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CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless Charger

CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless Charger

The CHOE Stadium charger uses Qi wireless coils to magnetically charge your devices including smartphones and tablets that have Qi wireless receivers in them.

Ease of Use, Performance:  5/5
Look & Feel:  5/5
Features:  5/5
How much I enjoy:  5/5

Recommendation:  5/5 Stars

Qi wireless charging is a type of technology that is now becoming main stream with its ease of daily use and saving your devices charge port. To use a Qi charger you need both a transmitter and receiver to make up the wireless charging but wireless is a bit of a misleading term.

Wireless actually means you have no wires connecting directly to your device but you still need to plug the Qi transmitter into a power source. Magnetism takes care of the rest and charges your device using the two coils placed close together just like a transformer.

CHOE has a few Qi chargers and the Stadium is a three coil charger that can charge small devices like smartphones and larger ones like tablets. Some phones and tablets have Qi receivers built in but you can also install them on your own in devices that don’t have them easily.

CHOE Stadium Wireless Charger
CHOE Stadium Wireless Charger

There are two ways to do this with the rear contacts being the easiest but some devices have no contacts for this easier way to install a receiver. You can buy receivers for devices like my Galaxy S4 for those rear contacts but some devices also have rear covers with receivers built in.

Some devices like my 1st generation Nexus 7 tablet does not have the contacts but you can buy a Qi receiver with a USB connection that is made as a low profile charger. This connection does have to be removed if you want to transfer data using the USB port but you can use it to charge your de vice without the wear and tear on your USB port.

That is the main benefit but the actual reason you would want to use a Qi wireless charger is simple every day ease of use when needing to charge your device. The CHOE Stadium even works with cases like the Otterbox Defender and the Impact Gel cases I have on my Galaxy s4’s.

Charging with the CHOE Stadium
Charging with the CHOE Stadium

The CHOE stadium simply works, every time you set your phone or tablet on it in about the right place without any fuss or adjustment. I have the charger on a small counter near my kitchen door where I also have a coffee machine for my daily caffeine fix and can simply drop my phone off when I get home on my way to the kitchen.

I set the phone down and a few seconds later the tell-tale tone plays saying it is charging but for my tablet there is no tone to tell you it’s charging. You simply look at the battery and see the lightning bolt in the corner and you’re ready to let magnetism do its thing.

It does take a little longer to charge devices but this is the trade off with the hassle free way to charge your devices without the wear and tear on the charge port or USB connection. Charge times will be longer using any Qi wireless charger so using a wireless charger is more the nightly charging or for when you do reach the office for that round of daily work.

The CHOE Stadium charger simply works and there is nothing I like more than a device that does exactly what it’s supposed to do without hassles. The charger has a USB mini connection to plug it into a power source and you simply set you device on it and the Qi wireless charger even senses a compatible receiver.

The CHOE Stadium comes with a simple instruction book and a USB mini cable but you will need to use a power adapter or computer connection to use the charger. Some computer connections may not have enough amperage to charge your device so you may need to experiment with this type of power supply.

I have no problems charging up my phones and tablets that do not have Qi receivers built in but the CHOE charger also works with built in receivers. The CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless Charger simply works and I have had absolutely no problems with it at all over the past month.

I highly recommend the CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless Charger for a hassle free way to charge your devices that are Qi compatible.


CHOE Stadium @ Amazon

Simply works without hassles
Inexpensive for both receivers and charger

Does not come with power adapter