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Nexus NX-5000 V1 550 Watt Real Silent Power Supply

Nexus NX-5000 V1 550 Watt Real Silent Power Supply

The Nexus V1 NX-5000 V1 is the next generation of ATX silent power supply that features 85 percent efficiency and low noise levels that make for a great power supply for a quite computer system.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  4/5

Recommendation:  4/5 Stars

Nexus NX-5000 Silent Power Supply

After eight years of building computers from parts I have received for review I have had one power supply die on me in use in a computer and it was not a new one. The PSU that died was over six years old and I have not had any other power supplies die on me or become nonfunctional in that time.

I have reviewed 9 power supplies and have only had one go bad but several have been working for years in a variety of systems I have been using on a daily basis. The Nexus NX-5000 is a 550 watt silent power supply that has a well-built system including the nice filtering and protection needed for modern computers and their protection should something go wrong.

NX-5000 Silent Power Supply Whats in the Box

The Nexus NX-5000 has all the right components and features that good long lasting power supplies need including a two year warranty and 85 percent efficiency. The NX-5000 is certified as 80 Plus Silver specifications for efficiency with over 85 percent efficiency.

This efficiency means that the power supply is using at least 85 percent of the energy its drawing out of your home for power to your computer instead of heat. When a cheaper power supply is less efficient it wastes your electricity as heat out of the power supply instead of delivering that power to your computer.

Good power supplies also have many features to protect your computer and to prevent dangerous fires if and or when a power supply should fail. Protection circuits inside a power supply are easily identifiable and are often built onto the main circuit board but often can be missing some of the components to keep the cost down.

NX-5000 Silent Power Supply Cables

The first up in protection is transient filtering and the various over and under voltage and current protections that good power supplies have. This power supply has no empty spots where the circuits were supposed to go and all the circuits are there with good quality components.

Part of the protection circuitry is on a separate board that helps to keep it away from the heat so they didn’t cram everything on the one circuit board. The power supply inside looks good with decent sized heat sinks made of aluminum and components that are well spaced.

Good component location and well-spaced components lead to better heat removal using the fan and that fan is whisper quiet. The NX-5000 fan is quieter than other components in the system like the hard drive and CPU cooler fan.

Inside the NX-5000

The NX-5000 has a non-modular design with the sleeved cables being permanently attached and soldered to the main circuit board. The NX-5000 V1 has the usual computer motherboard cables, two sets of SATA cables and a set of PCI-express cables.

The Nexus NX-5000 is capable of running a PCI-Express graphics card that requires two six pin power connections along with multiple hard drives and optical drives. The PSU has plenty of Molex connectors for addition peripherals inside like fans and liquid cooling systems.

I have had the NX-5000 Silent Power Supply installed in my work computer for a month without any problems and the PSU has been running smoothly. The guaranteed 85 percent efficient NX-5000 power supply from Nexus works great and is an excellent option for single graphics card systems.

NX-5000 Silent Power Supply Installed

Even though I do not test power supplies using sophisticated PSU testing systems my review does just what a normal customer would. I install the PSU and put it through normal day to day use as well as poke around under the hood to see what circuits are there and any that are skimped on.

The NX-5000 skimps on nothing with quality components and a 24 month warranty for those times when you may need it but from my record I have not had a problem in the past with this brand at all. I highly recommend the NX-5000 V1 Silent Power Supply from Nexus as a great Real Silent Compact ATX Power Supply that works well.

NX-5000 V1 @ Nexus

Nexus NX-5000 @ End PC Noise


Certified 85 percent Efficiency
Quiet Operation
ErP2013 .5 watts power while on Standby

Non Modular cables limit system

Nexus RX-6500 650 Watt Silent Modular Power Supply

Nexus RX-6500 650 Watt Silent Modular Power Supply

The Nexus RX-6500 is a fantastic modular power supply with enough power to run a good computer system that uses a modular cable system for better cable management inside your case.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

Nexus RX-6500 Modular Power Supply

The Nexus RX-6500 is a modular power supply with an 85 percent efficiency for money savings in a quiet and modular computer power supply. The RX-6500 has 650 watts of power available for your computer needs with a very quiet fan that is not audible above the rest of the components in my system.

The Nexus RX-6500 modular power supply is the bigger brother to my recent power supply review of the NX-5000 V1 but with a few extra features that do stand out. The RX-6500 is an 85 percent efficient power supply which means it’s using at least 85 percent of the power it draws and does not output it as heat.

Nexus RX-6500 Modular Cables

Efficiency in a power supply is all about reducing heat and saving money so it is one important factor but another one is cable management. The RX-6500 uses four fixed connectors for the main power on your motherboard and a video card with the others being modular or removable.

The main power, motherboard power and a set of PCI-Express connectors are permanently fixed to the power supply and can supply the main power to your system. Four other cables will supply power to drives, a second graphics card and other peripherals and accessories.

Inside the RX-6500

The inside of the RX-6500 looks clean with great spacing, quality components and all the protection circuits a top quality power supply should have. There are no missing parts on the circuit board and just like the NX-5000 V1 a small circuit card with some of the protection circuits is on a smaller separate board that stands above the main circuit board.

The heat sinks are a decent sized aluminum and the main capacitors and coils are all good sized for the best in long term quality. The inside looks nice but the fan is one thing that amazes me more because of the lack of noise over the good looks.


I replaced a good power supply but the fan was a bit noisy, not enough to warrant a quick replacement but enough that I did notice it when my gaming computer was turned on. The RX-6500 modular power supply is now the quiet system with both of my computers being much quieter then previously.


My room fans here in the beginning of summer are now louder than my computers which is how I like it and I have had no problems with the RX-6500 modular power supply . I highly recommend the Nexus RX-6500 for a great mid-range power supply that can handle a good processor and video card up to a mid-range dual graphics card system.

Of course you will want to check your system to make sure you get a proper wattage power supply using a power supply calculator. Nexus carries a full line of higher, medium and lower wattage power supplies and the NX-6500 is yet another great power supply.

RX-6500 @ Nexus

RX-6500 @ End PC Noise PC

Very Quiet Fan
Good component placement
85% Energy Efficient
Modular cables