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Aerocinno Plus Nespresso Frother

Aerocinno Plus Nespresso Frother

The Aerocinno Plus by Nespresso is a fantastic Nespresso frother for espresso based drinks with an easy to clean pitcher that has two simple to replace frother whisks.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4.5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 4.5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 4.5/5

Nespresso Frother Aerocinno Plus

The Aerocinno Plus Nespresso Frother is a great frother for heating and frothing milk or simply frothing without heat for espresso based and other drinks. The Aerocinno Plus makes a great companion to the Nespresso single serve espresso machines available from Nespresso.

Nespresso Frother Aerocinno Plus Whats in the Box

The Aerocinno Plus is a handy milk frother that works well and is easy to clean that has two discs for both frothing and for stirring milk. The Nespresso Frother uses a base with the electric cord attached and a connector for the removable pitcher that plugs into the base.

The pitcher has the bottom connections for plugging into the base and the inside of the pitcher has the level indicators for milk and the post for the discs. The discs sit on top of the post and are held in place by magnets on the motor top that also spin the discs.

The Aerocinno Plus uses a magnet system to suspend the frothing and heating discs above the top shaft of the motor inside the pitcher so the discs actually do not touch the pitcher at all. The discs spin without making contact and so no need for bearings or other components that would wear out internally for a longer lifespan of the frother.

Inside the Aerocinno Plus Nespresso Frother

The inside of the pitcher is nonstick to make cleanup easier with the motor parts inside the pitcher under the seamless interior of the pitcher. The pitcher does have the motor and heating element inside so dishwashing is out but a simple rinse and occasional wash in the sink with soapy water works well.

While you can get the bottom of the pitcher wet I would avoid keeping it underwater and simply wash then rinse the pitcher without leaving it soaking. I have been using a foam brush to wash out my Aerocinno Plus after use for making my lattes and cappuccinos.

The Aerocinno Plus Nespresso Frother is an easy to use frother and with the easy to remove froth and stirring discs its easy to make espresso based drinks. The pitcher simply sets on the base and is easy to remove for quick pouring and cleanup as well as filling at the fridge.

Cappuccino w/ Aeroccino Plus Nespresso Frother

You can use the simple front button to make heated milk with the stirring disc or you can press the button for a few seconds and wait for it to turn blue to just froth the milk without heating it. The red or blue indicator around the front button is easy to use to get the frothed and heated or simply frothed milk for your drinks.

You can use the frothed milk for espresso based drinks and other drinks like smoothies and hot chocolate but steamers are a favorite that has become popular in coffee shops. Steamers are simply steamed milk with flavored syrup like Torani’s for a different hot drink without the caffeine fix for something just a bit different.

The Aerocinno Plus works extremely well and only takes about a minute to heat and froth or simply froth without heating so it works very quickly. I highly recommend the Aerocinno Plus frother for a fantastic frother available as a set with many recent Nespresso machines or by itself.

Aeroccino Plus @ Nespresso

Capresso froth PRO Milk Frother

Capresso froth PRO Milk Frother

The Capresso froth PRO automatic milk frother is a unique milk frother and heater to create your home brewed beverages with hot, warm and cold frothed milk.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 97/100

Capresso froth PRO Milk Frother

The Capresso froth PRO milk frother is a semi automatic appliance that produces frothed milk either hot or cold in a small metal pitcher. The froth PRO is an easy way to create espresso based drinks, hot chocolates and much more with frothed milk as one ingredient.

The froth PRO comes with the base unit, the metal pitcher and three heating/frothing discs along with the instructions. The Capresso froth PRO uses three settings for your frothed milk; froth, froth with low heat and froth with high heat.

The frother has the three lighted buttons on the front with a snow flake on one, a cup with three lines rising out of it for high and the low heat has two lines rising out of a cup. Once you choose your frothing blade for either frothing or just heating you snap it into place in the bottom of the frothing pitcher and set the pitcher on the base.

Whats in the Box Capresso froth PRO Milk Frother

The froth PRO comes with two frothing discs and one heating disc, the two frothing discs are the same so you get a spare with your frother. The plastic discs are easy to insert or remove and store in the bottom of the base for easy access when not in use.

The base uses a magnet to spin the frothing blade so there are no gears or sprockets connecting the pitcher to the base like blenders use. The frother will spin the blade and either froth or heat while frothing the milk with the spoked frothing blade.

The smooth blade without spokes will spin but only heat the milk without any frothing action for drinks that you want with just heated milk. The frother works by heating the area of the base where the bottom of the pitcher is and there are two small push button switches there for safety.

Pitcher and Base

The froth PRO will not heat up or turn on when the pitcher is not in place so you need not worry about a fire hazard when the pitcher is removed. The pitcher fits neatly on the base and has a recessed area that the pitcher sits in so you cannot knock the pitcher over by accident.

To warm milk you simply add milk between the minimum and maximum lines and press either the low or high heat button using the heat disc. To froth milk you simply use a froth disc and push any of the buttons to froth with or without heat.

The lid of the pitcher is clear so you can keep an eye on your milk frothing and is also easy to clean up, both the pitcher and lid are dishwasher safe in the top rack. If the base gets dirty from spills you can lightly scrub it with a moistened rag and some baking soda which takes off stains form the brushed aluminum of the heating area.

Making a Cappuccino

Cleanup is easy with the nonstick surface of the pitcher and the plastic discs that cleanup simply by rinsing and wiping out if any milk residue has stuck to any parts. I usually rinse out the pitcher with hot water and use a foam brush to wipe out any milk residue.

The Capresso froth Pro is a simple but effective way to easily warm and froth milk for coffee based drinks like cappuccino and lattes. You can also create drinks like chocolate milk from frothed milk and chocolate syrup or even with straight cocoa powder and your choice of sweeteners.

Capresso offers a wide selection of recipes for hot and cold drinks that are a great way to experiment with the froth PRO for some additional fun. Entertaining is simple using the froth PRO, I find the timing between frothing my milk and setting up and pulling a shot of espresso works well.

Making an Italian Soda

When making espresso based drinks using the  Capresso froth PRO I pour and start the frother and then setup and pull my espresso shot. If all goes well I have pulled the shot and started to clean up the espresso machine and washing out the porta filter when the frother stops with my hot frothed milk.

I have had absolutely no problem at all with the froth PRO, it has quietly and diligently been frothing milk since I received it. Cleaning the base is the only word of caution I have along with not placing the pitcher back on the base after washing it, the base heats up where the pitcher sits.

When you put any water or spill milk on the base it will sizzle and any liquid getting in and around the buttons may cause damage to the frother. I keep a silicone hot pad on my counter to set the hot pitcher on after pouring my drink and use it to let the pitcher dry after washing.

The Capresso froth PRO costs about $60 which may seem a bit expensive, this would be the only downside to the product I could find, it is a bit expensive. I highly recommend the Capresso froth PRO for a fantastic milk frother, when you consider the cost of a good grinder and espresso machine this is not that much more for a frother that will heat and froth at the same time.

Capresso Website