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The Other Woman Blu-ray Review

The Other Woman Blu-ray Review

The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton as the three women who are being cheated on but they do get their revenge.

Film making 2/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 1/5
Recommendation 2/5 Stars

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In every affair with a married man there is always that married woman who is being cheated on but in The Other Woman there are three that get together and get even. Mark, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, hooks up with Carly, Cameron Diaz, for a few weeks and suddenly needs to leave town.

She shows up at his house to surprise him and instead finds out he is married to a nice but naïve woman named Kate who is played by Leslie Mann. Carly rushes away horrified to find out that Mark is married but the next day Kate shows up at Carly’s office to get some answers.

Kate is upset that Mark is having an affair and winds up pestering Carly into divulging more about her affair then they end up becoming friends. Carly and Kate hatch a plan to get even but before they can get anywhere they find out there is a third woman who is sleeping with Mark.

Kate Upton plays the third woman, Amber, who is also having an affair with Mark but Mark has been lying to all three and she is just begging to get even as well. They hatch a plan using Mark’s own con with Kate who he is using as a front for a business venture to keep himself safe.

Mark has been creating businesses and using Kate as the head of the company but they twist this around and take all his money that he planned to conn out of investors. In the end they take Mark for all that he stole and give it back to the investors so they are not going to pursue charges against Kate.

Mark is out all the money while Kate and Carly now work with Mark’s investors while Amber hooks up with Carly’s father who is played by Don Johnson. The Other Woman is a great story that is pretty well taken to film but some of the corny directions just don’t help the plot.

The writing seems to be the bad part of this film even though it is fairly good with Leslie Mann doing most of the comedy. Kate Upton is here more for eye candy than anything while Cameron Diaz tries to be the mastermind of the group but gets less central as the movie moves on.

The biggest problem is the direction and plot did not keep things centered on one style throughout the film which would have made it much better. If they had specific direction and kept to that the movie would have been netter but as it is they flake out at times and head off in odd ways.

The Other Woman on Blu-ray has great video quality from real film that has vivid color and fantastic location shots like the beach scenery. Audio is also great in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 but surround sound is a bit lost here due to the dialogue driven film.

Bonus content includes a gag reel, deleted scenes and a take on one scene where the giggles took over the shot for a lackluster offering. The gag reel is alright but the rest is only filler so there really is only one decent extra for a very poor set of bonus features.

The Other Woman is a decent enough movie but I could easily see that it had potential that was wasted due to inadequate writing and or direction. Check out The Other Woman as one of those alternate films when nothing else that you wanted is available for rent.

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