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Quik Pod DSLR/POV Monopod

Quik Pod DSLR/POV Monopod

The Quik Pod DSLR/POV is a handheld monopod that is made from aluminum and has the POV mirror to use the monopod for self-portraits but when fully extended it does not support a DSLR camera well.

Ease of Use, Performance:  1/5
Look & Feel:  1/5
Features:  3/5
How much I enjoy:  1/5

Recommendation:  1/5 Stars

Quik Pod DSLR/POV Monopod

The Quik Pod Monopod for the DSLR/POV cameras makes a nice monopod but for self-portraits using a full sized DSLR you may want to rethink this solution. The Quik Pod is an interesting monopod and does work well in the field to steady your DSLR cameras.

The Quik Pod is a four section pole with three quick release latches that hold each section in place while the swivel head quick release holds your camera. The quick release head has a small mirror to use for self-portraits along with a hand strap to help hold the Quik Pod.

Quik Pod Whats in the Box

The Quik Pod can be used to take portraits of yourself without help from someone else but a full sized DSLR may be a bit too heavy for the monopod. The first smallest section is about a half inch thick with each section being larger up to the inch diameter of the handle section.

This small size pole with the weight of a full sized DSLR camera bends the pole when it is fully extended which is a bit alarming. The pole dips several inches when the full weight of my Canon DSLR is on the end of the Quik Pod which makes it unsteady.

Quik Pod w/ DSLR

The Quik Pod makes it hard to use as a handheld monopod to take pictures of yourself unless you prop the camera up against something to take part of the weight of a full DSLR camera. The monopod does not work well to hold a DSLR and take pictures of yourself just because it is not sturdy enough to take a twenty two ounce camera and hold it at arm’s length.

The Quik Pod does work well with smaller cameras like point and shoot ones or those small point of view action cameras to take shots and video of yourself. The Quik Pod DSLR/POV comes with a mount adapter for the GOPRO as well as a quick release for the common 1/4 inch thread that works well but the sections latches and the quick release are made from plastic.

Quik Pod Camera Mount

The pole sections are made from aluminum while many of the other parts are ABS plastic with stainless steel pins and bolts for corrosion resistance even in salt water. A better quick release and parts made from metal would make for a stronger monopod and a sturdier handheld pole but the plastic parts make me concerned for quality over time.

The Quik Pod as a monopod to hold your cameras upright and take pictures works well and I could recommend it as an inexpensive monopod if it cost less. The Quik Pod to take pictures of yourself while holding heavier DSLR cameras at a few feet from you does not work well.

Quik Pod w/ 2.5 pound DSLR

I just cannot recommend the Quik Pod for use with a full sized DSLR camera as a handheld monopod for taking self-portraits. The Quik Pod DSLR/POV costs about $70 which is quite a bit for a monopod and for that price I was expecting a bit better build quality.

Quik Pod DSLR/POV @ Quik Pod

Quik Pod @ Amazon

Self Portrait w/ Quik Pod

Lightweight Monopod
Comes with Quick Release and GoPro Mount

Plastic Parts could be better quality
Does not hold up four pounds of DSLR without bending