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PORTER-CABLE 20 Volt MAX Lithium Ion Drill Driver Kit

PORTER-CABLE 20 Volt MAX 1/2” Lithium Ion Drill Driver Kit

The PORTER-CABLE 20 Volt MAX Drill Driver model PCCK600LB is a light weight drill driver that uses the Lithium Ion 1.5 amp/hour batteries for long life on tough jobs.


Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

PORTER-CABLE 20 Volt MAX Drill Driver

PORTER-CABLE may have seen a bit of hard times with rebranding and image issues in the past after a buyout but has reemerged as a power tool company for professionals and home users. The PORT-CABLE 20 Volt MAX line of tools is a tough tool and the drill driver has both the power and light weight for home users and professionals.

The PORTER-CABLE drill driver comes with the tool itself, two batteries, charger, manual and a double sided bit with carry case. The PORTER-CABLE drill driver has a tough plastic body with several rubber pads for protection and comfort while the on tool battery level indicator makes a handy feature.

The 20 Volt MAX Drill Driver uses the 1.5 amp/hour Lithium Ion batteries that only take about a half hour to charge using the included charger. The charger has a charge indicator and is simple to use while the drill driver itself is also very easy to use for tough and simple jobs.

Whats in the Box Porter-Cable

The PORTER-CABLE drill driver has a low torque and high speed along with low speed and high torque setting while chuck includes a screw depth feature. The torque along with the depth settings make for a handy all around tool for tough jobs professionally and for home use.

The through body reverse and forward button makes switching easy while the LED light gives just enough light to help finding the heads of screws in low light spots. The drill driver works well and I had no problems using it for several jobs including my current kitchen renovations.

I have been tearing out small wall sections and putting up shelves, trim boards and drilling holes through my floor and wall sections for wiring. The PORTER-CABLE drill driver has been more than tough enough to drill 3/4 inch holes through flooring and 2 by 4 studs using blade wood bits.


Driving screws whether the smaller two inch or the full 3 and a half inch screws to fasten studs together is a simple job with the 20 volt MAX drill driver. The PORTER-CABLE drill driver can easily drill through full studs and treated lumber using both wood bits and twist bits.

The 1.5 amp/hour batteries hold a good amount of power and only take about a half hour to charge which is a good balance between size and power. The drill driver with the battery weighs less than 4 pounds which is a great compromise between weight and power for the drill driver.

The PORTER-CABLE drill driver can handle tough jobs and does a great job as a professional tool that would be great for jobsites. The half hour charge time means a quick turnaround from charging to ready to use while the light weight works well for repetitive jobs.

Torque Switch & Magnetic Holders

Last year I repaired a fence by removing and replacing about a hundred pickets which meant a lot of removing screws using a drill driver. The lighter weight PORTER CABLE drill driver would not have aggravated my carpal tunnel as much as the five pound driver I did use.

The light weight and fast recharge time means a fantastic tool for both do it yourself work and for professionals which PORTER-CABLE is known for. The PORTER-CABLE tool also has a three year warranty for defective parts and a one year free service for worn parts and maintenance.

I have been using the PORTER-CABLE drill driver for a month on some pretty tough work and can easily recommend it for both home use and as a professional tool. I highly recommend the PORTR-CABLE 12 Volt MAX Drill Driver a as fantastic tool whether you are doing tough jobs at home or as a professional.

Drill Driver in Case

12 Volt MAX Drill Driver Video

12 Volt MAX Drill Driver @ PORT-CABLE

12 Volt Max Drill Driver @ Amazon

Tough light weight Tool
High and low torque
Fast recharge time
Good Warranty
Handy LED light