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Imusa Wok Review 7 Piece Asian Gift Set with 14” Non-Stick Wok

Imusa Wok Review 7 Piece Asian Gift Set with 14” Non-Stick Wok

My Imusa Wok Review

The Imusa 14” Non-Stick wok makes a great wok for quick stir frying as well as a great pan for a wide variety of cooking including deep frying and sautéing.

Ease of Use/Performance: 4/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Imusa Asian Wok Set Imusa Wok Review

Total: 4.5/5

While stir frying using a stove top may be frowned upon I found you could get the heat high enough to make a great tasting meal but higher heat would be better. The Imusa 14” Non-Stick Wok is available as an individual purchase or as part of a set with a half-moon rack and some bamboo utensils along with the non-stick coated steel wok.

Imusa Non-Stick Wok Imusa Wok Review

The Imusa wok has a non-stick coating over the inside and outside of the wok while the wooden handles allow you to work with the wok on the stove top. The flat bottom is about 6 inches across and allows my stoves largest burner a good surface to heat while some of the flames are licking up the sides to help heat the entire wok.

As evidenced by the heat patterns on the outside flames going up the sides make an important part of cooking with a wok because you want high heat with the most in the bottom of your wok. With the heat licking up the sides you allow the sides to continue cooking your food but at a lower temperature than the bottom where you sear and boil.

Simple Stir Fry Imusa Wok Review

The Imusa Wok has slightly ribbed sides to help hold food when you push it up the sides while the smooth bottom makes for great searing and high heat cooking. The bottom of the non-stick wok cooks well and for stir frying you get a decent area to cook for a small family but for larger recipes you might have to cook in two batches.

The Imusa Wok worked very well for simple stir fry recipes but I think if I could get the temperature up a bit the stir fry would be more authentic and tastier. The Imusa Wok worked very well for stir frying but was actually better for a few simpler recipes like glazed carrots or glazed pineapple and for deep frying.

Fried Rice Imusa Wok Review

The bottom gets very hot and worked well to both cook and sauté vegetables for side dishes and for desserts like glazing pineapple for cakes and ice cream. The larger size of the wok makes cooking sides of vegetables easy for larger dishes even if they are not Asian or full meals.

The Imusa 7 Piece Asian Set includes a half moon wire rack that works great for resting deep fried foods that allows them to drip while they rest above the wok. The bamboo utensils make a good starter set but for deep frying a strainer scoop would also be recommended as a handy utensil for getting deep fried food out of the oil.

Imusa Wok Deep Frying Imusa Wok Review

Deep frying with the wok works well and the larger open area allows easier access to the food and chasing things around the wok for more even cooking. The large open top does mean you may get more splatter but I found a large lid that fits well on my Imusa wok but pretty much any 14 inch lid should fit the Imusa wok well.

The Imusa 7 Piece Asian Gift Set costs about $30 and is available from Target and at Macy’s as a standalone piece of cookware for Asian and other cooking. I highly recommend the Imusa Wok as a great piece of cookware for a variety of cooking techniques and the non-stick surface cooks well and is easy to clean.

Sauted CarrotsGlazed Pineapples


Imusa Asian Gift Set @ Target

Imusa 14” Wok @ Macy’s

WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Coated Cookware

WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Coated Cookware

The WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Coated Cookware adds the heat retention of aluminum with the nonstick but durable ceramic coating to create an everyday set of cookware that will last and be enjoyable to use.

WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 4/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Total: 5/5

Buying cookware can be a nightmare with so many chefs recommending their own line of pots and pans but even the familiar store setting can be intimidating. When you’re not sure what to get one place many people turn to is users themselves so here is my review of the WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware.

The new Pure Living line of cookware by WearEver has an aluminum core with an outer coating that is easy to clean, I’m not sure what the outer coating is though. The inner surface is coated with a ceramic nonstick material that shows as a pure white inside and is very nonstick.

