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LG 27EA83R-D 27 Inch IPS Monitor

LG 27EA83R-D 27 Inch IPS Monitor

The LG 27EA83R-D IPS Monitor allows full screen monitor use on a desk or table with plenty of high end features like 3 USB 3.0 connections, Adobe color accuracy and color calibration.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

LG 27 Inch IPS Monitor

The LG 27EA83R-D IPS Monitor is a 27 inch monitor has a 2560 by 1440 resolution with a 5 millisecond response time for gray to gray. The 27 Inch LG IPS monitor features a 3 port USB 3.0 hub, stereo speaker connection and three video source connections including Display Port.

The LG 27 inch 27EA83R-D comes with the monitor, power cord with adapter, power adapter mount, DVI-D cable, USB 3.0 cable, Display Port Cable, stand and base. The LG monitor also has a cd with drivers and the manual along with the Screen Split and True Color Finder color calibration software.

The LG 27EA83R-D is an IPS widescreen monitor with a USB 3.0 hub and three inputs that can use picture in picture for up to two connections at the same time. The three rear connections allow you to use either DVI or HDMI as one of the connections while the Display Port is required for at least one when using picture in picture.

Whats in the Box

If you only use one source you can use any of the rear input connections but to use the full 2560 x 1440 resolution you need to make sure you use the DVI-D or Display Port cable. If you try to use a single link DVI or HDMI cable you will not get the higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

The monitor has lifelike color from the IPS panel and the Adobe 99% feature ensures you have color accuracy in the Adobe RGB color space. This accuracy in color, lifelike colors and the hardware calibration feature ensures the monitor is excellent for color quality and accuracy for image and video professionals.

The 27 inch IPS monitor has a large screen size at 2560 by 1440 pixels that allow two pages or programs open at the same time side by side. The larger screen also means better gaming but for business or professional users programs like Photoshop or Premiere Pro offer space for all those detachable menus.

LG 27 Inch Stand & Back

The LG 27EA83R does have a bit of a different setup than the other UltraWide LG monitor I also reviewed by having picture in picture instead of picture by picture. Some LG monitors use what LG terms picture by picture while others use picture in picture which means not side by side viewing from different sources but one screen on the other.

The LG 27EA83R monitor has the large screen area but also has the picture in picture, three USB 3.0 connections on the back and stereo connection through the USB up link. The LG Monitor connects to a computer using a USB connection which allows three USB 3.0 connections from the monitor for peripherals.

You can also get audio for stereo speakers or headphones from the USB 3.0 connection for handy connecting right from the monitor. Having the USB 3.0 or audio connection may not be needed for every situation but it is handy if you need it whether for gaming or keeping quiet at work using headphones.

Screen Split in Action

Software features include the color calibration and Screen Split but the color calibration feature requires a color calibrator that is sold separately. I could not find an LG color calibrator for sale but several companies sell very good ones starting at about $50 and going up in price from there.

The Screen Split is a very handy feature that automatically places program pages or browser pages in separate quadrants of the screen. You can set it up for two, three or four sections in various configurations on your monitor from eight different screen ratios.

This all means that when you open pages they will squeeze to those sections and remember where they were placed previously when you open them. I did find Screen Split and full windowed video games like Battlefield 3 do not get along well but simply turning off Screen Split before gaming is simple.

Portrait View

Having the two pages open is probably a common setting and works quite well for me such as when writing this review and having the internet open at the same time. Professionals in photography or videography can make use of the full screen and have programs like Photoshop or Premiere Pro open with plenty of room for menus and tools.

The screen does have enough space on the stand to rotate the display from the normal landscape position to the portrait position on the pivot point. The stand and monitor mount includes a pivot point and settings that allow you to rotate the monitor and on screen desktop easily.

This would be very handy if you use programs like Photoshop and do a lot of image editing or work on portrait type images such as magazines. The extra room above and below your work space would be perfect for the detachable menus and the monitor makes it easy to rotate it back and forth without having to change anything on the stand.

Gaming on the larger screen is excellent with plenty of peripheral vision and lots of room for menus in games like Baldur’s Gate II. Games like Call of Duty: Ghosts just look fantastic and Battlefield 4 is a treat to play on the larger screen.

LG 27 IPS Monitor w/ Photoshop

To give an idea of just how much space the larger 27 inch monitor is compared to my previous 21.5 inch the 27 inch LG adds 110 square inches of screen space to my computing. This amounts to more than the size of a sheet of paper which is quite a bit of difference and a big improvement when working but entertainment is a big plus as well.

The LG 27 Inch IPS monitor makes a great work monitor but for entertainment you just can’t beat the large screen size in gaming or for watching movies. I really enjoy the large screen for gaming and can fully understand why gamers enjoy playing on larger screens so you can see more and catch more detail.

