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Anomaly 2 Android Game Review

Anomaly 2 Android Game Review

Anomaly 2 turns the tower defense game into a tower offense with a few other twists like transforming vehicles and route variations but in the end tower offense is still a linear game.

Graphics & Audio: 18/25,

Gameplay: 16/25,
Creativity 20/25,
Fun 20/25

Total: 74/100

Anomaly 2 Android

Anomaly 2 from 11 Bit Studios takes the tower defense to the logical next step with a tower offense game but adds more twists and a multiplayer mode. Trying to turn the genre around and gain interest 11 Bit Studios did the logical by turning the tables on towers and hitting back.

Each map has a set goal but after a few practice levels you add the ability to alter your route and a variety of vehicles to mix things up but the multiplayer is probably the best variation here. The single player story mode starts out as a tutorial with simple missions but by the end oyu have plenty of options in vehicles, weapons and defenses.

The story mode starts out with a single vehicle and shows how you transform it for a better weapon choice which all vehicles have. You buy new vehicles using money you earn during the mission and at the start of each level as well as being able to buy defense weapons and repair abilities.

Transforming your vehicle changes it form a shrt range to longer ranged weapon while other transformations can use things like EMP blasts and repair abilities. I found that many of the transforming vehicles are not all that great and it is easier to pick the main type you want and worry about other matters.

Anomaly 2 also adds a decoy and heal ability to the mix so you have a few choices in tactics but in the end the goal is to get at least one vehicle to the end of a set path. You can have a variety of paths to choose from in game but yu do this form a paused map so the battle is not raging while your trying to decide where to go next.

Deciding on a path in some missions simply means which set of enemies you’d like to take on because no matter which path you choose you have about the same amount and power of foes. Other missions have the occasional alien that only attacks fomr one direction so it can give you an advantage at times.

Trying to make it seem like you have some choices is not really giving you freedom when the paths simply mean you can attack from a different angle but you still need to attack. Enemies are all over every map and changing paths simply gives you a slight advantage over a few of the enemies.

Some reviews argue that Anomaly 2 gives you freedom and choices while others say you still have the linear gameplay of a tower game but in the end it’s your choice. The game does have some variety and the linear route but for the low price of $5 it is a fun game and offers enough gameplay for the price.

Anomaly 2 tries hard at giving you the choice but for several of the beginning missions you have little to choose from while later missions end up being too frenzied to worry much about choice. When you have a few vehicles plodding along taking the time to plan and execute heals or transform vehicles is easy but later missions are too hectic.

You will find that trying to change paths, heal and keep your troops alive will be a tough task due to the amount of movements you have to perform on the android and iPad versions. I am using the Nexus 7 for this review and found the touch controls worked just fine.

There are 14 missions and enough gameplay in the single player story mode to maybe justify the price but with a multiplayer mode the game gets even more interesting. Multiplayer adds both hectic actions and variety so the game does contain enough of a new thing with gameplay to make it worthwhile.

Multiplayer puts two players head to head with one setting towers and the other trying to get through the maze the other sets against him. With the variety of towers and vehicles available and abilities for each side the game gets interesting and fun even if it is a bit short.

Video and graphics are just fine with a slight disadvantage to color choices for your cursor and vehicles which does make picking them out of the landscape a bit difficult at times. Audio is also decent enough but it is just as easy to crank up your tunes and listen to something more enjoyable as to listen to the crackle of energy cannons as they scorch your vehicles.

The main thing that sets this game apart from other tower defense games is the offensive twist the game starts with while the multiplayer adds even more gameplay. Anomaly 2 does very well with multiplayer and this adds a lot to the gameplay and value with simple offense and defense roles for players that are simple to use.

Anomaly 2 does very well with what it has to offer and in the end the game is fun without having much to worry about in variety or complexity. Anomaly 2 is well worth a purchase for the tablet but the PC version may make you think twice at the $15 price tag they have that edition at.

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