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Libre Tea 9 oz and 14 oz Travel Tea Glass Infuser

Libre Tea 9 oz and 14 oz Travel Tea Glass Infuser

The Libre Tea Glass Infuser in both 9 and 14 ounce sizes are nice glass and poly Tritan travel mugs that include a stainless steel filter for loose leaf tea.

Ease of Use/Performance: 2/5
Quality/Craftsmenship 2/5
Appearance/Design 2/5
How much I enjoy 2/5

Total: 2/5

Libre Tea Glasses

The Libre Tea Glass Tumbler in the 9 and 14 ounce sizes are both glass with poly Tritan tumblers that feature a stainless steel filter for loose leaf tea. The Libre Tea Infuser can be used in a few different ways with the filter to keep the loose leaf tea in the glass or in the basket.

You can brew tea in the filter basket by filling the glass with hot water and then screwing the filter portion of the lid on the glass and adding tea to the filter. You then screw the lid on the filter section and invert the glass to brew the tea to your desired strength.

Once the tea is brewed you turn the glass over and carefully remove both sections to enjoy your tea without any tea leaves in the water. The filter section and lid section have a thin metal outer cover which can dent easily and the tops of both glasses have a decorative insert.

9 & 14 Ounce Libre Tea Glasses

Using either the in glass tea brewing or in the filter was a good option but I did find the filter only holds so much tea so you are limited in strength. I would prefer a slightly larger filter for the 14 ounce glass as it just does not hold enough for my taste and strength of herbal teas that I enjoy.

Brewing tea was easy in both glasses and the poly Tritan outer shell of the glasses really is tough but the same cannot be said of the metal covered lids. The first time I took the 14 ounce Libre Tea glass on the road my wife dented the lid when she bumped it with her seatbelt.

A week or so later I dropped the lid when taking a drink and further dented the lid so now it has dents all over the top lid of the larger Libre glass. The smaller one has not seen as much use so it has survived relatively intact but the lid is the same thin metal which will dent easily.

Libre Tea 9 Ounce

Another issue I found is the filter is such a closed weave that it holds water as well as tea so pouring water through it can be an exercise in slow pouring. You really do need to pour the water in the glass then add the filter lid with the tea so the water is not poured through the stainless steel filter.

The Libre tea glasses work well for the most part but even cross threading the lids are a risk you have to watch out for when screwing them on. If you get the lid on wrong hot water can leak out when you tipped the glass over to brew and you run the risk of burning yourself.

I was rather surprised about the quality not being equal to the price with the 9 ounce costing $24 and the 14 ounce costing $29. Other reviews on Amazon also mention the thinner metal lids and water leaking out when tipping the glasses over so I am not alone in my views.

Libre Tea 14 Ounce

When using the Libre tea glasses and inverting them I found they leaked unless I did make sure the lids were screwed on properly every time. I just thought that a price tag of $24 and $29 for the two glasses would warrant a bit better quality and attention to design.

While the Libre Tea glasses worked fairly well I just thought the price demanded a better quality overall and just cannot recommend the glasses.

Libre Tea Website

Libre Tea @ Amazon

Poly Tritan exterior protects glass interior
Stainless steel filter for loose leaf tea
Easy to use

Thin metal on lids dents easily
Water can leak from lids if not screwed on properly
Stainless steel filter could be larger



Kalorik Glass Water Kettle

Kalorik Glass Water Kettle

The Kalorik Glass Water Kettle model JK 39380 is an electric water kettle that has a separate base and simply heats water to boiling in about 8 minutes.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

Kalorik Glass Water Kettle

The Kalorik Glass Water Kettle comes in black or grey and is a great way to heat water for tea, hot chocolate or other uses like instant oatmeal. The Kalorik Water Kettle has a separate base that plugs into your power outlet and is a simple way to heat water in about eight minutes.

The Kalorik Glass Water Kettle has a set of blue LEDs inside the water kettle around the bottom to light up your water as it comes to a boil. The on/off switch is on the bottom of the handle with a button on the top to open the spring loaded lid.

