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Milwaukee’s Best Impact Driver & Shockwave Accessories for Home Use

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Impact Driver is the best impact driver for home and do it yourself use while the Shockwave accessories add a great set of extras to your tool kit.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 5/5

I snapped the tool bit holder right at the smallest diameter which was the same size as the Shockwave bit holder I received from Milwaukee. I was working on my minivan changing the spark plugs which is one choir I do not relish as it takes a lot of work just to get to those spark plugs.

Three spark plugs sit under the intake manifold which means taking off the windshield washer assembly and stuff right under the windshield or taking the van into a mechanic. I had grabbed a bit holder and socket to remove the bolts holding the windshield wiper motor and arms to the body of the minivan.

The new generic bit holder snapped right off with the first press of the trigger on the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Impact Driver so I grabbed the Shockwave bit holder from Milwaukee. The 2” bit holder that I received from Milwaukee is part of their new Shockwave line of accessories and is made from tougher stuff than the bit holder I first grabbed and snapped in two.

Milwaukee's Best Impact Driver
M18 FUEL Hex Impact Driver

The Shockwave accessories are made from heat treated steel but are similar in design as most other bit holders but have some additional features. A smooth spot on extensions for a safer grip and black anodized coating are just a few of the features of the new Shockwave accessories.

I have been using the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/4” Impact Driver for small and big jobs and found that it is the best impact driver for all kinds of work. I worked on that vehicle for a month now and finally figured out that the Chrysler minivan only likes a specific brand of spark plugs which I did not know the first time I replaced them.

I have also been working around my house on other odd jobs along with continuing my kitchen renovation with more shelves and wood work. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver I received comes as a kit model number 2653-22 and has the impact driver, two M18 Fuel batteries, battery charger and carry case.

Whats in the Box
Whats in the Box

The M18 Fuel Impact Driver comes with the belt clip and has a pull C-Ring bit holder on the front of the tool with the three buttons for torque on the base of the driver near the battery connection. The M18 batteries clip into the base of the tools pistol grip handle and allows for quick changes of the batteries which take about 60 minutes to charge using the included M12 and M18 multi charger.

The best impact driver to use for smaller jobs and even those medium sized jobs like home renovation should have all the accessories and the features you need and Milwaukee has them. The M18 Fuel Impact Driver has three modes with a low, medium and high inch pound setting for a good range jobs along with the reversible motor.

The low setting uses 200 inch pounds and up to 850 RPM’s while the medium setting has 700 inch pounds and up to 2,100 RPM’s for tougher jobs but less chance of breaking fasteners. The third setting uses 1,600 inch pounds and up to 2,900 RPM’s for those tough jobs but you need to be careful in some jobs like tightening bolts on an automobile so you don’t over tighten them.

M18 FUEL Impact Driver in Case
M18 FUEL Impact Driver in Carry Case

For jobs like my minivan I did not use the best impact driver from Milwaukee to tighten fasteners but only to remove them so I did not over tighten any bolts. I was unable to loosen the wheel lugs on my minivan but for other jobs under the hood the M18 Impact Driver was a great help.

The Impact Driver has a small LED bulb to give little extra light along with a removable belt clip that you can install on either side of the tools base. The base also has a safety cord loop on the back for a lanyard or cord if needed while the belt loop allows for easy use and easy access during a job.

I have really put the Milwaukee impact driver through its paces around my house with the general work I do setting up my garden and the new things my wife wants to try like a compost bin. The best impact driver I have used so far is definitely the Milwaukee M18 FUEL but the company is also highlighting their Shockwave line of accessories.

Shockwave Accessories
Shockwave Accessories

The first feature I noticed when unpacking my tools was the smooth dip in the bit holders about an inch from the end which makes holding the bit holder with bare fingers easy. The smooth machined surface allows you to hold the end of any of their extensions without injuring yourself.

The most common bits used in homes, automobiles and just about any hardware is the Philips bit so a set of Philips bits and bit holder make the best accessory along with the impact driver. Milwaukee sells small packages of bits like the #2 Philips along with a two inch bit holder so you never run out of those bits when you need them.

One other accessory I have found that is indispensable around the home is nut drivers to use with the best impact driver so all those odd jobs can be finished quickly. The 1/4” hex end nut drivers come in a variety of sizes and have a magnet imbedded in the end so the bolts or nuts don’t fall or are easier to install.

One handy accessory that is a new one for me at home but not new to me is the Shockwave 11 piece 30 degree knuckle that is a pivoting bit holder used to reach odd and tight spots. The body of the adapter has a 1/4 inch hex drive and a 1/4 hex magnetic holder and snaps from straight to a 30 degree angle.

The top body of the adapter is knurled to allow for easy holding while the larger bottom half is smooth and the hex center spins inside the body. The adapter is perfect to use in getting at screws or bolts that are in odd places just like inside a car where this came in handy for getting out some bolts.

The Shockwave adapters are high quality steel and tough enough to withstand daily use easily while the black anodized steel of most of the parts means no rusting. The Shockwave accessories are all great quality and really highlight the Milwaukee impact driver which is also a great tool.

I highly recommend the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/4” Hex Impact Driver and the Shockwave accessories as the best impact driver and accessories for home and do it yourself work.

M18 Impact Driver Video

M18 Impact Driver @ Milwaukee

M18 Fuel Impact Driver @ Amazon

Tough high quality cordless power tool
Long lasting battery pack with on pack level indicator
Impact torque for higher torque jobs
Kit includes 2 batteries
Shockwave accessories are high quality