you can use too long an extraction as well.

I found the half minute or slightly less is about perfect and warming the cup and Prima helps to get a hot shot of espresso. The Travesso Prima is a great way to make espresso on the go and would make an excellent camping or on the go espresso maker.

Travesso Prima

I highly recommend the Travesso Prima as an excellent espresso maker that works well and is easy to use while the Prima Kit has everything you need for fresh espresso.

Travesso Prima website

Easy to make espresso
On the go portability
Simple kit

Makes better espresso with ESE Pods