Base and Spout Filter

The glass water kettle with plastic and stainless steel accents pours well and includes a small screen that fits into the pour spout. I did a comparison and timed the water kettle which took almost exactly eight minutes to reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

This kettle does take about a minute longer to come to a boil than the previous two kettles I reviewed because it holds more water. The Kalorik Water Kettle holds 1.7 liters or 58 fluid ounce which is 7 full 8 ounce cups plus a little more.

Kalorik Water Kettle

While the Kalorik Glass Water Kettle does take a bit more time to come to a boil but it also holds more water than my previous water kettle reviews. The Kalorik Water Kettle works well and is easy to use with its simple design and nice easy pouring.

The Kalorik Water Kettle does have the flat bottom without anything on it so you can set the kettle on a table or counter directly. The bottom has a hole with the contacts for the base which has a safety connection without exposed contacts.

Kalorik Glass Water Kettle at Full Boil

The base of the kettle is hard plastic on the bottom with a stainless steel band and does not get hot at all so it is safe to place on a table or counter. The handle does have a plastic strip to prevent your knuckles from coming into contact with the tempered glass of the kettle.

The only downside of the Kalorik Water Kettle I could find was the hard plastic bottom that may be a bit rough on your surfaces. Another water kettle I reviewed has foam rubber feet that I find I like a bit on my new countertop but the Kalorik kettle has not left any scratches on any surfaces.

I really like the simplicity of the Kalorik Glass Water Kettle and can easily recommend it for a stylish and simple electric water kettle.

Video of Kalorik Kettle

Kalorik Glass Water Kettle Website

Kalorik Water Kettle @ Amazon

Heats water to boiling quickly
Holds 58 ounces

Nice Pouring

Screen on pour spout

Hard plastic bottom

Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set Review

Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set Review

The Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer is a plastic mesh strainer that allows quick and easy tea brewing by the cup while the Bodum 12 oz BISTRO mug allows for a stylish way to enjoy your tea.

Ease of Use/Performance: 3/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 3/5
How much I enjoy 3/5

Total: 3/5

Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set

It’s the small things in life that make your day a bit happier and more comfortable and the Bodum Yo Yo Set can add a little lift to your spirits. The Bodum Yo Yo Tea Strainer Set comes with the Yo Yo tea strainer which is a plastic and plastic mesh strainer with a lid that doubles as a trivet.

The Bodum Yo Yo set also comes with the Bodum BISTRO 12 ounce mug made from durable heavyweight borosilicate glass that is dishwasher and microwave safe. The Yo Yo tea strainer is a plastic strainer with a mesh side and holes in the bottom for maximum tea saturation but the bottom holes may be too big.

Bodum Yo Yo Set

The Yo Yo tea strainer is great for loose leaf tea and fits a wide variety of glasses and mugs due to the slimmer 2.75 inch diameter strainer. The plastic mesh is a smaller size than the bottom holes which is kind of surprising as some loose tea may slip into your cup from the bottom holes.

Using a drill bit set I found the holes on the bottom are about a gauge 40 which is .040 inches, somewhere between 1/32 and 1/16th of an inch. The mesh part is much smaller than this and holds in the tea very well but I have had some tea come from the bottom holes.

home brew tea

The strainer comes with a lid that also doubles as a trivet to keep the mess when you remove the strainer form your cup to minimum. The strainer works well but I would have liked the holes on the bottom either smaller or no holes at all because they are a bit larger and do allow tea to slip through.

I have received quite a few tea products and reviewed a few to check out how they make tea from loose leaf and the Bodum Yo Yo is the easiest and most convenient I have seen yet. Most of those tea dunkers that clamp shut let out too much tea into your cup while strainers like the Yo Yo should work better.

bodum tea time

I was kind of surprised at the bottom holes and would recommend this more if the holes on the bottom were smaller. The BISTRO mug is a great coffee and tea cup but the Yo Yo strainer just has the holes on the bottom that are too large.

My wife has started to sell her own blends of caffeine free teas and the cup with strainer works well but you do get bits of tea in your cup. The Bodum Yo Yo works well for the most part but I think the holes in the bottom were a mistake.

