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iBattz Mojo Vogue Battstation Review

iBattz Mojo Vogue Battstation Review

The Mojo Vogue Battstation is a handy pocket sized charger for smartphones and other devices with 5,600 mAh of power for charging smaller handheld devices.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  4/5

Recommendation:  4/5 Stars

iBattz Mojo Vogue Battstation

The iBattz Mojo Vogue Battstation is a 5,600 mAh battery for charging your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets but does not quite have the juice to charge larger tablets. The 5,600 mAh battery has a USB mini B connection for charging the Battstation and a USB A for charging up your devices.

The 5,600 mAh battery has enough power to charge devices like tablets and smartphones but only has 1 amp of power at the output for your device. The iBattz Mojo Vogue can charge a Nexus 7 and Playbook tablet easily along with a variety of smartphones but just does not have the power needed for higher draw devices.

Mojo Vogue Battstation

The iPad requires 2.1 amps while the Mojo Vogue only puts out 1 amp so it will only charge an iPad if it is off and it will charge it slowly. It takes about 6 hours to charge the iBattz Mojo Vogue fully and has an indicator to show charge status using a single LED indicator.

The LED light on the battery shows a flashing blue for 67 to 100 percent charge and green for 34 to 66 percent with a red for 0 to 33 percent. Double pressing the side button turns the white LED light on and off while pressing it once shows the battery level and starts charging devices.

Mojo Vogue Connections

The white LED can be used as a flashlight but is not very bright but can be used in case of emergency or when you really need a little bit of light. The iBattz Mojo Vogue Battstation comes with a USB mini B cable but no charger so you need to either use a PC or MAC connection to charge the battery or use another USB charger.

The iBattz Mojo Vogue Battstation also comes with a soft cloth case, a 30 pin Apple adapter and a Galaxy Tab adapter with a quick user guide. The Mojo Vogue is a nice size at about 4 inches by 2 inches by one or so and comes in three colors for a nice variety.

Mojo Vogue Charging Smartphone

I had no problem charging up a smartphone twice with a full charge on the Mojo Vogue as well as fully charging either my Nexus 7 or Playbook once. The 5,600 mAh has enough power to charge most handheld devices and can charge a cellphone twice from a full charge.

I used the device a few times at craft shows to keep my smartphone charged so we could use the phone to accept credit cards. The Mojo Vogue Battstation fits nicely in a cash box, purse or back pocket but would be a bit bulky for a front pants pocket.

I had no problems with the Mojo Vogue Battstation and can highly recommend it as a fantastic charger for mobile devices in a convenient size.

Mojo Vogue Battstation @ iBattz

Mojo Vogue Battstation @ Amazon

Handy convenient size with 5,600 mAh
Can charge cell phone twice from full charge
Can charge variety of handheld devices

LED light not very bright