Each pan has a nice aluminum edge and bottom with handles riveted on to the base and a silicone handle that provides a comfortable and safe grip when using on the stove. You do have to be careful as the silicone will heat up in the oven so when taking any of the Pure Living cookware out of the oven mitts of some kind are required.

Pure Living Cookware Detail

The Pure Living cookware is both stove top and oven safe up to 750 degrees so the high broil setting is no worry for the ceramic coating or the silicone handles. The bottoms of all the pans are textured with both a circular ridge pattern and the classic WearEver W logo’s to create more surface area on the bottom of the pan to increase the speed of preheating.

The thick aluminum adds to heat retention while cooking and the pans work well for everyday coking in the home for both general foods and those special occasions. I have been using the WearEver 10 piece set I received almost every day and can attest to their durability and clean up ease.

The nonstick coating really works well for eggs and meats cooked with or without oil and the cleanup of even the worst burnt on mess is easy. You will not have to presoak these pans in water to get rid of burnt on foods and cleanup is a breeze without having to put the pans into the dishwasher but they are dishwasher safe.

Great Cookware Set

I tried to overcook an egg and cheese in the 8 inch sauté pan and it cleaned right up with a quick swish of water and a dishrag which I will have a video of on my website. The WearEver pans and lids are dishwasher safe but I really think you can just skip that part most of the time and save room for the things that really need the help of a machine to clean them.

I tried the Consumer reports method of testing cookware by using a dollop of oil in the pan and then cooking four eggs one after the other without adding more oil. After a few times trying this to get a good video I decided to quit and just use the one video tape I did before of just frying the one egg and showing the cleanup.

The four eggs came out well and the fourth egg slid around in the pan with as much ease as the first so the pans work well as a nonstick cookware set. I did a lot of cooking in a short time and tried to use the pans every day since I got them cooking a variety of foods like hamburgers, fish, sausage, eggs, pancakes and even straight cheese.

Full Sunday Breakfast

The pans are first and foremost very nonstick and food even when cooked slightly beyond done does not stick to the pan, even the little bits. I tried burning a few things after cooking like the leftover bits of egg when I cooked eggs and the egg simply wiped off the sides and bottom.

Cooking with foods like pancakes is great as you don’t need to use much spray or oil and a little dab of butter works just as well for tasty and light pancakes with that touch of butter. I tried a recipe of toffee and after pouring out the butter and sugar mixture I burnt the rest and it only succeeded in burning the sugar and leaving pools of oil with dark bits floating in them.

This was kind of interesting but cleanup was the real test and after a bit of cooling then a simple rinse and swish with a dishrag the pot was as clean as ever. Cleanup with the WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware is probably the best feature after your favorite recipes of course and it is a nice treat not to have to soak pans.

For Those Special Recipes

The 10 piece Pure Living set comes with an 8 and 10.5 inch sauté pan, a 3 quart covered sauce pan, a 3.5 quart covered skillet and a 5 quart covered Dutch oven along with a plastic spatula and spoon. The lids for two of the pans also fit the sauté pans so all the pans can be used with one of the glass covers that has a central silicone handle.

The glass lids have a vent hole in the top and are riveted onto the glass with a steel rim around the edge of the lid the fits into the pans. The glass covers are also heat proof and can be used in the oven so you can cook on the stove top or in an oven for both gas and electric cooking.

The WearEver line of cookware comes in a red and champagne color and for the ten piece set costs about $95 but smaller sets and individual pieces are also available online. I highly recommend the Pure Living Ceramic Coated Cookware which adds durability and easy cleanup to the nonstick coating beyond what conventional Teflon does.

Pure Living @ WearEver

10 Piece Pure Living Set @ Amazon

Farberware 12″ Millenium Skillets

Farberware 12″ Millenium Skillets

The 12” Stainless Steel Millennium Skillets by Farberware is a fantastic piece of kitchen cookware that works great both with simple things like eggs to more complex foods like Crepes.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 21/25
Appearance/Design 23/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 93/100

Farberware Millennium 12" Stainless Steel Skillets

Low cost, great even heat from the aluminum core base with metal utensil safe DuPont Teflon non-stick coating and an oven safe design makes this a great purchase for any kitchen. The Millennium 12” skillet is a large cooking skillet for use on the stove or in the oven and includes a DuPont Teflon coating that is metal utensil safe.