The Bodum BISTRO cup is a nice coffee and tea mug but the holes in the Yo Yo tea strainer make me hesitate to fully recommend it. If you don’t mind a few dregs in the bottom of your cup the Yo Yo Tea Strainer works well enough and is handy.

Yo Yo Set @ Bodum


Easy to use and cleanup
Cup is sturdy and thick
Strainer can hold plenty of tea

Holes in bottom are too large

Bodum BISTRO Electric Double Wall Water Kettle

Bodum BISTRO Electric Double Wall Water Kettle

The Bodum BISTRO Electric Water Kettle only does one thing but does it so well that you will enjoy just boiling water with a cool exterior and easy pouring.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5


The Bodum Electric Double Wall Water Kettle has a glass body surrounded by protective plastic with a removable base for easy pouring. The Double Wall Electric Kettle uses a 1500 watt heating element on the bottom to heat water quickly.

The Bodum BISTRO can hold up to 38 ounces of water and can reach boiling in about six minutes for quick water heating without using those dangerous stovetop kettles. The large plastic handle stays cool to the touch along with the exterior of the kettle for a safe kettle.

The Double Wall Electric Kettle uses a borosilicate glass that is a neutral material for the inner wall to contain heat and to keep your water clean. The outer wall is plastic to allow the outer surface of the kettle to remain cool so pouring your water is not dangerous.


Whats in the Box Bodum BISTRO

The double wall design insulates the kettle and helps keep the water warm longer than stove top kettles and the wide open top allows for easier cleaning. The top flips up with the push of the large center button on the cover and allows you to get inside for cleaning.

The pour spout works well and has a handy mesh screen that is removable but you don’t have to open the top to pour your water. The large handle stays cool to the touch even when heating water to boiling which happens pretty quickly using the 1500 watt element.

I did a little kitchen testing and found the Bodum BISTRO kettle heats water to 180 degrees in five minutes and to boiling at 212 degrees in about 6 minutes and 15 seconds. A stove top kettle heated the same amount of water to 180 degrees in 7 minutes 23 seconds and to boiling in 9 minutes and 18 seconds.

Bodum BISTRO Lid

Being able to heat water to the perfect temperature for tea at 180 degrees in almost half the time as a stove top means getting to enjoy your beverage faster. A few minutes may not make much of a difference but with the cool to the touch exterior it also makes a safer way to heat water.

The Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle has a removable design so the base that plugs in the wall stays put and you can take the kettle to your table for serving. The entire kettle remains cool on the outside so using the kettle on the table is safe.

The safety features of the spring loaded seal that protects the elements on the base are safe so you can’t accidentally come into contact with the wiring inside. The base stays put where you need it and has a two and a half foot cord that works well for countertops.

Tea Time w/ Bodum

The on off switch is on the top of the handle for convenient use and a small led indicator lets you know when the unit is on. The element does have a safety switch that will shut the kettle off when it reaches a certain temperature so it does not boil dry.

The base inside the kettle is stainless steel and glass but you should not heat anything inside but water even though the instructions do not state this. If your water is hard you may need to descale the kettle from time to time but mostly rinsing and an occasional light cleaning with soapy water is all you should do to clean the inside.

You should take care not to get the base or the bottom of the kettle wet near the connection to prevent electrical problems from kettles heating element. Using the kettle normally and occasionally rinsing it out has worked well for me and I have not seen any buildup inside after two months of use.

testing kettles

The Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle is a handy and safe way to heat water as well as a quick one that works well and is stylish. I highly recommend the Bodum BISTRO water kettle as a great countertop water kettle that works well and is much better than stovetop kettles.

Safe and Quick
Exterior stays cool to touch
Keeps water warm with double wall design



BISTRO @ Bodum

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

The Primula Coffee Brew Buddy and Tea Bag Buddy are handy single serve devices to make brewing coffee and tea easy and neat with a low price tag as well.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

Coffee Tea Primula Coffee Brew Buddy & Tea Bag Buddy

Primula sells coffee presses, tea sets, tea pots and a variety of flowering teas and continues to come up with new products in the tea and coffee ware area. A couple new items from Primula include the Coffee Brew Buddy and Tea Bag Buddy for a simple way to brew a single cup of coffee or tea and handle tea bags.

