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Nesco Digital Top Mounted Dehydrator

Nesco Digital Top Mounted Dehydrator

The Nesco Digital Top Mounted Dehydrator is an excellent dehydrator to help save money and to create excellent preserved delicacies easily and quickly.

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Nesco has been making cookware since the early 1930’s with the introduction of their now famous roaster oven as well as food dehydrators. The Nesco Digital Food Dehydrator now brings features that home cooks and professionals have wanted in an inexpensive package.

The Nesco FD-77DT Digital Food Dehydrator brings digital heat control to the popular food dehydrator for better temperature control. Using an adjustable heat allows you to dry foods at the best temperatures for the best food preservation possible.

Nesco FD-77DT Digital Dehydrator
Nesco FD-77DT Digital Dehydrator

The Nesco FD-77DT is a round dehydrator that measures about 13 inches across and is about 10 inches tall when you have the base all four trays and the top. The heating element is 600 watts controlled by the digital front panel along that also has the timer as part of the controls.

All the wiring and the power cord are in the top unit so no wiring is under any dripping foods you’re dehydrating for safety. The trays are about an inch tall but you should always use at least four trays for proper air circulation throughout the dehydrator.

Whats in the Box
Whats in the Box

The FD-77DT dehydrator dries food using air flow from a fan and heat from heating elements with digital control on the front panel. The heater goes from 95 degrees to 160 degrees for different foods but the fan only has one speed when dehydrating.

Foods need different temperatures to dehydrate because of the different water content they have as well as the general thickness of foods you are dehydrating. Thinner foods like herbs have a lower water content than thicker foods like strawberries so higher heat is better.

Commercial vs Home Dehydrating
Commercial vs Home Dehydrating

With those thinner foods using a lower heat ensures you keep the color of the food so it looks better when preparing and eating. Enjoying food is a sensory experience and sight has a lot to do with our enjoyment of eating so getting dehydrated foods looking good is important.

Using the correct heat means the best drying process so you retain the color of food while getting rid of water that helps to preserve food. Dehydrating food for preserving means getting rid of water that will make the food last longer without refrigeration.

Dehydrating Fruit
Dehydrating Fruit

The digital control allows you to set the perfect temperature for drying smaller and thinner foods like herbs and leaves or flower petals. The higher temperatures work better for thicker things like fruit and meats to create dried fruit and jerky.

The Nesco Digital Dehydrator works just fine for all kinds of foods and is easy to expand with extra trays, more fruit roll sheets and screens for smaller food. You can also buy jerky seasonings, cures and a jerky gun to make jerky from ground meats.

Dehydrating Pet Treats
Dehydrating Pet Treats

The included manual and recipe book has plenty of good recipes for basic dehydrating but you can also find a lot of recipes and guides on the internet. I found several very good recipes for jerky which is a popular choice when people think of dehydrating.

I have dried and dehydrated numerous foods and have really enjoyed the better performing digital dehydrator as it really does make dehydrating easier. The Nesco FD-77DT is an excellent dehydrator and one that I can easily recommend for home dehydrating.

Nesco FD-77DT @ Nesco

Nesco FD-77DT @ Amazon

Digital control for best temperature
Older round trays work with new dehydrator
Expandable with more trays, fruit roll sheets and screens
Easy to clean