It also helps in first person shooters to get more peripheral vision with an added few feet you see in game added to each side of your view. This may not seem like much but when gaming it can mean you get a chance to fight against someone trying to sneak or rush you from the side instead of getting a knife to the throat.

Gaming on 27 Inch IPS Monitor

Gaming and entertainment is great on the larger screen and the color accuracy and great looking IPS screen have a lot to do with that. The LG 27EA83R is a great looking monitor and has plenty of excellent features for work and play at a very reasonable price.

The LG 27EA83R-B costs about $800 but it is a high end larger monitor that would make an excellent monitor for business or for high end gaming.

LG27EA83R-D @ LG

LG 27” IPS Monitor @ Amazon

LG 27” IPS Monitor @ Newegg

Large screen size with accurate colors
Plenty of connection options including Display Port
Great stand with adjustments and easy rotation

Absolutely none

Razer Ouroboros Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse uses either wired or wireless technology to keep you in the game and working hard when not playing.

Ease of Use, Performance:  4/5
Look & Feel:  4/5
Features:  4/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  4/5 Stars

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

The Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse features Razer Synapse technology for online settings wherever you can connect to the internet. Synapse is a great cloud based system that saves all Razer settings for Razer peripherals that have settings for always available download to your peripheral.

This comes in extremely handy when wanting to move your peripheral to another computer so you only have to connect to the Razer servers for a quick settings download. Synapse also has all your peripheral drivers so you have a one stop shop for all your Razer software.

The Razer Ouroboros is a customizable gaming mouse that is ambidextrous so left handed use is always an option and the sides are removable. The Ouroboros comes with two sets of removable side panels with one having a platform for your finger while the other is flat.

Ouroboros w/ Flat Side Panels

The Ouroboros has a movable palm piece that can adjust for height and move the palm closer or further from the body of the mouse. With the adjustments you can make the body of the mouse as comfortable as you want and for the best grip for gaming and regular computer use.

The Razer Synapse has customizable settings for acceleration and polling rate for a customizable cursor movement in gaming and general computer use. The polling rate and acceleration is adjustable from the mouse itself using the two buttons behind the scroll wheel by default.

You can use Synapse to change button assignments and assign any keyboard key, key combination or macros to any of the eleven buttons of the Ouroboros. Macros allow you to assign buttons along with timing to create a button combination that is useful in some games.

Whats in the Box

The Razer Ouroboros not only works well for gaming but for image editing or other complex programs due to the smooth and accurate cursor movement and the customizable features. The Ouroboros uses either the wired connection using a USB cable or wireless RF connection with the transmitter/receiver as part of the dock.

The Ouroboros has a removable but rechargeable AA battery that is charged using the RF receiver base but the battery is not needed if you use the USB cable. The rechargeable battery is needed if you want to go wireless but I found that setting the mouse on the stand does take a few seconds.

The stand is flat and angled with two contacts on it that fit the receptacle on the base but there is nothing to aid in positioning the mouse on the stand except the two contacts. I am actually kind of surprised Razer did not take this small point into consideration when designing the mouse as they usually avoid design issues like this.

Battery Compartment

The Razer mouse also has a three bar LED to indicate battery strength right on the mouse with the battery offering about 12 hours of continued use. This mouse has about everything you could want including the huge advantage of in the cloud settings which are available from any internet connection.

The Razer Ouroboros performs very well and would come as a high recommendation except for the price which is high for a computer peripheral. The Ouroboros costs about $150 which for a mouse is about the highest I have seen to date but not the most expensive from Razer or for other brands.

The Ouroboros works extremely well and performs great in gaming as well as programs like Adobe’s Photoshop and Premiere Pro as well as general computer use. The bottom of the Razer mouse has Teflon feet for smooth performance physically while the 8200 DPI 4G laser sensor offers fantastic movement tracking.

Razer Synapse

The Razer Ouroboros is a great mouse but the price may be the only deciding factor here as it is a bit expensive for a computer peripheral. I have been using the Ouroboros in games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts along with others and have not had any problems.

I highly recommend the Razer Ouroboros as it is a great mouse if the price doesn’t scare you while the stand is not much of an issue at all.

Ouroboros @ Razer

Ouroboros @ Amazon

Ouroboros @ Newegg

Customizable mouse & settings
Wired or Wireless & Rechargeable
Accurate & smooth sensor
Cloud settings & Drivers

A bit expensive
Stand could have been better designed

Tt eSports Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake eSports Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

Thermal Take has created a division concentrating on gaming products called Tt eSports which has released a unique gaming mouse called the Level 10 M with adjustable height and angle along with an open design for cooler hands.

Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5
Look & Feel: 4/5
Features: 4/5
How much I enjoy 5/5

Recommendation: 4.5/5 Stars

Gaming Mouse Tt eSports Level 10 M

Thermal Take has created a division around gaming called Tt eSports that designs and manufactures gaming grade products and sponsors teams in tournaments decked out with their best peripherals and gear. Tt eSports has a unique mouse to go along with their other Level 10 gaming products called the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse that has adjustable polling and adjustable physical characteristics.

The Level 10 M mouse has not only the adjustable height where your palm rests but tilts by about 5 degrees for a more comfortable gaming use but the mouse has more than just an adjustable top section. The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse has the two finger buttons and the top piece coming in Diamond Black, Iron White, Military Green or Blazing Red that are made from rubberized aluminum.

The top of the mouse sports the two large buttons but the right button is smaller than the left by about a quarter inch in width with the left button being an inch wide and two inches tall while the right button is three quarters of an inch wide and two inches tall. The top of the mouse has twelve hexagon holes to allow for cooling toward your hand while gaming but the separate design of the top also helps to keep the aluminum top cool due to air flow under it.

Whats in the Box Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The gaming grade mouse has a base that includes a front cable mount to help with tension and bending of the cable as it leaves the mouse which is probably the weakest point of mice and where I have had all my mice fail for wired mice. The aluminum base has the two and a half inch by three quarter inch tall sides that bend up and hold the side buttons of the mouse with two on the right and three on the left.

The left buttons are labeled “A”, “B” and “Z” while the right side is labeled “C” and “D” with the front buttons being about half the size of the middle “B” and rear “D” buttons for easy tactile sensing. The front two buttons are your normal back and forward by default but like most gaming mice can be programmed in the software for just about anything while the “Z” button is setup for profiles and polling rate changes.

Right Side of Level 10 M

The “Z” button is not just a single press button but an analog four position switch so you can raise and lower either profiles or the dots per inch setting of the polling to change speed of your cursor across the screen. This is the sole feature that a gaming mouse lives and dies on and the different levels of your cursor speed across the screen means faster turning and more precise aiming for first person shooters.

Having a quickly adjustable DPI speed where you can quickly lower it for more accurate moves like when sniping means you can quickly change from the slower speed and more accurate aiming of a lower DPI to a higher one for fast turning. Having the four levels means you can have a good variety quickly and the side button using your thumb allows for pretty fast changes but you do need to take a pause in gaming to set this.

Left Side of Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The location is a bit further back so I needed to at least move my hand some to get my thumb on the side of the mouse to adjust the settings of either the profile or the DPI levels. The four level indicators that are on the right finger button does not change colors like the rest f the mouse but remains a steady red for the level it is on with the bars indicating the four levels of DPI you can is set in the program.

The Level 10 M mouse comes with a handy carry bag, the mouse itself, a small Allen wrench, drivers and some manuals but the drivers are also available from the Tt eSports website. The mouse can adjust from side to side for tilt by about five degrees and the back end of the mouse under your palm adjusts up and down by about .19 inches or 5 millimeters.

The tilt goes from the aluminum side on one side to the other so adjusting the tilt of the top section is limited by the two sides of the base and adjusted by the Allen screw on the right side of the mouse. The open top design also allows the interior LED lighting which is adjustable in the software to shine through the holes near your palm as well as the square on the left mouse button and the scroll wheel.

Bottom of Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The included software is easy to install and allows you to set profiles, lighting, polling or dots per inch rate and every button on the mouse as well as macros which is a common gaming feature for massive multiplayer games. You can set five profiles with various button settings, polling rates and macros but one thing you cannot do is auto switch profiles when a specific program opens.

Many gaming mice programs allow users to automatically switch profiles when a specific program starts but the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse does not do this which was a surprise for me as this is a common function in gaming mice. The other settings in the Tt eSports program works well and gives the mouse the needed settings and functionality you could want but the omission of program launched profile switching is odd.

I found the DPI settings worked extremely well and having the four levels available from the analog side button worked extremely well for switching quickly between the levels and the indicator on the mouse is handy for knowing which level you’re on. Changing profiles using the four position switch is also easy but the switch position is not easy to use without at least pausing a second or two while in game to adjust.

Level 10 M Program

The two side buttons for back and forward work well and the actual contour of the mouse is good but it does take a bit more getting used to than most other contoured mice, especially over the mice that are ergonomically shaped. The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse does take a bit of getting used to but it does work extremely well for gaming and even in real time simulations or RPG games.

The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse works extremely well for first person shooters and makes a fantastic mouse for gamers that works very well for regular computer use things like image editing and working on my websites. The Level 10 M mouse costs about $100 and with the fully featured mouse only missing one feature I would still highly recommend this as a gaming grade mouse which does have a bit more in customization to make up for the lack of program switching.

Level 10 M Gaming Mouse @ ThermalTake