The Coffee Brew Buddy is a fine mesh filter with a plastic heat resistant funnel shaped rim for brewing coffee that also works for loose leaf tea. The Coffee Brew Buddy has a large plastic rim that is funnel shaped to allow easy pouring of hot liquids into any cup or mug and the fine mesh filter holds your coffee grounds and tea.

The Brew Buddy folds mostly flat and a simple plastic storage bag will hold the brew buddy conveniently in a purse, briefcase or pocket of a suitcase for convenient storage and use at work, school or home. The Coffee Brew Buddy is portable and convenient with its fold flat shape so using it at the office or on the road away from home and the convenience of a kitchen.

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

The Brew Buddy works as a simple filter and you can use the it for both coffee and tea as the mesh bag hangs about two and a half inches from the rim into a cup or mug. The mesh filter is held securely in the rim of the Brew Buddy and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup but simply rinsing well works just as easily.


I have made coffee and tea with the Coffee Brew Buddy and found it handy for use as a tea brewer for loose leaf teas and especially those finer ones like real chamomile. The fine parts of chamomile buds do not go through the fine mesh bag of the Coffee Brew Buddy and this makes it great as a tea brewer.

The Coffee Brew Buddy does an excellent job as a single serve coffee brewer and would work really well outdoors or at a hotel when you want your own coffee instead of that hotel brewed stuff. A simple trick would be to grind or take along your favorite coffee in one plastic bag and the Coffee Brew Buddy in another for quick use and easy storage.

Primula Tea Bag Buddy

The Tea Bag Buddy can also be used when making tea to keep your counter or work area clean and as a cover for your cup while brewing. The Tea Bag Buddy is a silicone holder that has a finger indent for grabbing the string of tea bags and a slot for the string so that the silicone Tea Bag Buddy holds your tea bag while it sits on your cup.


When the tea is ready you simply pick up the Tea Bag Buddy and put the bag in the indent on the underside and set it on the counter or toss the bag in the garbage. You can handle hot tea bags without fear of scorched fingers and without the mess for quick and easy handling of tea bags.

Brewing with Tea Bag Buddy

The silicone keeps your fingers from getting scorched or burned and also makes for a clean counter when preparing your tea. You can also use the Tea Bag Buddy to hold you Coffee Brew Buddy when making coffee to keep your counter clean as the indent does have enough room for drips even from the coffee grounds used for a regular cup of coffee.

Tea Bag Buddy for Pitcher

You can also use the Tea Bag Buddy to make pitchers of tea using larger pitcher sized tea bags or numerous regular sized ones to hold the tea bags while they are steeping. I have even used the Tea Bag Buddy to grab string less tea bags that are floating in my tea after brewing as the cupped end does make it easy to grab with.

The Coffee Brew Buddy and the Tea Bag Buddy both cost about $6 and is available at Primula, Amazon and other sites as well as stores like Target in sets.


Coffee Brew Buddy

Tea Bag Buddy

Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System

Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System

The Primula Flavor It Pitcher is a unique 3 in 1 pitcher system that can brew hot or cold beverages as well as infuse fruit into a beverage and chill beverages using the three different parts to the system.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4/5

Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3in1 Brewing System

The Primula Flavor It Pitcher is a unique beverage system that includes three different inserts to make an all-around pitcher for making beverages whether your entertaining or simply relaxing. The Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System has the pitcher with a top that includes the handle and a screw on cover along with the three inserts that each perform a different function.

The Flavor It Pitcher is 2.9 quarts so even if you take up the space of the Flavor Infuser or the Chill Core you have the standard 2 quart size pitcher for most drink mixes. The Flavor It Pitcher allows you to brew, chill and enhance your favorite drinks right in the same pitcher without the hassle of using different devices.

Three inserts include a fine mesh tea infuser, a flavor infuser basket and a freezable chill core for a good all-around assortment that works great. The Flavor It Pitcher is a dishwasher safe pitcher that has the handle as part of the screw on top of the pitcher that the cover also screws into.