The Millennium 12” Skillets is a stainless steel skillet with an aluminum core inside the impact bonded bottom with an oven safe handle. The DuPont Teflon Professional with Metal Guard non-stick coating is a high end coating just like those professional chefs use on their kitchen cookware.

The cooking area is nine inches across while the handle made of stainless steel is also about nine inches long, the handle is riveted onto the side of the skillet with two rivets. The Millennium skillets have an aluminum core in the stainless steel base that creates an even cooking surface for your food and recipes.

Bottom of Millennium Skillets

The stainless steel design is a nice one but the skillet can be a bit heavy for flipping food while you cook it, the skillets weigh 3.5 pounds. The weight is the only concern I have other than keeping the Teflon coating scratch free but using only silicon utensils will help in that area.

The DuPont Teflon coating is a high end coating that the company offers that includes a metal safe component but these coatings are an interesting feature. I usually learn a lot from my reviews but even before I received this skillet I learned about non-stick coatings.

Cookware companies can purchase the various levels of coatings on their pans and DuPont is one of the top rated companies that coat cookware with non-stick coatings. The various levels of coatings are usually referred to by their cost and the Professional series form DuPont is one of their higher cost ones.

Holds Plenty of Food

The coating also has a scratch resistant technology, whatever that means, but mainly the coating is a higher end so should last longer than less expensive pans. The metal utensil technology is not one I am going to test other than to try it out a few times with some metal utensils.

The pan does exhibit a few scratches but not far enough to reach bare metal, I can only see surface scratches that do not go down to the stainless steel. I have stopped using metal utensils and will only be using silicon covered spatulas and spoons so I can have the coating last as long as possible.

Using the Millennium skillets has been a joy to not only cook the everyday things like eggs and parts of meals like sautéing vegetables but for special occasions. I have gotten pretty good at crepes and enjoy making things like sautéed vegetables and omelets.

Sauteed Beans

I have gotten pretty good at flipping my food while cooking, very few times has food found its way to the floor or the stove top. Using the techniques real chefs use is fun and can make cooking easier as you don’t have to pick up a utensil to stir the food if you simply flip it real quick.

I tried some of the techniques for testing pans from the show America’s Test Kitchen like having eggs slide off the pan when cooked and seeing how evenly crepes cooked. Some things I did not do that they do because they can afford it such as cooking eggs till they stop sticking.

The pans non-stick coating has lasted just fine and my eggs still slide off with just as much ease now as the day I first tried an egg on the skillets over three months ago. I have used the skillet to brown onions and sauté vegetables, cook eggs several different ways as well as cook oddball dishes like several attempts at risotto.

Salmon in the Millennium Skillet

The skillet is non-stick and the food can really slide out of the pan with no coaxing from a utensil even with meat like steaks and chicken breasts. The pan is great and the surface area for cooking, the area that is flat in the bottom is large enough to cook a decent amount of food.

I have seared large steaks and roasts prior to slow cooking in the crock pot or roasting in the oven, I have even roasted in the skillet to try out the oven capabilities. I have been using the Millennium Skillet for all kinds of cooking and have been very satisfied with the results from my cooking.

One feature I like is the aluminum handle that does not get so hot that you have grab an oven mitt to move or hold the skillet. The Millennium skillet has been a great addition to my6 cookware and one I have really enjoyed reviewing and using for both everyday meals and special events.

The Farberware Millennium 12” Stainless Steel Skillets is a professional grade cookware that works well with its non-stick DuPont Teflon coating. I highly recommend the Farberware Millennium Skillet for cooking your favorite recipes.

Farberware Website