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GoSmart Stylus 200 & 300 Series

GoSmart Stylus 200 & 300 Series

The GoSmart stylus is an unusual but well-designed stylus with a target tip that is Teflon coated to protect your tablet screen but the unique open design tip is where the GoSmart sets itself apart.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features: 5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars


The GoSmart stylus for both the 200 and 300 series are uniquely designed stylus that include an aluminum body with or without magnets to attach to your tablet or other metal surfaces but the tip is what really makes these different. The GoSmart stylus have a unique metal tip that is Teflon coated to protect your screen and is a circle and crosshair design for easily seeing where the exact tip rests on your tablet.

GoSmart 200 & 300 Series Stylus

The crosshair design means you see exactly where the tip of your stylus is at any moment instead of those big fat foam rubber tips that are not as precise for typing and other uses such as drawing and image editing. The tip is on a spring that inserts into the front of the stylus body for an easily replaceable tip that is also available from GoSmart for about $7 while the 200 and 300 series stylus cost about $24 without magnets and $25 with magnets.

The 200 series GoSmart stylus have a plain round body with a plastic colored cap while the 300 series is a tapered body with a rocket fin rubber cap that is also available in a small variety of colors. The caps come in blue, white, red and black while the aluminum body of both series have a nicely textured body for a smooth but comfortable grip on your stylus while using it.

The embedded magnets on the two stylus I received for review are handy for connecting to the side magnets on the iPad tablets to hold the pen or to stick them to steel surfaces like the side of a computer case. I can keep my stylus in handy reach at my desk on the side of the case while the 200 series has the clip on the cap for easy use to clip the stylus on a cover or a pocket.

The 300 series is more of a cute design but if you’re not worried about needing a clip the rocket design is a fun way to approach a stylus but both stylus work equally as well which is fantastic. The tip with its open design allows you to see more of your screen and ensure you are precise when using the stylus which works extremely well for all uses but especially for image editing and drawing.

Tip & Magnet Detail

The Teflon coating ensures you don’t scratch your screen but the GoSmart website does advise using a screen protector to prevent fine scratches which is a good idea to protect your investment. I had no problems using a variety of drawing, sketch and image editing programs like the new Adobe Photoshop Touch tablet image editing program as the stylus worked smoothly but precision is where the main difference can be seen.

Seeing exactly where the tip of the stylus is touching the screen makes image editing and drawing a real ease on your tablet using the precise GoSmart stylus tip design which is easily half the size as traditional foam rubber tips. I highly recommend the GoSmart stylus for precise touch screen use while the 200 or 300 series style is more a personal choice for a professional or a more fun style.

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