Primula Pitcher Tea Infuser and Chill Core

The three inserts click into place with a quarter turn under the cover so the cover fits onto the pitcher with any of the inserts installed. The cover screws down and has a rubber seal to not allow liquid to spill out of the pitcher if you tip it without opening the cover using the indicators on the top.

The pitcher is made from BPA-free Tritan which is a tough scratch and shatter resistant polymer material that is also heat resistant. You can pour hot liquid like water almost at boiling and the pitcher will not warp, melt or disfigure due to the heat of almost boiling water.

The Flavor It Pitcher works well to make teas but coffee was not that great, I prefer to brew my coffee using a regular coffee maker. The teas I made were great using regular bags of teas in single serve and pitcher sizes and loose tea which comes in a wide variety.

The tea infuser has plastic and metal parts but the metal is all stainless steel to prevent rusting while the basket part has a plastic mesh for the water to go through to your tea leaves. The basket is a good size for larger pitcher brewing and those tea bags designed for pitcher brewing fits perfectly with room to spare.

The Primula 3-in-1 pitcher does a great job of making tea but that is not where it ends, you can quickly go from tea to table by using the frozen Chill Core. The Chill Core insert is a plastic nontoxic gel filled insert that can be frozen and used to cool down or keep your drinks cool once you have cooled it in the fridge.

The Chill Core does have two parts but you never need to take these apart unless you need to clean between them, the one piece has the parts for locking the core into the pitcher. You can take the Chill Core apart for washing but both pieces can easily go into the freezer or into hot liquid without worries and the gel is fully sealed into the core.

I had no problems dunking the Chill Core into the pitcher of hot tea and quickly cooling down the pitcher without the chill core completely thawing. The chill core when used in already cool or cold liquids will of course last much longer but it did pretty well when used in hot tea.

Primula Pitcher w Flavor Infuser

Another great way to cool down the hot tea you just made for immediate consumption is to use the Flavor Infuser insert and frozen fruit. The Flavor Infuser allows you to add fresh or frozen ingredients such as fruits, herbs and spices to your favorite drinks as long as they are not too small.


The Flavor Infuser is a simple plastic basket with slots all up and down the sides so that fruit and other ingredients will easily infuse your drinks. The basket makes it easy to use whole lemons, strawberries or mint leaves in your drink without getting larger pieces into your drink.

Adding frozen strawberries and cranberries to a green tea makes a great refreshing drink for parties or just relaxing after work. The infuser works great for things like spices and herbs such as fresh mint leaves or pieces of ginger but you can use dried herbs or spices as well.

The slots on the infuser are an eighth of an inch tall and an inch wide so bits of fruit or spices may get into your drink when pouring. As long as you don’t use things like mulling spices in the Flavor Infuser guests should not have a problem with chunks of fruit or pieces of inedible herbs or spices in their drinks.

A good idea that I will try this fall is mulling spices in the tea infuser until the apple cider has reached the appropriate level of spiciness and then using apples in the Flavor Infuser. The possibilities are nearly endless when you want to combine the tea basket and flavor infuser for a variety of choices from teas and fruits to herbs and spices that can add flavor and spice up your drinks.

Loading the Flavor Infuser

The Flavor Infuser is a great part of the beverage system and really adds a lot of potential to your dining or parties as well as those simple treats for you and your family. I have only begun to use the Primula Flavor It Pitcher and still have the holidays coming up this winter to look forward to with entertaining.

I have seen various pitchers like this one at Sam’s Club and Bed Bath & Beyond but the others always have just one part of the system like the Flavor Infuser. The Primula 3-in-1 System includes all three so you don’t have to buy separate pitchers or tea pots to make your beverages and add flavor like fresh fruit.

Cleanup is easy and the plastics used do not stain so coffee and tea does not discolor the pitcher or parts at all thanks to the polymer material. All the parts are dishwasher safe or you can use hot soapy water in the sink to clean off your Primula pitcher.

The Flavor It Pitcher is available on line and at many stores like Bed Bath & Beyond for about $35 which is a great price for the tough pitcher with so many features. I highly recommend the Primula Flavor It Pitcher for a great pitcher that can brew tea as well as serve and cool a wide variety of beverages.

Primula Website